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  1. Amelia

    S06.E10: Game Over, Charles

    I JUST CAN'T EVEN. 1. But it is a dues ex machina. Cece has literally been in like 13 episodes in the entire run of this series and they didn't start until maybe season three? HOW have we known her from the beginning?! 2. Sorry, but everyone has been suspecting Cece for seasons now regardless of her being a character in the book or not. That's what's really getting me at the moment. Our big, bad, all knowing A has been in little more than TEN episodes. Granted, at least it wasn't Clark or Rhys, both of whom showed up like five minutes ago, but still. She's no one. Even if Radley is the worst sanitarium on the planet (which, it is), we have to make so many allowances for this to even resemble making sense. I'm just so mad, but I knew going in that I'd be let down so really I shouldn't be. Another thought: why was Leslie bugging that the liars got her file? What was the point of that and her eight hundred pairs of glasses?
  2. Amelia

    S06.E10: Game Over, Charles

    From tumblr: "S4 ep 1 A is alive. Flashback scene with toby and Ali. Toby’s mom walks in. How do you explain Bethany pushing her when that had to be at least 6- 7 yrs prior??" The continuity on this show is literally the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.
  3. Amelia

    S06.E10: Game Over, Charles

    I hate how manipulative the episode felt. I don't want to feel bad for the person who has been tormenting these girls for years. It's not like it was a simple bullying incident; there was literal, actual danger. It was also boring; the PLLs just watched TV for a half hour and reacted to it. For a show that exists in hyper reality, this was awful. Also, didn't Melissa think she was the one who killed Bethany? These girls never get a win and in this episode "of answers" they still didn't. It's awful.
  4. Amelia

    S06.E08: FrAmed

    I actually noticed that too! I was trying to fankwank a little that that's where the control room A and Redcoat were in, but I couldn't make it work without it being in the actual gallery. So I don't know what the point of that was, unless it was something we'll come back to next week or the week after....but more than likely on this show, the camera man fell asleep and no one cut the shot.
  5. I agree, she's still beautiful. The only reason I noticed anything last night was that first top, the one from the premiere that she wore during the press conference. I wish they knew how to better dress her. She's not a real estate agent, to quote someone from the episode thread. She's what, 18 in the show? The other girls get to wear cute outfits, why does she have to wear power blazer after power blazer? Someone else brought up the fact that these things are also not exactly what the character seems like she'd wear, so that's a whole other issue.
  6. Amelia

    S06.E02: Songs Of Innocence

    The costume department really needs to stop dressing Sasha as if they are trying to hide a baby bump....unless they are actually trying to hide a baby bump.
  7. Amelia

    S11.E24: You're My Home

    I feel really dumb because I thought Meredith talking at the end about how this is what Derek would have wanted for the house yada yada yada was meant to indicate she wasn't going to sell it. Unless they were at the old house? Is it sad that this is the part of the episode I'm most concerned about...
  8. Yup, it wouldn't be Once if it didn't!!
  9. "It's a piece of the egg I was hatched from." I can't.
  10. "Still locked up, still pregnant." So they did a pregnancy test, RIGHT? Paging Dr. Whale....
  11. This. I'm so uninvested in their entire story.
  12. HENRY is the author now?! Is that what this means?! Come ON.