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  1. SistaLadybug

    The Mythology and Folklore of American Gods

    Anansi is very much alive, even now. I grew up on His stories and we were never allowed to kill spiders in our household, because they were Anansi, come to tell us something or find/reveal something we had lost.
  2. SistaLadybug

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    This Whovian is quite glad to see Mickey in a show, even if it's not one I can watch at the moment.
  3. SistaLadybug

    S10.E04: The Last Ball on Earth

    THANK YOU! My daughter and I were screaming at the TV: "She's not wrong! She's not explaining it well, but she's not wrong!"
  4. SistaLadybug

    S02.E06: Vergangenheit

    The Whovian in me tips my hat to you for this.
  5. LOL! I was there and actually took a picture in the TARDIS (with my friend and co-host). We and my daughter got a picture with Matt Smith. He's the only Doctor I've met besides David Tennant (I'm still swooning, years later).
  6. SistaLadybug

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Latina isn't a race - it's an ethnicity. Carla can be an Afro-Latina. That would still qualify them as a same race couple.
  7. SistaLadybug

    Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

    THIS. That change in pitch and tone was because FEELINGS. Feelings got involved, sis. Don't lie.
  8. SistaLadybug

    Fanmade in Wholand

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this, but just in case it is: I and a friend have started a new Doctor Who podcast called "Woke Doctor Who". It's all about race and representation (of different sexuality, body type, etc.) in our favorite show. If you want to give it a listen, check us out on Woke Doctor Who or you can search for us in the iTunes podcast app. Thanks!
  9. Those girls don't like Tamar for good reason and until she's willing to accept that, things will never change. We can't wait for other folks to realize their part in the bullshit - we have to change ourselves. I think the sisters are all jealous of Tamar. It's not fair. But jealousy isn't the only issue in this family. Trina was right when she said that Tamar has the nastiest energy in the world. She does and so does Vince. Trina was right about all of that. Tamar is a snot, a loudmouth, a nasty bully and a hothead who speaks before she thinks. That miscarriage reveal was a manipulation. I am heartbroken for her (I know how she feels) but that wasn't fair fighting. Her sisters had valid points and her response was, "I don't have to think about any of that because I just had a miscarriage." Girl. That is awful and so sad but 1) Trina didn't know that when y'all had the argument, and 2) that has nothing to do with the argument. Tamar had valid points with her comments about the food - I agreed with the things she was saying. But she says things in a horrible manner. She should not be shocked that folks have a hard time receiving her. She hasn't met an insult she doesn't like. When she said Trina should have fries and should add salt, those were constructive criticisms. So say them and drop it. Continuing to go on and on, in louder and louder tones, with neck swirls and lip pops and "You're so stubborn" and etc. is just too much. She doesn't know when to stop. It is a mighty show of love that one of her sisters hasn't flown across a table and smacked her lips around to the back of her head like she was Daffy Duck. She's a ball of foolishness. For someone who swears she's on her sisters' side and wants them to win, Tamar can have a weird way of showing it. She didn't have to say that autotune mess about Traci, whether it was true or not. Traci has the least out of all of them. She's trying to make a go of it and this is her chance. Tamar is already successful and a large part of that success is due to her husband (let's be real). Let Traci have her moment and keep your Twitter fingers silent.
  10. I agree. Tamar irritates the hell out of me, but she is not the sole reason that they all have problems with one another. It's clear the sisters find it much easier to blame Tamar than to take any responsibility for their part in the nonsense. Just one example of how Tamar bugs: "I'm from Baltimore!" No, you ain't, girl. You're from Severna Park. We don't claim you, don't be tryna claim us.
  11. Out of all the sisters, Traci and Tamar are the most alike. That's all. They are mirrors for each other and they're always going to have the most problems with each other. They are both loud, extra, overly emotional, and likely to lash out. They hurt each other in the same ways, using the same methods. The only storyline I'm interested in so far is seeing where things will go when their stepmother/father's side chick-turned-wife shows up.
  12. SistaLadybug

    RPDR: In The Media

    I've been listening and was all, "Whut? Willam and Richard Simmons were friends???" And then: "Of course, Willam and Richard Simmons were friends." It just made complete sense to me. I also love how Willam said, "Whatever, girl. If you don't want to answer anyone's phone calls or hang out anymore, that's your right. You can lead whatever life you want." Although, if you ask me, Richard's housekeeper is holding him hostage.
  13. SistaLadybug

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Shit, I still get annoyed at Baltimore being used for DC and Canada being used for Baltimore.
  14. SistaLadybug

    S09.E13: If These Woods Could Talk

    If you have romantic/sexual attraction to both men and women, you are not a lesbian. You are bisexual/pansexual (if you care to label yourself). If - together - you and your husband engage in activities of a frank and explicit nature with another person, you are not adulterers. You were in the situation together. You might not be monogamous but you're not a cheater. And if you twerk for a man you just met, you're not a whore unless he paid you to do it. And even then, that's your business - make sure you asked for what you were worth. If this is the most these chicks have by way of story line, it's about time to pack it up. And I'm happy I'm not being taped for a reality show because y'all would call me everything but a child of God.
  15. SistaLadybug

    S09.E08: Bosom Buddies

    And THIS is why you don't start with airing your ex-BFF's business - because, baby, she knows yours, too! I don't feel one ounce of bad for Kandi now that it's out that she and Todd are fucking Shamea. 1) Shamea fine so...well done. 2) You went all burn it to the ground on Phaedra so don't be affronted when the bitch brings marshmallows for the fire. I absolutely believe Phaedra was ready to move on before Pretty Pollo Went to the Pen and that's just fine since we all now know he had a whole girlfriend on the side. Here's the thing: No matter which way Phae was tipping, the job of the BFF is to support her. Kandi ain't new to tipping seeing as she had a baby with a married man. She's old enough to know that one can be sad about a situation and still happy to see it go. She was trife for that gritted teeth revelation (really, the girl gonna give herself lockjaw) and Phaedra has seen her trife and risen her a double dog dirty. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Let's watch! *chews popcorn with vigor*