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  1. I agree with you, the old shit stirring Rinna is back and did you notice the smirk on her face as she’s watching them all go at LVP? She just sat back and looked delighted the whole time.
  2. Debbie is old enough to be retired anyway.
  3. Jajamac

    S14.E04: Week 4: Park City, Utah

    Don’t forget “let’s do the damn thing”.
  4. Jajamac

    S22.E03: Week 3

    I agree with this. Stinky breath!
  5. Jajamac

    Lydia Stirling McLaughlin

    I have and she really has it in for Shannon. She's not as good a Christian as she thinks she is.
  6. Jajamac

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    I really doubt these grades are legit, we all know how deceitful she is.
  7. And your fancy pjs!
  8. Jajamac

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    She wants a committed relationship and he just wants someone to play with on the weekends like you said awfarmington. I don't know how he could have put it any plainer.
  9. Jajamac

    S04.E05: Craig Of All Trades, Master Of None

    I cringe every time Landon opens her mouth, especially the "thank yooooooooos"!!!
  10. Jajamac

    First Dates

  11. Jajamac

    S09.E03: A New Low

    She absolutely has a screw loose! She opens her mouth and garbage spews out! Also, what is with her "being young" obsession? Somebody said she and Avery look like sisters and Avery's friends don't consider her a mom but a friend?! Puhleeze!! I'm not saying Ramona doesn't look good but she does not look as young as she thinks she does! ?
  12. Jajamac

    First Dates

    Drew who?
  13. Jajamac

    S05.E09: Nicole's Story

    This made me laugh loudly! Did you go to the next drive thru and get a big 'ole cheeseburger and giant coke? ?
  14. Jajamac

    S07.E10: Hostile Hacienda

    She sounded like she was saying "Hilferger". She grates on my last nerve.
  15. Oh Vicki is a "catch" didn't you know that? She says it every chance she gets!! Catch for what I don't know lol!