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  1. You know Meghan McCain could care less about Britney Spears but she wants to appear to be one of the "celebs", and I use that word lightly when referring to McCain, that's jumping on the "Free Britney" train. She's a little late to the party as are some of these other Tinseltown phonies that are now posting messages of solidarity with Spears. Where were these people a year ago? Exactly...McCain never spoke up or said anything about the Free Britney movement or questioned what was going on...now it's the thing for people like her to do. The real heroes of this are the average people that have b
  2. Could be but toddlers can easily be overwhelmed by lots of family members and other stuff, like Christmas party decorations, etc…I know my grandson at that age would cling to his mama when he came to a family gathering even though I babysat him almost every day while mom and dad were at work. After 15 or 20 minutes he would loosen up and sit on my lap.
  3. Matt is no picnic...it's not all Xmas trains and sandboxes with him. He's headstrong and demanding. Like a little tyrant sometimes. Caryn is fake and plays the role of suck up "girlfriend" well. From what I've seen of Amy when she's with her grandchildren, she's very hands on and sits on the floor and plays with them or has some table activity like cookie baking or a game to do with them. She's always been there for her kids when they have a problem...brings them homemade meals, babysits...sorry, I'm not going to badmouth her on her grandparenting. She's a pretty good Grandma from what I've se
  4. I know I might get blowback but I just don't understand why Tori and Zach would be going for a third child so soon after having Lilah...both Jackson and Lilah have significant physical issues that will require surgery (Jackson's bowed legs and possible eye surgery for Lilah) and rehabiltation. It seems they will have their hands full with all the challenges ahead in the next few years while bringing another baby into the fold...a baby that might also be similar to Jackson and Lilah in physical and medical issues. Lilah seems to be missing all the milestone targets for her age as it is...at her
  5. Yes, yes and yes! It does seem to be a trend for young women to resort to the cosmetic surgery route for fixing up themselves before even trying to exercise and eat better. Call it the Kardashian affect...it seems to be so pervasive in pop culture now. Singers, rappers, Real Housewives, etc...they all run to the plastic surgeon the minute they get a few big paychecks in their pockets. Seems like most of these Teen Mom girls have some cosmetic surgery with the exception of Leah...although I think she's had fillers.
  6. I thought they were all getting along so well, you know doing that No Baby Mama Drama podcast...
  7. I also was impressed with Brianna's offer to help Jade out and take care of her at her home. That was generous and probably a lifesaving offer. Jade was in no way ready to fly...she could barely walk. That quack she went to should be run out of town. The stress of her parents and Sean fighting was clearly not helping in her recovery. But I think the more serious story here is Kloie. That child is being raised in a very violent home. The verbal fighting is awful but the physical fighting is worse. All in front of this child. She is growing up in a home with domestic abuse and violence. I'm real
  8. Boston or Massachusetts in general or Rhode Island.
  9. I think I agree with everyone on here today...just a few observations: Kail...First...blaming your weight gain on PCOS is just lame and lazy. You have a weight problem because you had four babies in a row and never took off the weight from last pregnancy. Saying you eat healthy is a lie. We've seen you eat on camera. You eat alot of take out...last episode you were eating a big plate of fried mozzerella sticks, chicken nuggets and some other fried concoction. On other episodes we've seen you serving up big slices of pizza...no salad in sight. Second...lifting weights and weighted balls wo
  10. My point was that almonds aren’t the only water sappers. Personally I prefer cashew milk…unsweetened vanilla cashew milk. Creamy and delicious.
  11. You know what a bigger water issue is? Golf courses…the constant watering of golf courses, of which there thousands, especially in desert communities like Palm Springs, Las Vegas, any and all golf courses in Arizona…Even in other non desert areas the watering of golf courses takes a lot of water for a hobby or recreation.
  12. I read verbatim what he said...no need to sit through an hour of this tired format and old man shaking his fist to the sky rants. I was responding to his remark about "this is why people hate Democrats". I still don't understand why it is so bad for Miranda to issue an apology...there was a casting issue...and the director has had issues in previous films he's directed. Miranda, as the creator of the play/movie clearly felt the need to repsond to valid complaints from the public. So Bill has an issue with the Twitter world on this but not the Twitter world spew of conspiracy theories and gas l
  13. Agree about the tats….he sounded like he was from Boston. Also, I think he was on the Spectrum…probably Aspergers. I have a family member with Aspergers and he reminded me a lot of him. His mannerisms, the way he talked, his peculiarities like not having a drivers license, riding his bike to work in a snowstorm, privacy in the kitchen while cooks, etc…very Aspie like.
  14. Wow...Bill is really getting lazy. He did that bit on the water shortage and almond growers a couple of years ago...sounds like it was almost word for word! Talk about phoning it in!
  15. Talk about flaunting your wealth...ugh. I'm not crazy about her coming back. A lot of venting here....and reads like a mean tweet from a 14 year old.
  16. I read that Rick told Fox News he wanted to stay in California and did not want to do any travel assignments...oh...and he wanted a huge raise. They declined and sent him packing. There goes Kelly's retirement plan...I predict they'll be divorcing within two years.
  17. OMG! She was awful. What a spoiled diva…and him with an archery range in the garage/basement. The two of them were making me crazy. She thinks she’s a member of the Kardashian family. She reminds me of Snooki from Jersey Shore.
  18. This convo was the only one on this thread...personally, I find it boring to rehash the Matt/Amy/Caryn thing. The divorce happened awhile ago so there is really nothing to discuss unless some people aren't familiar with the details of what went down to bring them to a divorce.
  19. He cheated on Amy with Caryn while she was employed as a farm hand and he was still married to Amy! He's a cheater and a hypocrite....and so is Caryn.
  20. Worst episode ever...and that is a tough competition with all the other bad episodes in this tired show. This was almost unwatchable and I drifted off and played with my IPad much of the time. I almost bailed several times but stuck with it out of habit. Who is writing this drivel? Oh dear god...it's just awful. NO ONE CARES WHO LIZZIE'S DAD IS!!!! Just kill Liz off and start from scratch next season. And this whole Townsend thing was monotous and stupid...I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes and missed why Townsend wanted to kill Liz...was it revenge against Red who he blamed for killi
  21. Agree 100%!!! I thought the husband was a jerk...especially with his "waste of space" obession and "multi use space" aka home office/playroom/ catch all or storage. What an obnoxious asshat. That "cottage" was really a townhouse without any amenties or an outdoor space but yet the hubby thought it would "work" even though there was no deck or outdoor space for the kids...oh...and the kids would have to share a room. Why even bother to move? Oh yeah...because hubby wanted to be close to town and the beach. Putting his wish list ahead of his family. And the wife...the constant giggling, laughing
  22. Yes addiction is a disease but it becomes a moral failing when one does not get help for the addiction and a child is placed in their care.
  23. What a diva...that poor guy. Good luck with trying to curb her spending. She seemed like the kind of woman that went on a dating app and only looked at what kind of job they had and researched it before swiping right. This guy was kind of nerdy and not good looking...he probably feels lucky to have snagged a good looking woman and overlooked her need to have and spend money on making impressions.
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