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  1. Ana worked on one of John McCain's campaigns, I think the one when Megan was removed from the campaign for giving tours of the "Straight Talk Express" campaign bus without permission (2008?). I believe there's no love lost because Ana knows 'Ol Megs way too well from those days.
  2. She looked like a ventriloquist dummy, it creeped me out!
  3. And it's on the Dreaded, Hateful West Coast! She so strongly against California, yet it's the home of Erika Jayne AND the Kardashians, her idols. Stay away Meghan, we're good! As for "Dancing with the Stars", professional athletes who do that show say it's extremely hard physically. There's no way I can see her on that show, but then again, she'd yell at the judges so that could be fun to watch. 😁
  4. This is my first season watching HEA but it's my understanding Natalie portrayed herself as eager for a baby, a sports enthusiast, a tree hugger/naturalist, high IQ/Mensa member and now she's an aspiring actress/model. It all gives me whiplash!
  5. I read this morning he had been communicating (sexting) with his ex over the last year. The ex is in Chicago and when Naomi left this weekend, NYC, the ex came to NYC to be with Metul. Dang, he's cold!
  6. They did not have one nice thing to say about that cute apartment. They are crap parents the end. Betty's the last one to comment with her hoarder house and dusty yard sale crap lining the walls. I'll live in a studio apartment before I live on a puppy farm, any damn day!
  7. Remember when Ana Navarro got married and invited the whole crew except for Meghan? Joy and Sunny saying how much fun it was and all the celebrities that showed: Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, etc. Meghan squirmed during those comments, she was so ticked off. I always remember Ana worked on McCain's earlier campaign, so I'm sure she knows all about Megs.
  8. I was wasting time on Twitter yesterday and found this tidbit - Meghan is Ben's 3rd wife. That surprised me! I dove into the Internet and found he marries every 7 years - 2003, 2010 & Meghan in 2017. His first wife's Twitter name is @LibertyRedhead which is interesting as they named their daughter Liberty.
  9. This would be interesting but Meggy is waaayyyy too thin skinned for political office. Maybe President of the "Real Housewives Fan Club" is more her speed?
  10. I'd rather live in a studio than on six 6 acres of caged dogs, cloudy hot tubs and a cluttered hoarder house! 🤣 DEAD!! Much needed laugh on a Monday!!
  11. I'm so tired of Wendy throwing herself at Lamar Odom. Enough with the "Lammy" nickname, she's not his ex-wife! Don't forget also the hot sauce she carries in her purse. She must fart all day long.
  12. I read years ago Suzanne and her husband met while working on the Rosie O'Donnell show which I think was NYC based.
  13. I know Megan was on Fox years ago but I remember reading somewhere she was "fat shamed" off the network during the Roger Ailes era. Also, there was a female host she didn't get a long with on Fox, can't recall who. Maybe Gretchen Carlson? Didn't Joe & Jill Biden introduce her parents? She should thank him everyday as "Princess of The Lucky Sperm Club!"
  14. Rumor is her dating hijinks will be featured on next season of "The Single Life"
  15. That's what I read about a month ago somewhere - trying to be the next Family Chantel 🤢
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