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  1. Good description of Coco's curls, @mpeeps. Perhaps these odd looking, over-coiffed, parted bangs were BFF Jane's idea. While Courtney might secretly want to usurp Jane's shoe show from under her smelly, little feet, maybe Jane wants Courtney to look as awful as possible, guiding her with theatrical hair and makeup tips, and/or supporting more plastic surgery. That little glint oft seen in Jane's eyes might be the evil intentions that lurk within.
  2. Podcaster (former family physician/current loungewear designer/aspiring baby booty maker) about Kerstin: "She wears a tiara at home to stay sane." This junky podcast is not on my restrictive diet, Kerstin.
  3. Rick: "Stacey's back on QVC?" Yes, you jerk. She was fired/laid off, very upset about it, and then rehired as an OAP. I wish his wig would blow off.
  4. Shawn sounds extremely nasal. She says she does not have "the COVID", just a massive allergy attack. "If the Lord could just stop my nose from running, that would be great." Well, if you didn't remove all the hair the Lord put up there, maybe you wouldn't have these leaky secretion issues, dummy.
  5. She likes to name drop the upscale town in which she lived in Michigan and the posh stores in which she and her mother shopped, and talk about her successful lawyer father who would tuck a few bucks into her pocket well into adulthood. So why do her hair, nails, makeup, clothes, and shoes all look like they are from the lower end side of town, not to mention her garbage dump social etiquette?
  6. I know Kerstin is a proud, multitasking superwoman, always workout-ready, so maybe she has her ice skates backstage and is going to do laps around the QVC parking lot after her show. She's probably wearing her bikini underneath the peplum to swim more laps in her pool when she gets home. The workouts of the faithful to oneself is never done.
  7. Kerstin says, if she could, she would give a Masterclass (Q's new buzzword) on the importance of aluminum-free deodorant. I am also concerned about the possible health hazards of pores absorbing aluminum, but she is arrogant to think she is qualified to give a Masterclass on anything, being a jack of all trades and master of none. Maybe there is one exception: "How You Can Snag Your Dream Job While Being a Classless Exhibitionist All Over the Internet"
  8. Agreed. But there must be a scant few that do not have an alcohol addiction...yet. I think a lot of them are getting artificial nail and lash addictions as well.
  9. I really think she would be more embarrassed for people to see her looking like this than she would gyrating or sleeping around on low budget competition shows. "I had always been a chubby kid and gaining weight (while also being on TV, and Iā€™m sorry, but viewers can be mean) was very hard for me. I gained 60 pounds and was beyond uncomfortable."
  10. Amy looks really invested in that glass of wine, while entertainer extraordinaire Alberti is quite at home holding his. If any of the hosts or OAPs develop a drinking problem, they could probably name QVC in a lawsuit as the promoter of imbibing for work purposes, to create a social/party atmosphere. Also, I'm thinking a lot of them are pre-gaming with booze. Blabby could not have been sober last night thinking her makeup looked attractive.
  11. Turn on the Q, and in less than five minutes, I am totally turned off. -Shawn's Smurf-meets-unicorn nails -Tarte "Maneater" mascara -Waxen OAP with IDGAF hair Q, this no class vibe does not equate to "cool". Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Eh, maybe it's too late. Especially with that snot slinger who thinks she owns the place.
  12. Mally told Jane she looks 22 while Jane was applying her makeup, in preparation for some theatrical performance, from the looks of it. Yes, that harsh. Mally is doing a disservice to Jane by not telling her to blend out (and remove 3/4 of) that heavy black liner. Terrible. As usual. Well, maybe even worse. I guess Mally needs to sell more makeup. She seems in need of more jewelry. šŸ™„
  13. Kerstin is probably thanking God for creating TikTok especially for her so she can showcase these bikini dances whenever she wants. This show and that other one where she was shackled to a guy in a bed (and most likely not highlighting bible passages under the covers) were so low budget. I agree, @mpeeps. To what end were these a means? I wonder if she now thinks trashy tv is just as detrimental to one's life as junk food is to one's body.
  14. Good find, @Watcher25. Would not be surprised if there was similar or more scandalous stuff out there, some never recorded (thank the Lord, for Kerstin's sake). The only difference I see now is she is a few pounds thinner, has a more conservative, coiffed hairstyle, and preaches with an air of superiority (maybe they put her mic on mute when she tried to do that). A few days ago, during the relaunch of Sport Savvy, she told the OAP when she does Skype she wears regular clothing on top and bikinis on the bottom. The only place I would feel appropriate wearing a bathing suit
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