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  1. I know Gayle's unpopular, but the show has a new Exec Producer since January and CBS News has two new co-heads as of April or so; and I'd bet the changes come more from that direction. A press release from CBS News says that hard news will be key to the new format -- which makes me wonder what they consider hard news. Press release: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-mornings-nate-burleson-gayle-king-tony-dokoupil/
  2. I listened this morning more than watched; I hope to get used to that clunky chord between bits on the "your world in 90 seconds." When I finally did get to watch, it was after 8 and they were in chairs. I also really hope they still have the table for the hard news hour. Really can't handle GMA or Today, so I will have to learn to adapt or start to do without morning news.
  3. I agree -- the main reason I watch CTM is the real news they provide (and the lack of cooking segments and shilling of movies produced by the parent company, etc.) I will miss Anthony, though, and look forward to following him wherever he goes. Nate has been pretty good in his guest spots ,and I hope he does well full-time.
  4. The dreaded sloe gin fizz, or any of the Mr. Boston cocktails in a can/bottle. Pina Coladas were particularly wretched.
  5. Oh, it's definitely in the "it's funny because it's true!" ballpark.
  6. Center! And the hub likes edges (he's edgy!), so it all works out.
  7. If you look at the other three USET members - Laura Kraut, Kent Farrington, and McLain Ward -- they don't come from spectacularly wealthy backgrounds, at least not at the Gates/Jobs/Bloomberg level. Kraut and Farrington seem to come from relatively modest beginnings, though they started riding at 3 and 8, respectively -- Kraut influenced by her mother, Farrington seeming to just like horses. And Ward comes from a a horsey family, though again, not filthy rich. But perhaps the less said about that, the better. Yet all we hear about is Jessica Springsteen, which is not her fault but still
  8. Finches can catch an eye disease that can make them blind (and I imagine they don't last long after that happens), and they get a couple of other illnesses too. I had one in my garden a few years ago with the crusty eye thing going on, which made me look into it. A lot of bad things can happen to our feathered friends, unfortunately. https://feederwatch.org/learn/sick-birds-and-bird-diseases/
  9. Oh yes! How could I forget? Catwoman was my childhood role model.
  10. That description makes me think of Sigourney Weaver, but pretty sure she's based in New York. Alison Janney or Geena Davis?
  11. Here's to a hard worker, loyal husband, and all around fine person. RIP, Mr. Bonner, and thank you.
  12. Love Story - eww, a terrible flick! I guess 2021 could go either way, depending whether I'm Jenny or Oliver.
  13. Yes yes yes!!! I think it was called the Chocolate Chip on the Good Humor truck when I was young. I think the chocolate coating was smooth, but the whole point of the treat was the semi-sweet hunk of chocolate molded around the stick. If they still made it, I'd buy an extra freezer.
  14. Chocolate Eclair all the way! (If Toasted Almond were available, it would be a tossup.)
  15. I didn't look at the whole month's schedule, but it looks like campy movies might be a sub-feature for June. High School Hellcats, anyone? https://www.tcm.com/schedule-monthly?icid=mainnav7-month-schedule
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