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  1. I think you're on to something there. Buddy Valastro has a Food Network show now. Nate and Jeremiah have a show on HGTV. Discovery bought The Food Network and HGTV (and DIY). I’d rather see Amy on a cooking show than say, Kate Gosselin or Whitney Thore.
  2. All week, the teaser for the next episode has been that this might be Amy’s last pumpkin season. Does anyone else find this less than compelling ? If it weren’t for the quarantine, I wouldn’t be watching at all. AFIC, it’s new programming which at this point, is the only thing that’s making LPBW watchable.
  3. She was in 2 different episodes of Catfish on MTV. I believe that I read she was in a season 7 episode and a season 8 episode.
  4. She’s from TX and her 5-year old kid did everything for her. The hubby was a truck driver. I forget her name.
  5. Actually, the Discovery Health show that featured Dr. Bowers was really interesting. I wish more had been produced. The parts of I Am Jazz that deal with advocacy leave me cold. Jazz is, as someone posted up thread, myopic to say the least. I’ve also seen her uninformed and disrespectful to others. None of these qualities are particularly helpful in an advocate.
  6. When Jazz said that she thought she had a venue, I thought it should have been a local bar that features drag queens. If that were the case, the bar could have helped her with promotion and rounding up performers. Also, the obvious answer to the fundraising was announcing the financial need on a reality show- except that this show is aired well after the events they’re portraying. I didn’t like Jacky’s pessimistic attitude re: Jazz’s success at Harvard. She might NOT fail. She might succeed. A couple of episodes ago, Jeanette said that if JoJo didn’t want the implants that they could just be taken out. No ma’am. It’s not that simple. It would be major surgery and disfiguring. I think that JoJo’s grandma’s fear might be that she’s worried that JoJo would change her mind about transitioning and then end up stuck with breasts. It’s about the only issue that hasn’t been brought up. JoJo’s mom argued that the surgery would enable her daughter to look down at herself and feel “whole”. She herself said that it would be years before JoJo could have bottom surgery. How exactly does she know when her daughter might feel whole ? I know Jeanette had the plastic surgery consult in an earlier episode, but I couldn’t help thinking that if she lost the cheap flea market jewelry, the bedazzled readers, the pastel eye shadow, and the cold shoulder tops, she could make a better judgement on plastic surgery. All that crap ages her. Also, she’s obviously overweight. Is she contemplating losing weight ? If she is, weight loss of 40 pounds or so after the surgery would definitely affect the results. Watching the binge eating scene (scripted or not) made me wonder if anyone has ever told Jazz no ? Even herself ? One of the things that separates her from the participants on My 600-Pound Life is the ability to say no. I’m not normally one to advocate for therapy, but if the binge eating isn’t for the show, she needs to seek help for it.
  7. Wow. You just elevated snark to a whole new level. I’ve got nothing for that !
  8. Is JoJo’s grandmother being asked to pay for the surgery or something ? If not, why would it matter what she thinks ? Is the whole visit to JoJo’s grandmother some sort of scripted opportunity for Jazz to advocate ? That’s the only way he whole thing makes sense to me. It hardly seems like a “reality” show.
  9. ITA. She’s the lead-in to the shitshow with the super-morbidly obese women that followed MBFFL. TLC is using whatever audience Whit has left to try to garner an audience for Hot and Heavy. Nice, try TLC. MBFFL is unwatchable (to me, anyway) and so is Hot and Heavy.
  10. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=etiquacy. There is also a variation spelled “eticacy “. They aren’t words per se but some do use them.
  11. Lodging on Mackinac Island is not cheap. Having relatives in the area would be akin to having relatives in FL. My mind went to "Frito bandito".
  12. https://www.rushcycle.com/league-city-schedule/
  13. He's asking better questions than the host, though.
  14. Agreed but to me, she also looks vaguely like Mila Kunis.
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