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  1. Snippet from Kerstin's latest personal IG post: "Chapel full of over 100 women eager to be on fire for Jesus!" I'm thinking she could have worded that more appropriately.
  2. I want to say that this is the most disgusting nose wipe yet, but she always manages to top herself. Are upper echelon people fearful to say something to her about it? The only one who should be embarrassed in this kind of intervention/confrontation is Shawn. Eh, they probably don't even know.
  3. Rachel is the nails on chalkboard, thinks she is forever twelve gal. Mary is the second coming of David gal. Courtney is the chameleon (personality and countenance) gal.
  4. Sat down to have a bite to eat at five minutes to the hour and turned on the Q. Therein lies my mistake. I am confronted with three hair piles on the floor (Shark TSV). Then Alberti points out more hair rolled up in the underside of a vacuum cleaner. Bon appetit. Didn't realize that Saturday Morning Q went way into the afternoon, so I was blindsided by something else that set my gag reflex in motion. Thankfully, she was already bidding adieu. Q, I think you exist to nauseate.
  5. Nothing wrong with layering or wearing flowy tops, which can look sophisticated and beautiful. But I agree: looking like you need to wear your entire wardrobe because you have nowhere to store it, or don every color of the rainbow at once says dysfunction more than fashion to me.
  6. Mally's evil eye necklace has a life-sized eye. Reminds me of Carol Brodie who also makes use of the amulet, thinking everyone is jealous of her and wishing her evil thoughts. The thought never crosses their minds that maybe people don't like them or are critical of them because they are loud, obnoxious, and in Mally's case, also a non-payer of millions of dollars in loans. Maybe her evil eye cries fake tears, too. https://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-bz-mallygirl-sale-20150612-story.html
  7. Great observations, @mpeeps! This one is too much of a coincidence, though. Could Valerie have been inspired by Jane's dress? Or maybe the better question is how could Valerie have been inspired by Jane's dress???
  8. "Vanessa? Were you aware it is Apple Dumpling Day?" Vanessa: "No, I wasn't." Not sure if Shawn was "in character", but the look she gave after Vanessa's response was "Huh, well Miss Know it All didn't know something. Take that, b*tch." Yes, I got all of that from a two second response.
  9. She called her first guest, Aisha, "baby doll' and made jazz hands at her. Can we please lock her in a broom closet or meat freezer like they did on all of the old sitcoms? At first I thought it was hat hair, then dirty hair, but now it looks like a catastrophic haircut. She must have rubbed someone the wrong way at the Salon Saloon.
  10. Watching Jane groove her way to a break, I'm beginning to believe that she was only a ballerina in her very cluttered brain. #awkward #norhythm
  11. Jane: "We had fabulous hair and makeup artists doing our hair and makeup everyday." For how many years? You couldn't pick up any tips? Am I supposed to feel sorry for you that the best you can do is Bette Davis's Baby Jane? Get a book. Go to the Clinique counter at the mall. Call that Buckle guy who made you actually look pretty. No excuses.
  12. I turn on the Q (cannot watch for long increments anymore) and the first thing I hear is: Mally to Jane: "Honey!" Well, at least Mally is back to normal tonight with her everyday Halloween makeup. Then Jane: "My mother used to say, 'Janie, you would cry at hot soup.'" "I literally can't focus when this song comes on." Is it just me, or are these people putrid?
  13. Harsh-haired and faced Mama Breezies is so full of it. In the "Before", Taylor is wearing a demi bra that looks like it was rescued from a rummage sale pile, with zero support, and is essentially cutting across the middle of her breasts. Of course a full coverage bra of any sort will look better than that. Who falls for this?
  14. New family photo on IG, with the star, Kerstin, in the middle (as always), flanked by her in-laws. "So many pockets of happy woven into a season of grief." She's brutally empty inside since her mother died six months ago. Understandable. Doesn't know how people do this without Jesus. It doesn't sound like she is doing it with Jesus. Looks like she has an extensive group of people in her life to which she can turn for solace, but that and her bible don't seem enough. Seems like she might need some intensive earthly help to supplement her spiritual support bec
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