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  1. txwatcher


    Luther feature film to wrap up the loose ends. And Alice Lives!
  2. txwatcher


    Luther doesn't miss a beat as he returned to the city. As he looks for who killed Alice, it's like the seaside didn't mellow him out. Back to kicking ass and taking names.
  3. txwatcher

    Small Talk: Therapy Couch

    A confessed TV addict starting in the womb. Anticipating this show with bated breath. Tea anyone?
  4. txwatcher

    Agent X

    ChelseaNH I like the way you think with the spinoff. Especially the Olga and Charity Adventures. RIP Agent X it was a fun,wild ride.
  5. txwatcher

    Dead Like Me

    I totally adore this show. It dealt with death and the trauma of grief in a realistic way. When I see a marathon on I always check in. The closest show to it was Pushing Daisies.
  6. txwatcher

    S00.E148: The Husbands Of River Song

    I loved this years Christmas Special. I gnashed my teeth, laughed at River not recognizing The Doctor. I laughed even harder as River revealed how she would "borrow" the Tardis. Then it was misty bawling from the time River made the "Doctor love speech" until "And they lived happily..." blew away like snow in the wind. (ok their were moments of levity in there too) Also, I noticed the handholding bit (probably because I just seen SW7:TFA) as well as the warp drive comment. And Captain Jack can show up anytime ...
  7. txwatcher

    Deutschland 83

    Tara you recommendation is good enough for me. Synchronizing my watch now!%uD83D%uDE0A
  8. txwatcher

    S07.E08: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

    Yeah I thought Lily was going to stake Julian. That would have been the smart sacrifice. Lily probably thought she wasn't capable of doing it, look at how easily he convinced her to feed. She could have at less tried. What is up with Vampire hearing?
  9. txwatcher

    Astrid Is Too Cool For Homeland's Crap

    I like Astrid from day 1 and was afraid they were going to kill her off. I particular liked how she handled the "kidnapping". Astrid"s asides are the best.
  10. txwatcher

    S05.E09: The Litvinov Ruse

    If they let Allison off the hook and kill Quinn, I am out. At least til the end then I'll binge watch the final episodes. But I will not set aside day of air time. btw How amny episodes are left?
  11. txwatcher

    S06.E08: Start To Finish

    The best parts: <br />Tiny Tim singing, I loved that song as a kid for some reason.<br />The Wolf chiming in "I will" when Morgan and Carol were arguing, it just made me smile.<br />Deanna going out in style. Why waste a bullet on your dying self, when you could thin the herd a little and provide a distraction?<br /><br />No you didn't moments:<br />Dropping your weapons when the Wolf only had a knife. I know Denise is the dr and your new gf, but really! But is was cute how Eugene sheepishly placed his machete on the floor.<br />In the same vein, do not get out of a fuel truck when confronted by a biker gang, esp if you have an RPG. I doubt they will shoot at your mobile bomb, which would take some of them out too. RUN THEM OVER!<br />Lastly, Sam Sam Sam But it really is Jessie's fault for her pretend BS. Not a good way to parent during the Zpocolypse., if you want your kids to survive.<br />See ya'll next year.
  12. txwatcher

    S02.E09: Ten Thirteen

    Tom is an idiot and lost. The only good thing he did was tell his mother off. But running to Meg was pure stupidity. I loved Liv Tyler's reaction when she learned Tom wanted to go to Miracle. As for Meg's motivation, I going with guilt for doing coke while her mom was having a heart attack. She is targeting Miracle, because she didn't like what Hand Psychic told her. She wanted a profound statement to assuage her bathroom-coke guilt, but got something mundane. And now that is in GR hierarchy, she has the means to teach them a lesson. Matt cracked me up when he brought up the flyers. I was like you idiot esp. when Meg said she'd forgot about that. I could see her adjust her plans a little. It doesn't look good for you Matt.<br /> "You were waiting for me."-Meg
  13. txwatcher

    S09.E11: Heaven Sent

    tankgirl173 As I was reading your post %u26A1%u26A1 Maybe that was dirt from Gallifrey. It could act as a tether enabling the Confession Dial to transport the Doctor home. Presumably he be dead. fwiw %uD83D%uDE01
  14. txwatcher

    S04.E04: All My Exes Live In Essex

    In a sea of reruns and football, this weeks episode was welcome gem. But it did suffer from enough Bell & Quinn. And unlike some, I'd like to see more of the Coney Island Stalker. (I still believe she has a crush on Watson) :)
  15. txwatcher

    S01.E10: Arm-ageddon

    Naz and FBI aren't the threat to Mr. Finch, she actually gave a nod of approval and parental respect. Despite the whole mental invompetency thing. Morra is the wildcard. I can't wait to see how this part plays out.