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  1. Kindred Spirit

    Late Night With Seth Meyers

    Absolutely my favorite, too! Partly because they got so drunk, and partly due to the hollering at the end. 😂
  2. Kindred Spirit

    Late Night With Seth Meyers

    The Day Drinking segments are nothing but hilarity! I adore them so much, because I laugh so hard!! They make me wish I could day drink with Seth, though I'm nowhere near as fascinating as the guests he drinks with.
  3. Kindred Spirit

    Small Talk: The Welcome Mat

    So glad you're on the mend, Netfoot! I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I've read much of this thread, and been quite concerned about the postponement of your surgery, over and over. I'm sorry you're in pain and missing Buddy. I hope your tolerance of both states is short-lived. Thank you for keeping us updated! Feel much better, very quickly, please!!
  4. Kindred Spirit

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    I adore Bill Hader! He makes me laugh harder than almost anyone! His delight at the Maybe Coming Soon movies, and their posters, was far better than any of the premises, themselves. (And many of them were genuinely funny, or at least silly.) I, too, hope he got to take the artwork home. I wish Bill could guest on a talk show every night! Of course, then he wouldn't have time to actually do any of the work that makes me laugh... A conundrum.
  5. Kindred Spirit

    CBS This Morning

    I really like and admire John Dickerson, and I'll be quite sad if he's let go. I'll also be very disappointed that he took this "promotion" out of loyalty to the network, leaving the job I think he really wanted—heading Face the Nation. Margaret is now entrenched in that position, and there would be hell to pay on the culture wars' front if he displaces a woman. But he was much better at the job than she is! I'm probably an outlier, but I like having a serious journalist/reporter anchoring my morning news who is intelligent, capable of writing his own stuff, thoughtful and modest. Rose was a nightmare of ego, even before the revelations about his behavior, and Nora isn't nearly as smart as she thinks she is.
  6. Kindred Spirit

    MLB Thread

    I know everyone here loathes my Dodgers, but it was an absolutely gorgeous, perfect Opening Day, and I would have given a limb or two to actually be in attendance at Blue Heaven on Earth, as my team went yard eight times! We set a Major League record for Opening Day, and it was so much fun to watch those balls fly! I did feel bad for Zach Greinke by the time he gave up the fourth homer in 3.2 innings, and I thought it was crappy of the fans to boo him, especially so when he exited the game. But that's Dodger fans for you––long memories and completely unforgiving. I didn't jeer, since I still like Zach. Welcome back, Baseball!
  7. Kindred Spirit

    MLB Thread

    It's big truck day! It's big truck day! And pitchers and catchers report in a week! Hurray!!
  8. Kindred Spirit

    Clyde: Artistic Clothes Tortoise

    Thanks for the link, Driad! I never think to check out CBS' website.
  9. Kindred Spirit

    MLB Thread

    According to Puig, Hundley provoked the altercation. Yasiel should have controlled his temper better, but he has a reputation as a player who leads with his emotions, which I'm sure Hundley was well aware of, and exploited. Witness the fact that last night, when Posey was behind the plate, with MadBum on the mound, nothing even came close to exploding. And Puig and MadBum have a history, well-fueled by Bumgarner's psychosis. Hundley wasn't innocent, and I'm pretty sure both players will get to enjoy some time off.
  10. Kindred Spirit

    S15.E12: Nut Allergy

    I'm a very proud Angeleno, and Las Vegas is still probably my favorite season of this show. So it always dismays me that the Voltaggio food I have easy access to is cooked by the brother whose product I have no interest in sampling. His attitude, particularly towards my beloved Kevin Gillespie, always turned me off. I was very happy to see Bryan, again. I wish he and his food weren't all the way across the country. I've gotten to the point where I wonder if the producers hate LA-based chefs. I swear, the asshole is always listed as being from Los Angeles! I was skeptical of Joe Sasto from the get-go, and then, when he proved to be a complete douche—by trying to take over Chris' dessert—I screamed at the screen. I was relieved, a little, when it turned out he had moved here from SF. At least his assholery isn't native! ;^) And of course he forages illegally in Golden Gate park! That said, I was moved to tears by his and his dad's still-fresh grief. Lung cancer is evil. I was so thrilled that Adrienne won this challenge! I think she's following a path similar to Shirley's, where this show helped her have faith in her voice and her flavors, and took her off the "shadow chef" path. I was sorry to see Carrie go, though she left in possibly the most upbeat, positive manner of any cheftestant, ever. It warmed my heart to hear how succeeding in this contest boosted her confidence in her skills and her food. I hope she goes on to great success. And a way to help her parents, particularly her dad, as she would like to.
  11. Kindred Spirit

    Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    It did, and I like my lamb rare, though not quite as rare as I prefer my beef!
  12. Kindred Spirit

    MLB Thread

    Pitchers and catchers report today! Hurray!!
  13. Kindred Spirit

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    I really enjoyed the square dancing unit in my junior high PE class. Now, I feel racist, as well as guilty, for said enjoyment. Especially because I'm a POC.
  14. Kindred Spirit

    Season 15 Last Chance Kitchen

    I knew I liked Joe Flamm, but I had no idea how much I had come to despise Brother's "I'm a badass" demeanor until this double episode. I'm sure he feels he's showing his mettle, and the editors are probably showcasing the braggadocio for effect, but I'm just finding him to be an asshole whom I have no wish to see in the finale. I preferred the confident, but more modest, Brother Luck they showed us in the beginning. Now, I'm wholeheartedly rooting for Joe. I'm not sure I can even honestly assess my opinion of their dishes, since Mr. Luck is so out of favor with me, his chicken looked way less appealing than BearJoe's lamb. Though I must admit that I love lamb, so that preference influences my bias, too.
  15. OMG! I was laughing so hard by the wigs on wigs/matryoshka doll segment that my stomach hurt and I couldn't breathe! Obviously, Stephen should have more old friends with whom he wrote less-than-successful series on the show more often. I had to pause the recording because I was laughing too loudly to hear anything else.