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  1. I'm so tired of Wendy throwing herself at Lamar Odom. Enough with the "Lammy" nickname, she's not his ex-wife! Don't forget also the hot sauce she carries in her purse. She must fart all day long.
  2. I read years ago Suzanne and her husband met while working on the Rosie O'Donnell show which I think was NYC based.
  3. I know Megan was on Fox years ago but I remember reading somewhere she was "fat shamed" off the network during the Roger Ailes era. Also, there was a female host she didn't get a long with on Fox, can't recall who. Maybe Gretchen Carlson? Didn't Joe & Jill Biden introduce her parents? She should thank him everyday as "Princess of The Lucky Sperm Club!"
  4. Rumor is her dating hijinks will be featured on next season of "The Single Life"
  5. That's what I read about a month ago somewhere - trying to be the next Family Chantel 🤢
  6. What I'm not getting is Caitlin Jenner is pretty much a self admitted hermit, living high on a hilltop in Malibu. I guess she thinks she can run the State via Zoom calls? Shaking my head ...
  7. He more than likely turned down her multiple sexual advances, no surprise there. Today she went on & on about her thigh gap and how thin she is, so annoying.
  8. When Angela was in the back of the Uber? Yes, they blurred those out. Even in her reduced boobage state she still can't keep those things contained. They look like Colt's moobs!
  9. A good friend of mine (late 50's) is a Disney fanatic. She has Mickey Mouse tattoos, the Mickey Mouse Coach bags, etc. Her custom spa attached to the pool is in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head.
  10. I watched Natalie on Youtube put canned corn, pineapple and cashews on "Italian Pizza" and all I could think of was the crust being a soggy mess.
  11. Does Andreeiiiii ever have clean hair? I can't recall it not being greasy ever.
  12. I've probably seen this discussed before but it always bugs me - why does Wendy think every divorced couple will "find their way back to each other?" J Lo will end up back with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck will end up back together, etc. I sure hope she doesn't think Big Kevin will be running back to her eventually but she probably does. It reminds me of junior high school crushes.
  13. I'm new to the show this year and catching up. Didn't Natalie also portray herself as some sort of sporty type? Snowboarder, hiker, etc.?
  14. Didn't Brandon get in a lot of credit card debt traveling around Europe romancing Julia? I'll bet he ruined his credit. Surely working a full time job you could afford a one bedroom apartment in Dinwiddie VA?
  15. Did Natalie live in grand style with her elderly Mom? I didn't watch the show back then. If not, I don't get it. Also, is this the first time she mentioned she was an actress and model in her home country?
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