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  1. Evil-lyn & Core - I don’t care and their time is up. Jenny & Sumit - yawn, time’s up. Bini&Ari - did anybody else notice how Ari said to Bini, “don’t you just love Avi so much?” as they were in the taxi to the airport. Of course the bit about having the baby to snuggle while he would have nothing further illustrates her self centered mindset. It’s not hormomes, it’s selfishness. I’m pretty sure that as soon as she got on the plane, she scoped out a flight attendant who would change diapers and watch over Avi while Ari naps. Steven&Alina - he’s a manwhore with
  2. @MrBuhBye, don’t forget Ari’s glam squad. Her makeup had improved since last season and I have to think she has help with it. Plus, how could she possibly do her braids so perfectly by herself?
  3. Where was Baby Avi? My first thought was that Baby Avi was home turning down beds for when his (helpless) parents come home to go to bed. SteVen? Isn’t he the youngest of his family of all boys - and the others all left the church? Something didn’t work with their indoctrination. Jenny and Submit? Don’t care. Ellie and the island guy? Sorry about the hurricane but that’s what happens down there, every year, to some degree. Not much you can do about that. Almost forgot (wishful thinking) Corey and Evil-lyn. She was a bitch from the first season when she re
  4. Don’t you wonder how these people end up on these shows? I guess most of them try to get on lots of reality shows so it’s no big surprise when one takes the bait and offers them a contract. So I have to assume that they aren’t totally stupid, even though the show often portrays them as such. But I am really bothered by the complete lack of life skills that Ari seems to brag about and how she has everybody running scared. She’s completely helpless and she’s making no attempts to improve herself - and she’s getting away with it! How many times has she said she can’t make a bed and the
  5. If somebody already brought to this question, I apologize because I missed it. But… What if the real reason that Ari brought Leandro to Ethiopia is that she is going to present him with divorce papers and make him sign them in front of them? Of course it will be with her wailing and crying and telling him how much she loves him but she’ll still be holding out the paperwork with a pen. I see this trip as a do or die moment for Ari and she’s going to either pick Bini (demand that he grows back his dreadlocks) and continue playing the part of the sad and helpless little rich girl or she’s going
  6. @Xebug67, Thanks for posting that screenshot of Ari saying sweet things to Mimi. Wait, she calls this person Tsion. Is this Bini’s old gf or the housekeeper/paid companion - or are they the same person after all? I’m so confused. Also…. - why does she not spell out and capitalize God? For someone who is supposed to be a writer/blogger, I would expect more. - I also believe the paid companion is there to care for everybody. - I believe she has been doing Ari’s hair and makeup and picking out her clothes. - why doesn’t she say “we” love you and not “I” and she doesn’t m
  7. @Breedom, I agree but I think they are all either living off her parents to some degree or have benefited from the parents financial support at some time - including Leandro.
  8. I want to slow down the video to figure out what Ari is calling her previous husband. Half the time I can’t tell what she is calling Bini-baby. I’m wondering whether Ari’s ex/Leandro is a little too nice and low key about this whole sick situation. I’m sure that when she hooked up with Leo/Andro at the age of 19 her parents were more thrilled than when they heard she had gotten knocked up by an Ethiopian disco dancer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they paid Leandro off hoping she might come back to him eventually. And guess what? Here we are. I bet Parents Ariela paid for Leandro’s educat
  9. @Xebug67, Rebecca was still married to her Moroccan ex! Wasn’t she?
  10. @magemaud, Of course they would wait to marry on the TV show. What was I thinking. She can threaten that she might not marry him. He can deliberate. Blah, blah, blah. But marriage on TV is a dream come true for a “blogger”. What a world we have become.
  11. @ExMathMajor, are you telling me that Ariela is still not married to Biniyam?
  12. @Uncle JUICE, I agree that a lot of people on these 90 day shows appear to have no friends or at least they blame their problems on that concept. Since Ari is there, in the homeland of her husband, she could find other expat women, new mothers, neighbors, family or extended family - anybody to at least greet every morning on your way to Starbucks (oh wait, we aren’t in Kansas any more, Toto). Ari and her little family are financially supported by her parents. She is incapable of caring for herself, or even for her child, so they are paying for caregivers to make sure nothing bad happens t
  13. @Rt66vintage, well, if we are going to speculate on IQ, I have to wonder about Asuelu, Tiffany, Jenny, Sumit too. And Ariela. And Skyla. I think probably the best candidate for weight loss surgery is King Chuck. When he threatened to have a heart attack, I thought, so NOW is the perfect time to blame it all on someone else. He should hire Andrei to be his personal trainer.
  14. Angela strutting across the stage, with everyone else watching, reminds me of my cat when she’s got a mouse, acting like her poop doesn’t stink. Omg, send out the bouncers to drag her back to her chair. I’m surprised she didn’t try to flip over one of the monitors. also to whomever corrected me about Ronald, you are correct! I was blurry eyed about the kiwi thing. I blame it on the pain killers. (J/k)
  15. My fav response when I see someone I don’t really like who has made some changes but not enough to lavish fake compliments is to say, “wowwwww, look at you!” That’s what I would have said to Angela, followed by “oh my gawd.” To drive it home. and to whometer called Ronald a Kiwi, he an Aussie. Kiwis are from New Zealand.
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