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  1. I'm on the West Coast, so I'm watching the diner challenge, now. Padma's eye roll at Richard's order was pretty epic. I often find Blais' delight at his own cleverness off-putting, and that breakfast was entirely over the top. I love corned beef hash, and Eggs Benedict are my usual brunch order, but asking them to cook all of that for eight people in thirty minutes was just mean! Dawn's inability to get all her elements on her plate is absolutely going to kill her. And possibly us, too.
  2. In Kevin and Kate's defense: They're twins, and very used to being enmeshed in each other's business. When this show started, Kate was Kevin's very capable assistant. The writers don't make a big deal of it, but while Kevin was the Manny, Kate pretty much ran his life, and was well-compensated for it. They're accustomed to his taking care of both of them, financially. Which, I think, is partly where his instinct to throw money at the situation arose from. Heck, he and Madison may have tried the snoo because Kate and Toby had such success with it, with baby Jack. Or, it's entirely possible the
  3. I started following Laurence Fox on Twitter at some point during the last few years of this show, because he posted funny in-jokes, or little behind-the-scenes snippets, which I very much enjoyed. I recently found some of the things he tweeted distasteful, and unfollowed him. I feel like his tone changed around the time his marriage broke up, and has gone downhill since then. I agree with krankydoodle! I miss my Robbie! I watched Inspector Lewis first–I didn't care much for Morse when it originally aired. (I'm watching it now, when my local station shows in on Saturday night, mostly for L
  4. And also David Pogue on the explosion in popularity of audiobooks. Though, full disclosure, I'm a Pogue stan, so I always like his segments. If you're a fan of Jim Dale's readings of the Harry Potter books, there's a cameo (of sorts) by those iconic recordings, too.
  5. I have to admit, I do suspect shenanigans with Malarkey's plates. The servers know what the timer represents! The plates that the chefs are slaving over are intended for the judges, and only the judges! Why would those particular servings go anywhere other than the most significant table in the place? Especially because this wasn't a Restaurant Wars situation, with tables ordering. Every diner may be getting the same course, but the ones the cheftestants touch go out first, and to the most important table. I refuse to believe that either the professional servers who work at Michael's, full tim
  6. I'm a huuuge fan of Ross Stripling (pitcher for my beloved Dodgers), and therefore his podcast, The Big Swing. His podcasting partner, Cooper Surles, has become a fan of Jelle's Marble Runs as a result of there being no sports during the pandemic. To the extent that they interviewed the play-by-play voice of the English-language coverage, Greg Woods. So, with LWT now sponsoring the league, my worlds are coming together in a way that simultaneously delights me and blows my mind! 😆 https://bigswingpodcast.com/
  7. Bravo, Milburn Stone! You're so eloquent! I came here, on Saturday night, looking for commentary on this amazing evening of music from, and tribute to, probably my favorite creator of theatre in my lifetime. I was transported by this benefit, and loved spending my evening with it! My 84-year old mom is in an assisted living facility, fortunately only ten minutes away from me, and we're on the West Coast, so I went over to her just before 5:00 pm, to help her watch it on her SmartTV. With technical difficulties, I went home and came back to get it going for her, but we both thorough
  8. Not to be all tin-foil-hat, but I'm suspicious about the editing surrounding Lee Anne's "bus tracks" comment. For some reason, I suspect that she was reacting more to Malarkey's assertion that he made his tomato-and-burrata simpler and "cleaner" once he heard how "substantial" Lee Anne's hummus was going to be, rather than to the addition of salt and oil to her course. Though she might have been commenting on how he felt the need to emphasize how under-seasoned her main component was, that it wasn't just the lack of salt and oil that the judges were citing. To me, Brian's defense of his finish
  9. Full disclosure: I'm an Angeleno, so this season was always going to bring me joy. Especially right now, when LA is under Safer at Home guidelines, and it's hard to envision the future of the restaurant scene. Kevin Gillespie is probably my favorite cheftestant, ever, so I was thrilled to see him back for this All Stars season! Las Vegas is still the high-water mark for me, as far as the skill level of the chefs goes, though I was always disappointed by the outcome of that one, since I found Michael Voltaggio repugnant. His arrogance really rubbed me the wrong way, and I far preferred Br
  10. I remember being shocked at Kim Novak's appearance at those Oscars, because I found her almost unrecognizable. It makes me sad to hear that the plastic surgeon botched her procedure so thoroughly. I thought she looked better, more like the woman I saw on the screen in Vertigo, during this interview. I sincerely regret the unkind things I said after the Academy Awards. The piece that really gut-punched me was Steve Hartman's, about the new relatives he found, after his mother's death, through DNA testing. I know the reporter isn't supposed to be part of the story, so until he chose to sha
  11. This was absolutely my favorite episode of this show, ever! And I watch every week it's on. Some weeks, I feel like it's all that keeps me on this side of the Sanity line. (Mostly.) I am a serious musical theatre nerd. This installment, and the final number, are my new touchstone. It will be staying on my DVR, forever! I plan to watch "Eat Shit Bob" at least once a day for the foreseeable future. I recognized Brian D'Arcy James, immediately. Thanks for the tip that the hot dog vendor is also a Broadway alum. I'm pretty sure the choreographers (and John) are big fans of Susan Stroman and T
  12. This Dodger fan is thrilled that Cody Bellilnger was given the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger for right field, this year. He deserved it! Watch this reel, and see if you don't agree with me! (And Rawlings.)
  13. I have a very dear friend who is a lifelong Brewers' fan, so during the regular season, as long as the Crew isn't playing my Dodgers, I root for them. Particularly with Yelich catching fire even more than last year, it's been so much fun to watch. (Though if someone can explain to me why they traded Jesus Aguilar, I'd appreciate it.) I'll admit to a growing sense of dread as they gained momentum in September–I was pretty sure we were going to end up facing each other! I think I was almost as crushed by last night's outcome as the true fan base. The Brewers led for all but nine minutes of
  14. Absolutely my favorite, too! Partly because they got so drunk, and partly due to the hollering at the end. 😂
  15. The Day Drinking segments are nothing but hilarity! I adore them so much, because I laugh so hard!! They make me wish I could day drink with Seth, though I'm nowhere near as fascinating as the guests he drinks with.
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