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  1. My children didn't have "free range" childrearing, but they also didn't have a human four times their size hitting them. Not all American families believe "corporal punishment" is appropriate discipline.
  2. Doesn't she have custody of only the baby? What is her job?
  3. I jihoons parents enable mother enabled/enables him, but at this point it is what it is. They have She has raised a son who is great at apologizing and taking blame but pretty piss poor at taking action.
  4. The early photos of him show a slimmer, very outgoing and cute guy. Now he's the epitome of a SCHLUB...and a poor-me crybaby to boot! I don't see anything appealing about him and his red-rimmed eyes (constantly)...then he adds a GIANT DOSE of desperation to the mix. Go home, Timmy. If Melyza is keeping him around out of pity, she's doing favors to NO ONE. Not to worry...plenty-o-people with them...cast, crew, cameras, etc.
  5. I didn't want to play with "rationale," but with the LAWS created and maintained by men...and perhaps some smart women could tempt/sidestep "the letter of the law" with wigs...if "covering their hair" is the only requirement.
  6. I fast-forward past all that crapola...and watch only the cases that are "medically necessary" (or even mentally necessary).
  7. I understand that, and it's frustrating. The word is "spectrum." No two people will have the same abilities, talents, life experiences, good/bad teachers, good/bad parents, problems, issues. It's not to say that Olivia is "less capable," she is just different. Her brain isn't wired like Sharnae's (whom some on this forum feel isn't autistic or "autistic enough" because she reacts in some unmeasured "acceptable" manner). I really felt this series did educate many, many viewers as it set out to do...but I'm saddened to see that yardsticks that shouldn't be used in these instances are still presented. There are MANY reasons to think Olivia is less capable in some areas than other participants. It's unfair to compare one to another.
  8. I'm considering locating Brittney to tell her to go by the letter of the law in Jordan...those expensive wigs she has COVER HER HAIR! Isn't that what the hijab is supposed to do? Call the wigs American Hijabs.
  9. OUCH! I'm old enough to be Yaz's grandmother (maybe older). I think he's an extremely handsome young man and a beautiful representation of his heritage.
  10. A bit harsh. I doubt if she would even understand if you told Olivia to her face that she's hypocritical. So many people "on the spectrum" blurt out whatever they're thinking. Many won't ever learn to sugar-coat things, so they will be considered brutally honest or "hypocrites" unless more and more is presented to us. We weren't watching a series on the people we work and live with every day. Exactly--she can't. Perhaps there needs to be another season or two so "neurotypicals" can figure out that many people on the spectrum OFTEN can't stop to think about anyone's needs but their own. It would be helpful to have critical comments like these presented to the parents of all those featured on the series. Let's hear how they can help everyone understand.
  11. The "boob reduction" lady was so happy she called her new breasts "perky." I doubt if anyone else would. GOOD FOR HER!!
  12. Me too...but I was recycled in the 80s...and I watch 2muchTV.
  13. I could see that house being difficult to sell because of the residential ghost. They may have a hard time listing it as an Airbnb after last night’s episode. I believe there are no ghosts, spirits, supernatural beings, etc. Surely there are many like me; we wouldn't care if an AirBnb had that "scary" reputation (it might even be discounted!). Same with a home where there had been a murder or a crime. If it's cleaned and repaired properly, fine with me.
  14. There's usually "coaching" at these events...whether spectrum-related or not. Some even provide several small cards (business-card size or smaller) with hints on questions and answers.
  15. I think he took it on the lam. There may be charges pending. Maybe Libby's "fat ass brother" can visit the constabulary.
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