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  1. My feelings about Isaac Mizrahi are less about what Tim Gunn says and more about what has come out of the horse's mouth itself while on QVC.
  2. Shawn: "We had our last go round with the bikini last year. We're not wearing those anymore." Who is this "we"? Seems like people who say "we" are not brave enough to admit it is "I".
  3. Every time I turn on the Q, Side Stitch is on. I don't see the big deal about it. I'm sensing some higher end pallets in their future. Now there are four people on the screen at once. 🙄 I guess when QVC reads comments about being a "hot mess", they think that is a good thing. The Shawn/Courtney dynamic is anything but dynamic.
  4. I like canceling people if they irk me to the point of anger. As Bobby Brown said, "It's my prerogative". I also do not watch Lisa Rinna. And not just because I have to change the aspect of the picture to fit her lips on my screen.
  5. Using the Amber Alert in relation to clothing is almost as bad as the other genius QVC vendor that used Sophie's Choice to describe the dilemna of picking one color over the other of her rags. Maybe they are just ignorant, have a rotten sense of humor, or are simply total a-holes. None are attractive qualities, IMO.
  6. This and his laughing hysterically whenever he talks about how his cat died are the two out of three strikes that I need to totally click him off when he appears on QVC (honestly, I really only needed the cat one). Besides, I think most of his clothes are dreck. Tim Gunn on Isaac: "In the book ("Golden Rules"), Gunn takes on designer Isaac Mizrahi, calling him a spoiled snob. He explained to the Daily News, 'Oh, please, I was so kind to him. I mean, I wouldn't have the words to describe some of the more abhorrent behavior. He really is a terrible, terrible, terrible person.'"
  7. Agreed, @Elle820. Couldn't hide her boredom. She surprised me when she rudely interrupted him mid-sentence to say how great one of the models looked. Jen: "Sorry for interrupting". But she didn't seem to be. He is headed into cartoon character territory with his appearance.
  8. Kerstin posted her speech at church on IG and looked quite comfortable as she took center stage. It was kind of like a TED Talk. Hope she takes a well-deserved resignation from QVC to hit the road and lecture anyone willing to listen. Not sure what "help in the hard" means (from her IG post). Her writing leaves much to be desired. I question her fragility during her chronic breakdowns. She is tough as nails, staring down at her church audience while speaking. Perhaps she takes social media license and beefs up the drama for likes and follows.
  9. Maybe David should reevaluate his need to eat portable things.
  10. Tweak'd Jen's lanky hair looks pasted to her head. Not attractive. Denis says "we're saving the earth" by using huge plastic bottles instead of smaller ones. Helping ever so slightly? Yes. Saving? No. Whiny nice guy: I don't buy your schtick. Happy Mother's Day to all the mawwwms!
  11. So true, @Coffeecup. I ordered a pedicure stand from QVC for my mother and bought three nail polishes to go with it today. One was called "Taupe-less Beach". Tacky. The second was "Tickle My Francey", which could be cute or perverted. The third was "Lady Like". Thank goodness.
  12. In the Q's attempts to be "fresh", they are coming off as less than classy: 1. Mary Beth leaving her comfort zone and testing out thong wear: I don't need a picture. 2. Leah presenting "Better Than Sex" mascara. I was uncomfortable for her. 3. A show called "What the Tech?" I think we know on which current commonly asked question this is based. And hearing David bellow that title just seemed wrong. No, we don't need to see Jane in a hoop skirt or hear Carolyn baby talking us to death, but adding a sexual or profane undertone to a channel that used to be dedicat
  13. Anderson Seafood rep, Rick R.: "Look at the size of these shrimp, Rick. They're almost as big as my head." Rick D.: "They're almost as big as some of the egos around here." 🤣
  14. That is cringey. TMI, Mary Beth. And maybe TTR (Time To Retire). Regularly giggling at the air also makes me think she might need to go. Not because of age, but because that job should come with an expiration date, so one might maintain some semblance of sanity.
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