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  1. Maybe it's made of foam or something. It looks like a piñata. 😂
  2. I've always had a soft spot for Tara. I think she's cute, and she always seemed like such a red shirt that I was always surprised that she kept surviving. Eventually I started to actively root for her to survive because she had survived for so long. This show has been limping along for years and it continues to have no end in sight, so them killing Tara off (if they in fact kill her off) might be the thing that finally gets me to quit it. I tried to stick it till the end, show. I really did.
  3. The yikes was directed at the fuckery spoiler. 😅
  4. It's like a Michael Myers cosplay competition. 🤣🤣
  5. But if they went around in bikes the show wouldn't look like the old west, which i think is what they want for some reason. I think I don't even want to know how much food must be required every day to feed a huge ass horse.
  6. Heeeeyyy, you. Still here, I see. Please don't die. Signed, Me.
  7. Not watching right now, and I've only watched some stuff here and there this season, but I have had this same problem with what I've seen of Michonne post Rick. Mostly because IT HAS BEEN SIX YEARS. He's been dead longer than she knew him, at this point. It seems weird to fast forward so much, but then want to play her grief like this. You can't get the huge time jump + the raw grief that would've come right after Rick died. You can't have it all, show.
  8. Those spoilers sound so weird. I don't know, like six years don't fit with the story that they seem to want to tell. Maybe less time would have been better, but then Judith couldn't have been Carl #2. ROSITA AND GABRIEL? WHAAAA? NOOOO. No. No. I know I am probably alone in my own corner, but I wonder how/where Tara is. I've always rooted for her because I think she's cute and because, in spite of having "redshirt" written on her forehead when she first arrived, she has managed to last for so long that now I really don't want her to die.
  9. That is exactly what they're doing. They even fast forward a few years so that Judith could be the new Carl.
  10. I haven't watched this yet because I watch on Netflix, but I've been keeping an eye on how they got rid of Rick and got the gist of it. And I agree. I would have preferred to see Rick die in an epic story that culminated in an epic episode. Instead they gave an "ending" that was a mixture of whimpy and cop-out. The whole steel bar thing was beyond anticlimantic and then taking him away in the helicopter... what the fuck? He's going to be missing for literal years while Michonne raises Judith? What the fuck? And all of this just because of greed, because they want to keep milking this. I also agree that they should accept that the show is in decline and just focus on coming up with the best story they can to close it up. But greed is a terrible thing, and most of the time it's what ruins shows. This idea of a TWD "universe" or whatever instead of making me excited makes me feel exhaustion. Can you imagine how long they want to keep dragging things out? I don't know if i'll have the energy. This show just isn't fun enough. It hasn't been for years. I keep watching because I don't like to leave shows halfway through, but damn, they make it hard.
  11. So anyway, I caught up with this show on Netflix. I really enjoyed season four, which was a pleasant surprise. I thought season three was boring and repetitive, and I struggled with finishing it, but this one was very entertaining, I thought. I also liked all of the development they did with all the characters and relationships. It felt like halfway through the season the show knew that it will wrap up soon and now things have a point beyond just being repetitive about the same stuff over and over. I particularly enjoyed Jane and Petra's friendship reaching "I love you" levels. I thought Rafael and Jane were very well done too (ignoring Rafael's side trip to douche-land in the beginning of the season). I liked Petra and JR because they had chemistry, but wish their story had the chance for slower development. I did like, though, how JR ran to save Petra in spite of it all. Now, things I liked less. *I have no idea who the hell the blackmailer is, but I kind of wish it was Anezka or something. Had Petra kill anyone before? I don't remember. But I don't like the idea of her killing anyone, much less THIS Petra who has grown so much, and much less HER SISTER. I doubt it will be, though. Sigh. *Can they at least pretend to care about Rafael being the twin's father and give them a damn plot? Or a plot with Mateo and the twins? Or SOMETHING? It's not that I like the twins that much (or Mateo, to be honest), but the show acts like Rafael's only family is Jane and Mateo and.... no. Yes, sure, we see him picking them up and dropping them off and whatever, but come on. *I have no clue about who the blackmailer is. I'm really curious. I'm also very curious about how they will explain Michael, or "Michael" or whatever is going on. So they get points for that. *And of course, like with every single show that features a writer in it, at the end they'll say the show we saw was the book Jane wrote, her big success book (since the first one flopped), right? I'm glad that they know what the finish line will be so they can pull their act together. And I think five seasons is good, and the time is right to end it.
