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  1. Because Sandy realy likes Malia...therefore really likes Tom; he can do no wrong. She didn't like Kiko (his popularity???) and so he could do no right.
  2. That’s not what happened. She hooked up with Adam before the season and he had literally no control over getting that job. And she didn’t sleep with Wes she just made out with him a few times. Hmmm....so who's right? Who really know what happened? Malia, I guess.
  3. There IS editing. It's possible that the producers or crew (TV crew) love her.
  4. I think she's jealous that all the young'uns are getting SO MUCH TV TIME. Some producer told her how to get it for herself.
  5. Did I mention what I noticed? I can't remember. Jess has a LOT of stretch marks on that big beautiful butt.
  6. I did notice that. I always notice eye-color on TV and in movies...and wonder WHY, when a baby character is played by 3-4 different babies, no one in Casting seems to consider the eye color or skin tone (mostly on white babies). Same thing when a character starts out as a blue-eyed child and grows up to be a brown-eyed adult.
  7. She's on television? She has been on various reality shows since 2010? Additionally, her clothing line seems successful, so she has some money. "These men" are the types who also yearn for fame*, so they'll hook their "whatever" to a Silva Sister. *Fame or a life of ease.
  8. It wasn't the "overdressed" as much as the BRIGHT BLUE !!!
  9. I agree. They seem like kind down-to-earth people. I DO think that Andrei was probably a difficult kid--maybe even a petty criminial and they KNOW why he left Moldova. They're probably embarrassed at all this bad attention.
  10. This is going to end up being one BIG/LIFELONG error. Surely he comes out of it alive. Ruined financially. Ruined personally. Lost all respectability...but alive. He's such a dumb guy...in the ways of the world.
  11. OH! Gravy! I thought that was some type of cover to keep the food warm.
  12. His ex is probably a good, hard working person. I bet life was good (for him) and a struggle for her. Her problem? She wasn't DANGEROUS, WILD and EXCITING like DESTINIE. Destinie probably talked about sexual activities Shawn had never (ever!) heard or read about. Led down the garden path...and everyone is worse off. Everyone.
  13. I think there's a degree of mental illness there...and perhaps child abuse from an early age. She'll be back in the slammer in no time. Buh-bye $5,000. Sad...really sad for everyone, her, her mother, Shawn, his pretend wife and thirty kids .... I think they WILL tell him...and then he'll DUMP 'EM for not being loyal. He'll go slithering back to those true friends when he's broke and brokenhearted.
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