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  1. I agree--this is a truly remarkable family and I'm glad they let us take a peek into their world!
  2. Didn't you love it when Bill told Will that "mommy and Zoey are going shopping" and Will said, "uh-oh!" Tooooo cute!!!
  3. Something tells me Rosemary would have found a way to fix her own window--Paulie seems a bit on the dependent side (or maybe the passive aggressive side).
  4. Probably, since there is very little drama left for them to hone in on, at least until there is another pregnancy or a new wife. Maybe Mariah will stay at school over spring break or summer vacation instead of going home. That could really send Meri into a tailspin!
  5. You may be right, but she'll never admit it!!!
  6. I wouldn't say "worship," its more like "respect." And no, I don't think we feel "invincible" but I do feel better about myself than I would if I was just trying too hard to be a "mean girl." But you go ahead, apparently every board needs one or two.
  7. all4mom, you seem awfully "sure" about all things in their home! You have declared what they feed their children, what they can and can't do physically, who "should" be taking care of the kids and how they "should" have built their house, all the while mocking Jen's supporters and her many challenges. Is Jen making you feel inadequate? lol
  8. I agree with most of the posts here--I also saw disinterest and/or forced affection from Brady toward Rosemary. And I hate those round-table-discussions where Brady complains of being behind in what he "owes" the wives. He makes it sound like an obligation to spend time with them! If you listen carefully, you can pick up on certain phrases a wife will make, such as when Rosemary said something like she realizes how difficult it must be for Brady to "manage all of us." I picture a ring master, holding a chair and a whip, indicating to each wife when it is her turn to approach him. If these
  9. I had to look that up, didn't know about the cousin but yes, you are right. Apparently he courted and married one of the twins and her cousin at the same time, then married the other twin sister 10 years later (and they are identical twins, strangely enough)! Wow, a whole world full of women and he marries three from the same family!
  10. Remember that family that visited the Browns once--the Dargers? Aren't two of those sisterwives real sisters? Twins I think......creepy!
  11. Love the "assholery" term--think I'll start using it "faithfully." lol! I agree that Caleb is young and immature, but I also agree that he is "auditioning" for a role--and even so called superstars don't always stay on top by speaking their mind. He is still a wannabe, trying to climb the ladder of success and he is not endearing many voters to his side. His reference to using his "babyface" and the whole "old ladies" argument not only make him seem arrogant but smarmy as well, almost like the proverbial used car salesman trying to put one over on people. I too felt bad for Malaya, but s
  12. I had to go to OnDemand and pull up that last episode since I didn't notice Will saying "Uh-uh" when Bill said "we'll bring mommy home later." After rewinding it 3 times, I think it sounded more like "oh oh" and I think it was Zoey, not Will. But I guess that's just me cheering for the "Teflon Couple." (And THAT is me being snarky!) lol
  13. The only way this "old lady" would cry when Caleb is singing is if pictures of homeless/abused animals were being shown at the same time. I still can't listen to Sarah McLachlan's song "In The Arms of An Angel" because the ASPCA used it in one of their commercials!
  14. Haha--maybe we could shorten it to "KUJL!"
  15. I think snark has its place, certainly with some of the more off the wall stars like the Kardashians or shows like Sister Wives or My Five Wives because, well, they just scream "rip me apart!" But The Little Couple, not so much. And part of me feels like they have been bullied and made fun of all of their lives, why continue that? Its a feel-good show and I will continue to post my positive opinions and try to ignore the rest.
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