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  1. All they've done since their drunken sex night is compliment each other. Maybe little Douglas will over hear and spill the beans? HA!
  2. That's why she tastes every dish and plate, so no one else can have any. What an oinker.
  3. You read my mind! I was just going to post this. Would not be surprised if Wendy thinks Big Kev will come back to her. She's like a high school girl.
  4. I remember reading after he was arrested they were in deep debt. They lived in a beautiful home but were in the process of being taken to court over not paying their HOAs.
  5. I never thought about Chris killing her while she slept until her Father said it. That makes sense now, Chris had no marks of a struggle. I believe Shanann would have fought like hell.
  6. The twin with the dark socks, his feet are blown up to huge proportions! This photo is a great laugh on a Monday morning.
  7. Davina would not stop! She was like a dog with a bone. Taking Justin Hartley's side when she doesn't even know him made me wonder if she's interested in him. Seriously! With this season, I really wish they'd show more real estate.
  8. I follow Ana all over social media. Her husband had a bad fall earlier this year and she's been home in FL nursing him back to health. I think she's not keen to travel right now. I always look forward to Ana on Fridays, I miss her!
  9. I knew when she started talking about Donda she'd soon talk about losing her Dad. Megan is so predictable.
  10. I read somewhere Megan is due in September.
  11. That's a stylish crib! Meghan will probably want a crib festooned with flags and pics of our founding fathers.
  12. My Mom and I are convinced Megan mentions this hoping for a free crib (from a high end furniture store, I'm sure).
  13. The "Team Betty" people on Facebook are also harassing a relative of Linda Kolkena. These fans are rabid, you would think they lived this personally. Last I read Betty seems happy to stay in prison, she calls it "her gated retirement home."
  14. Yep, that is 100% correct! In the "12th of Never" Dan wanted the kids to spend a Christmas with her. She refused because she wanted a certain amount of money to "entertain them correctly." He refused so she said no to having them over the holidays, she spent them alone. Not to go too far off topic, but I was surfing the web the other night and found a "Free Betty" message board. People are posting to Broderick daughter Kim's Facebook page saying her Dad and Linda got what they deserved. That's horrific.
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