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  1. Glad to hear they're both doing better...but I'm watching the episode right now, and I really cannot with John's pre-surgery monotone sad-sack voice overs about how desperate to go to Houston because they've tried everything (cut to 2 Pringles cans being opened) and nothing ever works (cut to said Pringles cans being dumped in a rubbermaid trough for the drive). I've seen several episodes of this show and seriously, that kind of bullshit line just gets to me every time. What do they think something "working" looks like? The episode opened with John's breakfast of 5 or 6 fully loaded chil
  2. Maybe I've watched, so far, a selection of particularly egregious poundticipants (wait--is it "poundtestants"?), but I found Tiffany to be pretty decent and non-hateworthy. Sure, she was a dingbat in certain ways, but she seemed to have a good future-thinking attitude. At least she made arrangements for help at the airport, unlike Maja ("ZOMFG SO MUCH WALKING HUFF HUFF THE MEAN PEOPLE LIIIIIIED TO ME"). I thought she was polite to the attendants. She did have the famous bathroom "gotta change my panties" accident, but she seemed mostly embarrassed about it. A little passive and dim,
  3. OMG, when you put it that way....holy shit. Their relationship seemed way more like a paid attendant/whiny spoiled client than boyfriend/girlfriend. Unlike many episodes in which--no matter how fucked-up the dynamic may be--you do hear and see some sort of love or affection between the featured couple, there was none with Maja and Christian. None. That also makes sense of the "I can take a day off" comment!
  4. Chuck's episode was the first one I ever watched. OMG, what a fucking baby. I couldn't stand his pleading and crying. "Give me another chance, I'll make it right!" I think that was when I developed the habit of muttering out loud as I watched any given episode. "I'm going to do whatever it takes!" No you won't "I will do anything to be the husband and father I'm meant to be!" No you won't "I'll do whatever Dr. Now says!" No you won't "This is my only chance!" No it isn't "I've been mostly sticking to the diet!" No you weren't "I've been doing everything I possibl
  5. It's the "thrill of the chase". All sorts of addicts know this feeling and these behaviors.
  6. Hi all! I've watched about 10 episodes, and I've read a lot of threads here. I appreciate the discussion of whether the people on the show are addicted to food or, really, to eating. Because as I'm watching, it sure seems like the latter. My main takeaway from the eps I'v watched: an overwhelming sense of revulsion toward drive-thrus. I keep thinking about the way various folks on the show drive from one fast food place to another, boom boom boom. You don't even have to get out of your car, you don't have to stand at the counter and face someone. I wonder if therapists might challe
  7. Oh, my my my. Today we got the famed "Victor brings makeup to Nikki in the hospital" scene. I've heard about it over the years, but I don't think I've ever actually viewed it. Lucky me! 1. Nikki is such a fucking priss. 2. They sell makeup at a "hospital store"? 3. I found the whole dynamic gross and creepy. 4. Was this considered adorable and swoony back in the day?
  8. Now, now. She also awkwardly thrust her ass from side to side, once or twice, with no discernible sense of rhythm, and stuck her arms straight up in the air a few times. Oh, and then she clumsily bent way down in her lingerie, and stood back up again. All the very best and most seductive dance moves, folks.
  9. I found and acquired a full boxed set of vintage Little House books, and have re-read them all during this stay-at-home time. It's been a delight! Yes, some of the content is really jarring to my 2020 mind, but still, there is a ton of fascinating detail in those books. Also, I can't say enough about Garth Williams' illustrations. They are lovely and evocative.
  10. I used to be a diehard Y&R viewer (I'm sure I've posted with some of you at other forums in the past), but hadn't been following it for the past few years. Tuned in for a little while in early March. I found it boring as fuck, and I can't stand the guy currently playing Adam (Jesus, get a test for anemia, or eat some beef or something), and this whole posse of younger people (Kyle, Theo, Young Chef Lady, Mop-Headed Adam's Childhood Friend, blah blah blah zzzzzz) so I didn't bother. But now! Vintage episodes?! I should have seen this coming, and I love it! The clothes, the hair, the s
  11. So true about the Wilder boys' names! 😝 Dammit, Snow Apple, I missed the Nellie one again? I really want to see it.
  12. Hey all, I checked the local listings for Cozi TV, and they are running the pilot this Thursday. It starts an hour earlier than usual. Lately they've been running the "New Beginnings" season, which sucks. Bring on the pilot! I remember the old thread--and I saw "the mime who raped Sylvia" on Cozi a week or two ago!
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