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  1. That woman has BALLS! It's only going to be worse when she's "back home." Too bad the Nigerians aren't a suspicious people. I'd love to hear a private investigator's report into Baby Girl's background. I crack up (silently) every time the camera has a close-up of her "flirty" ways with Usman. Close to creepy. I'm embarrassed for her lack of self-awareness. And while I'm being snotty: THAT HAIR !!! AND...does she have any money or property? Debts?
  2. Which "two unrelated people"? The two women who work together in tight quarters? Remember: the scenes of their sewing masks--and are probably more "together" than most of the couples on this show. Or do you mean the two who have the bet, "loser dyes his/her hair pink/purple"? Since they've never been socially distant, the practice wouldn't help them either. IMHO
  3. Because she has a mother whose antics have already caused an older child to live with her father? Because Lucy gets no attention at home from a whiny "poor me" crybaby whose main J-O-B seems to be bringing her Karaoke Buddy to America? A kid has to resort so SOMETHING to get attention. And what do we think will happen if "Daddy" and Mom have HIS baby (sorely wanted by his family)? Who get the attention then?
  4. I read it. Poor guy. Didn't seem to have any other life or accomplishments except for "caring for" this relative and that relative, and this relative. At least those who wrote on his obituary page said nice things...called him a legend. RIP, Joseph.
  5. Not literally...but there may have been times during those years she wanted to get pregnant. She had "feminine" difficulties that caused her to see a specialist who told her she probably could NOT get pregnant. Was there a tantrum in New Mexico when she had to leave THOSE toys behind? Maybe there's an easy way to explain her "lucky" situation.
  6. There's not enough time in the world...especially after watching all the recent iterations of 90Day. And...of course, I probably don't care enough. THANKS!
  7. I just can't. I try to get through at least 20min of this show but I just can't. I come here first and comments intrigue me, so I try to watch...say, like this about Sunny. Couldn't bear to wade through the dreck. Pitiful.
  8. Thanks, MamaDrama. I had no clue. Guess I need to spend more time on this TLC stuff.
  9. I think that's her hair ... and her personality is fun for me. Betsey Johnson's hairstyles have probably helped...rather than hurt. .
  10. OY! I agree about Drunk Darcey, Famewhore Jesse...but I must have missed Tom's pretense. What was that?
  11. And I enjoy hearing Anny because she's 100% genuine/honest. I loved how she handled Bryson's invading grandmother.
  12. I wish most of them (I exclude Joy) had better interview skills.
  13. Exactly, and to pronounce there were "no drugs" because the captain didn't find them is simply naive. I didn't even think of it from your angle, MaryMary. Pretty pretty good!
  14. I agree, Scarlett45, but I think his "first" family might consider him morally corrupt. He's at least morally suspect. He did a lot of shady things--probably cost a lot of people a lot of money until he hooked up with TLC ... and for awhile thereafter. I think Annie is a fabulous human, but I would never trust (or hang out) with David.
  15. I don't think the actual word should matter; the cause should be more important. People can choose what bothers them and what they can let go--and why let four little letters control any feelings? Of course, we KNOW when someone is trying to hurt or insult us; rise above it. "Stick and stones," should work for us, no matter how "horrific" someone thinks a particular word is. These days most of us are using rude slang with abandon--words we would NEVER have uttered thirty years ago.
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