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  1. I just remember it was in one of the first episodes.
  2. You should check the first episodes of S1.
  3. Another very funny moment took place in the first episodes, where is shown that Charlie and Bailey shared a bed. I guess sponsors freaked out with the idea of two men sleeping together despite being siblings and Bailey's bedroom could be seen in the following episodes.
  4. Nicole's boot. I've never really got why she tried to take Tijuana out after hanging out with her for the first 3 days.
  5. Emilio Jr

    S11: Guatemala

    I hated NuNakum since they turned the villains of the season. It would have worked better with no swap taking place at E4, just to see old Nakum's dynamic (post interviews kind of confirm there was a strong alliance whose leader was Brooke and Judd was the outcast). By the way, Yaxha big mistake was voting Morgan out. Brian, Brianna and Lydia were the weakest links.
  6. Emilio Jr

    S10: Palau

    I'm maybe on the minority but was rooting for Ulong since day 1. Korors were unlikeable in my opinion. I wish Ashlee's alliance (Jeff, Kim, James, Angie, Steph) had made the merge.
  7. Emilio Jr

    S03: Africa

    I never got why Kelly was targeted at F9 since she seemed so close to Lex and got along with Tom. With regards to the mystery vote I would have distrusted Ethan or Kim J.
  8. Emilio Jr

    S02: Australia

    Hello, everybody. Something curious about this season I'd like to discuss: 1. Debb. I remember reading somewhere that after the season was over she was told by her former tribemates that they regret voting her out. I guess everyone, but Elizabeth, wish had voted Rodger or Skupin instead. 2. Kel. True or False that his boot had anything to do with his weird character? 3. Kucha's dynamic. IIRC Skupin was their intended second boot but once chicken fight took place everyone agreed to vote Kimmi instead. 4. Was not really obvious Jerri's edit? For instance, her confessiona
  9. Hi! Greetings from Peru. Don't take me wrong. I said both of them turned kind of bitchy and superficial, but of course they weren't like this the whole time. My mom and I love Bailey's character along the first two seasons because he was mature enough to his age and very kind/protective, however, he changed a lot on the remaining seasons. I can understand there are times you can get tired of something but it was not the best way to tell, which indeed he never did, in my opinion. With regards to Charlie, it can't be denied what he had to do to take care of his siblings; neverthless, as muc
  10. Actually, every single original character turned bitchy at some point. I remember reading somewhere that producers hated they all get along and that's why Amanda was brought. Anyway, it sucks they ruined friendships with that plot twist.
  11. Here are a few moments that support my theory: - She was the only one who wanted a college far away the rest of the cast, which indeed she did. - After coming back she was barely seen having fun with her "friends" and brother. They mostly argued or kind of. - Surprisingly, she was not interested in being part of a sorority, like Kelly and Donna. - Steve told her she was not considered a friend but only Brandon's sister. I wonder if they were planning to written her out at one point or a way to prevent what happened at the end of the season. I mean, if viewers started t
  12. I hate that Rhonda's character was written out since she had potential to be a main performer. In addition, I never understood why Jo left the show. Actually, she was the most popular character among the women. Amanda, Kimberly and Sidney were beloved in terms of entertainment but not on Jo's level. I appreciate that producers made their best to replace the leaving characters, however, Sam, Megan, Craig, Jennifer and Kyle's brother were never catchy.
  13. Perhaps the most unpopular opinion you will ever see but I can't stand Julia's character after the first season. She was ok at the beginning but turned a bad person (leaving alone her longtime best friend just because it wasn't cool anymore to be a "loser", making out Justin despite the fact he was her longtime bf's boyfriend, not being a good sister to Claudia especially when was most needed, refusing to move on when Charlie was offered a really good job in other city and he just wanted the best for everyone, cheating Justin with Griffin only to make his life kind of miserable, etc.).
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