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  1. @Mahamid Frauded Me, Thank you so much! I really needed this kind of closure. You made my day.
  2. So today I’m reading through all the posts and I wonder if the producers felt the dirty hypocrisy of the season just like we did and that’s why there is no Tell All or Reunion. I have watched the shows about the polygamist families of Southern Utah and I think I didn’t get this upset because they didn’t rub our noses in the self defined religious aspect. Now 75% of thepeople on this show had a whole religion to themselves and the other 25% (Winders) bowed out before the end. I guess the take away, if there is one, is that this stuff doesn’t work unless there are pretty rigid rules and stru
  3. @LucyEth, i’m so disappointed! Even TV shows that don’t have a Tell All will show a screen at the end of a scene that has a little epilogue sentence on it. Like one saying “well, they tried but Bert is still not pregnant.” and how about after the Snowden wedding, “Chrissy lasted for three months and then packed up her kids and left for parts unknown.” something!
  4. What about the winders and he king and queen? Is this IT?
  5. @Emmeline, I don’t trust people who post pics with sunglasses on their profiles. Figures!
  6. I think, no amount of money from TLC is worth he mind fuck Ick is laying on his two boys - and her parents are complicit in this for even going and telling them it is all a game - which if he gets Roberta pregnant, it is def not a game. I wish someone should deliver to Ick the message that if you want to play the Religious parable game, Adam and Eve acted on impulse and whim and look what happened to them and everybody else for the rest of eternity. They were cast out of the perfectly fine Eden and punished for the rest of their lives. So don’t go telling me that the Bible says that act
  7. I really want to vomit when I listen to Garrick talk about God blessing the sperm, etc. I think we can all agree that Garrick is a wack job. But how on earth could this woman, “Bert”, allow herself to be in this house with this family while she bonks the “man” of this family with the intention of getting pregnant. Whose idea is all this crap? I thought he would go to Mexico by himself for the “sacred event.”
  8. @Nancybeth, I live relatively close to the Merrifields town of Buena Vista. I have lived here in the mts for 35 yrs and I don’t think I have much of an accent. However, those of my neighbors who have been here for generations all have accents like the Merrifields. Every time I watch this darn show, I’m tempted to drive over there and try to do an intervention with poor Danielle but I’m sure there are other equally strange situations tucked away around here and I don’t go…
  9. @kid, while I agree with most of what you said about Mike, I also never trusted Natalie. This is marriage #3 for her and you’re right, she’s no spring chicken. She frequently cried about wanting to have a kid but in all this time she’s never had any (all the Ukrainian and Russian women we meet in TV refuse to use birth control). I’d be going to an American fertility clinic to see what we would need to do to make it happen ASAP. Instead, it appears she left him and is traveling around the country, getting procedures done and capitalizing on her fame. Has she even been back to see her mother
  10. Great posts on this episode and I agree with almost all. I find Garrick to be disgusting and I think Roberta is totally complicit and equally deserving of our disgust. I find Jerrod and Vanessa to be disgusting as well. These 2 couples have their own narrative and they refuse to deviate, regardless of what anybody tells them, including each other. Sidian has his own religion, so I consider him a con man. I know the Winders have a lot of support, a lot of which comes simply because they seem so much better than the other couples at the moment. Right now I am disgruntled
  11. @PrincessPurrsALot, so if they added a new wife and all three went on this “mission”, pun intended, they would have 15 kids in less than 10 yrs! Whew!
  12. So I can understand Michael considering Angela’s obesity to be a sign of affluence, success and luxury. That must be why he has packed on the pounds as well. He lives in a place where poverty is rampant. And did he say he comes from a “family” of 16 kids? Wow, so much to say about that! His relationship with Angela is based on material things - which may not always be as they are now. His life is soooo different than hers in every way. Remember when she forced him to cook dinner and said that he would be doing the cooking in the US and he said he was doing it as a special occasion? Even
  13. I would love for one of the recruit wives to post a copy of the “NDA”. I can’t believe that it’s airtight.
  14. When Chrissy and Tayler were living with the Snowden’s at the same time, were there 4 people all in the same bed?
  15. I watched part of the interview with Ari. Wow. I wish I didn’t know these things.I still say that I worry for the children who are dragged through this mess.
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