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  1. If Kitchen Aid lady, Tina V., and Rachel hosted a show together, I would jump through a plate glass window just to escape their voices. Nancy is wearing a DJ with RUS which I'm pretty sure she borrowed from her daughter's closet.
  2. Ant went with the wash and wear look tonight. Hair and clothes. No, ma'am. You need to try a little harder if you are going on air for work. I didn't appreciate Shawn trying to embarrass Ant, asking if she had vodka in her glass. I guess because that was her drink of choice when she was phoning it in from home. Probably has a craving now. How much time between products for a "sidebar"? Then she told the Skechers rep, Lauren, "your bangs are changing your life". Not the best compliment when you question if it is really an insult. Shawn the Shade Queen....
  3. I can't decide if those lips on the masks are cute or scary as hell.
  4. Looks like he is trying to figure out the best way to murder her. 1. Hands around the neck? 2. Maybe if I press on her cranium really hard while fluffing her fringe? 3. I'm not sure how I want to accomplish this. 4. Perhaps a wide toothed comb to the throat.... Who knew wig salesmen could be so macabre.
  5. LOL. Candace had some kind of serial flirtation going on with Charlie. She must have been really gaga over him because she lost all acting ability in those commercials.
  6. Candace C.B. is a real Renaissance woman. I've see her selling everything from tuna to toner. I wonder if her vision board had a picture of her in deep conversation with Charlie the Tuna. Blech. I think Jen needs a ouija board instead of a vision board. Maybe she can conjure up somebody from the great beyond who forgot to leave a 20 carat diamond tennis bracelet to someone in her will.
  7. This vision board must be a full wall mural. I've caught that real/faux bracelet inner struggle she's got going on, too. She has a lot of aspirations. She just became a licensed yoga instructor. You'd think she would be more satisfied with less, feeling peaceful and present. Then again, working at the Q can toxify you to the point that you can't quit seeking acquisition of worldly goods. I wish her peace of mind. Namaste, Jen.
  8. I think she let out an actual "eeeek!". LOL. I agree. I don't care for the heel with jogger pants look. She always seems semi-annoyed. Wonder if she realizes we feel the same way watching her.
  9. Agreed about Isaac being there to earn the bucks, not chew the fat (only as a means to his end). Since business has probably gone down considerably, he is taking charge and doing most of the face time. Never see Jacqui Stafford anymore. He's been belittling of Jen before. Telling her to "show the sole of the shoe", "the part you walk on." And Jen isn't dumb. He can be rude. You know what I mean (a favorite Isaac phrase)? "Coffey then waxes metaphysical about how she would need to manifest extra hard with her vision board in order to buy the real deal." Reading this is making me choke with laughter. LOL!!!!!! Jen and that vision board....
  10. Barefoot Dreams OAP says it is "high-end, luxury loungewear". It does look comfy. And I love the muted colors. Elegant-casual is how I would describe it. Yes, you charge an arm and leg for it. But nylon and poly-rich clothing is not what I would consider high-end. Nothing wrong with nylon. I like it myself (maybe not 78% in a sweater like many of theirs have). But wouldn't feel like I am luxuriating while wearing it. (I realize they also have cotton pieces which look nicely made). Regarding the Malibu Collection, host Julia C. says: "I know this. I understand it." If you are going to claim the part, then play the part. She seems to make it look more sloppy than loungy. I know she is from Cali, but I don't picture her gazing out of her seaside cottage window, while sipping her chamomile tea, all cozy in her seafoam cardigan. More like waking up with a hangover, smeared mascara, shirt askew, topped with a schmatta. Posing in her high heel/jogger pant combo, She says, "I get stopped all the time. Well, I'm not that cool. But people ask me..." I would have hoped her host mentor would have told her to never have an inner dialogue out loud. If you are going to create a false scenario, commit to it. Otherwise, you look like you are making it up as you go along.
  11. Barbara King Insect Repelling Scarf If insects have any semblance of good taste, I would think wearing most items of QVC clothing would easily repel them. No need to purchase a pesticide-laced scarf. Just shimmy into your No More Wiggle, No More Jiggle 38% spandex leggings and they will head for the hills.
  12. Outdoor Living with Jayne B. and Mary Beth Let's just call the set a melange of different ideas from different seasons: Christmas tree in backdrop (no Christmas items for sale) Seeds to sow in the spring Hosts wearing straw sunhats (in pastel and patriotic colors) Q probably thinks we are so discombobulated at this point, don't know what time of year it is, and will just buy, buy, buy. Think again, Q. Else they were cleaning out their storage space "to make room for new". Pick a season, please, and go with that.
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