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  1. I'm almost certain that magic trick could only be done with Howie being in on it (the stooge) and providing the prescribed answer. There's a saying in magic that if there is only one way a trick can physically, actually be done, then that's how it was done. That makes it not a magic trick or any feat of skill and performance, but rather just a simple lie to the audience. (The only alternative I can think of is that Howie is well known for that being his motto and they counted on him to say that when asked. But that's a huge risk for a live show. If he had said something else like "love",
  2. Well, that’s some bullshit. The nurse choir goes through and the unicycle team goes home? Utter nonsense.
  3. Oh wow, that lady is totally batshit crazy and not a single person who hears her story believes it. Just obviously crazy talk. Heartbreaking to see what she's doing to her son. It does make me think she beleives it sincerely, though, and isn't just seeking attention. However, the way she resists any self assessment and plays the "believe the victims" song is reminiscent of past social frenzies in which people were accused of satanic child abuse with equally outrageous claims. The current hot topic is sex trafficking, which is a valid problem and therefore people like her can latch o
  4. Singers: That’s a song about stalking your ex. Quick change: She had a misfire early on but recovered well. I like her. Unicycles: Fantastic performance. Nurse choir: There’s a pandemic. Shouldn’t they be taking care of patients? Indian comic: He was off, but Simon was stupid to say the buzzer was meant to help him. Mentalist: Apparently the assistant in the balcony reading the card through a zoom lens and relaying the info to his earpiece couldn’t get a clear look at Sophia’s card. Total fail. Just took her photo and destroyed it. And oooh, he knows the first initial of t
  5. Ari was so enjoying that moment with her supposed ex bestowing gifts on her as she reposed like a queen, with her supposed partner feeling embarassed and hurt. This was exactly what she wanted when she invited the old flame to visit. Bini's discomfort and anger was entirely the point. She would have been utterly disappointed if he just rolled with it and was entirely relaxed. The brainic ex was wrong to bring the bras, and especially wrong to present them to Ari in a grand way in front of Bini. Producer-driven, I'm sure, but any decent man would have, at a minimum, said, "I also brought t
  6. Little kid singer: I still dislike kids singing big adult songs without any understanding of the emotions behind them. Plus, he was flat and off key a lot. Wearing a sparkly suit and screaming the words only gets you so far. Sound effects guy: Seems like a truly nice, genuine guy I’d love to have as a friend. But not very entertaining. The judges are just sucking up to him because he’s a beloved persona from years past. Dancing girls: I still maintain that the drag queen instructor is the real draw (but a little jarring to see him bald and no makeup). A little off putting to see the girls en
  7. I'm sure you're right about that. Good thinking.
  8. I forgot to mention that I kept wondering what that nurse choir is going to do if they win the whole thing. They're all going to give up their nursing careers to go sing in Las Vegas? They won't be heroes anymore?
  9. It was good to see Simon calling acts out on their mediocre performances. So tired of the “you’re all fantastic” reviews. Thought Howie was kind of a dick for calling out that one dancer for falling, thought Simon was piling on, then realized Simon actually was adding an encouraging comment. Muscle boys, eh, think I agree with Simon’s X. Mentalist: Assistant off stage conveying their choices from where they grabbed cans. Second part more impressive, not sure how he did it. Josh Blue, funny as usual. But a professional. The precocious kids singing opera benefit from Simon’s admis
  10. I was actually a little pleased with the results. That stupid bird guy went home, though he was annoying to the end with trying to upstage the other acts he was standing with. I was surprised the dog act didn't go through, but pleased. I love dogs as much as the next guy, but that hyperactive dogs catching frisbees and dancing on their hind legs routine is pretty old now. It was never very impressive to me and we've seen it so many times now. All they do is try to dress it up with a storyline but it's the same old tricks. The dogs-as-judges bit was kind of funny on the first auditi
  11. Actually that's the opposite of what he said. Simon asked him if the other kids were supportive of his singing and he said "I like hearing what other people are doing. I'm not a big fan of talking about myself." I thought that was a nice, humble response.
  12. America doesn’t have any more talent. And the rest of the world’s talent is pretty thin too.
  13. Clay, Clay….. eat the deer! What’s the point of acquiring all that meat if you’re only going to eat a negligible 140 calories a day? Rooting for Theresa.
  14. Okay, maybe I'm wrong about that. But the effects still looked way too good to me to be that kind of hologram. I guess the fact I assumed AGT shenanigans indicates how little I trust this show now. And the second late night Scotch, that too.
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