  12. Yeah, he didn't seem quite "right".
  13. I agree. I agree. I agree. I agreeeee. On all counts. I have always known, right from episode one, that Jane and Rafael are endgame. There was a very brief moment during season three, after Jane and Michael did marry and were so great together, that I thought "would they really change the course of this?" But it was a very brief moment, and then Michael died and while it pissed me off I thought that that was basically the best way to protect him and his relationship with Jane. If he didn't die, what could come next? Just destroying him and the memory (and marriage) of Jane and him to make way for Jane/Rafael. And now? Well, if that's really him they have ruined him and his past relationship with Jane. There is no way to make him come out of this good. Plus, the love triangle from hell was one of the absolute worst things this show ever did, it really does suck the life out of this show. So the last season doesn't look too promising to me, which is a pity because I thought season four was pretty good, surprisingly. And all of this just so that Jane could choose Rafael in the end, without that "Rafael is second choice, they never would've gotten together if Michael hadn't died" hanging over their heads. Sigh. Aaaaaand now I'm worrying that it's not really Michael, but someone with a Michael face. I mean, if Rose did get another chick to die in her place and she gave the other woman her face, I suppose it's possible. It would achieve the same "Jane chooses Rafael in the end so he is not second choice", I guess. There was something off about the guy, I thought. Like a lack of spark in his eyes when he saw Jane. Mmmm.
  14. I think that he ran to his office and locked the door, leaving everyone else out there to die. The bit about the papers is about him nervously trying to do something to keep his attention away from the screaming. So I watched this over at Netflix. I didn't hate it as much as people here, but I didn't love it either. It was just one of the many average, or below average, shows I watch on Netflix that keep me entertained enough and then when I'm done with them I just forget them. I imagine that if I watched it live I would have been way more frustrated than I was. Some things did stand out to me in terms of badness. First of all I felt the show kind of lacked a theme. Sure, the main theme of a story like this is related to how people will go nuts when locked up together in an emergency situation. Some of that was here, too. But then there were these other things that seemed just forced in there for some reason, and I couldn't figure out why they put them there, thematically speaking. All this stuff about sex, and promiscuity and date rape, and Adrian bisexual woes and whatever relationship he had with the jock... and Mia and her addiction and the money, and the military, and memory loss... like it really bothered me because I kept trying to figure out what they were trying to say and how it related to the mist, but in the end it felt like they just threw whatever in there and weren't really saying anything. I also didn't understand how the mist worked, at all. It just seemed to do what the plot wanted it to do. It had so spare Alex first so the grieving mother could create drama, but then later it had to want to eat her or possess her or who knows just because it as time for Jay to die (because they couldn't be a couple now that we knew they were siblings and the triangle between the grownups, one of whom just lost his son and would hold on to Alex more now, was clearly more interesting in the writer's minds). The mist spared the nature lady the first time around so she could create her cult, but then later killed her at the mall. Nature lady saw the mist as nature putting things back in order, when Kevin hallucinated it was implied that it had to do with evil/supernatural forces/the devil and then the military subplot implied that it could be a man made something. I have no idea how any explanation could make sense, except maybe the supernatural one. And even in that case I don't know, still, how the mist worked and how it chose it's victims. And final nitpicking: I was so distracted by how everyone just locked themselves up everywhere and then they were oh so safe from the mist. The mist is basically air. If they can breathe, the mist can get inside. Slower than if the doors were open, sure, but still. I can buy that the mall's front doors could seal enough to not let the mist in, same as some doors at the hospital. But there were so many times when they were just normal doors, with normal door gaps between the doors and the floor (among other gaps). Same with the cars. They were oh so safe in the cars, and here I was just thinking all the time about how the mist should be getting inside through the air conditioning vents. I really disliked Kevin basically killing everyone at the mall. I get the desire to do it, and I get that the audience probably wanted it to happen (i know I did want the mist to get them), but whatever things they had done before, Kevin outdid them. He killed them all and it wasn't even self defense. I guess one of the themes was that the nice looking people sometimes are the WORST, even if they don't want to admit it to themselves. The worst people, the ones who did the worse things, weren't the obvious bad guys like Jay or Mia, but the "nice" people like Kevin, the mall manager and Adrian. I agree with whoever said that poor Jay was so screwed over. Poor, poor guy. He turned out to be one of the best people in the show, one who never hurt anyone and just tried to help. I wish they had let the finale end when they were off to find out if they could get away from the mist, if it was happening everywhere. That could have been more of a closed, yet open, ending than what we got. I'm annoyed when shows get canceled with no resolution.
  15. I assumed some time had passed. Sarah was supposed to have been studying for her GED for who knows how long, Rachel's eye was healed, etc.
  16. And this after her original mother died, then Susan took her in (and later died). Then Rachel took care of her for a while then forgot about her. Then Cosima took care of her and then abandoned her too. This is the making of a traumatized adult, but I doubt it crossed their mind (the writers) because she was an afterthought. I guess her staying with Art was because of a process of elimination: Alison already got Helena, Sarah thinks she is a bad mom, Cosima is traveling the world, Clone Club never fully forgave Rachel so no way they would let her have her, welll theeen....
  17. And Charlotte was cloned from her, which I think was supposed to mean that she was her daughter, so to speak. But even though they seemed to have planned to go down this route at the time they said this and let them bond in season 4, they took Rachel down another path until the show was almost over, and poor Charlotte ended up sort of bouncing around. To me her staying with Art is just weird.
  18. I'd like a movie just so Rachel can finally join Clone Club, that's a story with the potential to be compelling, imo. But only if the movie tells a stand alone story that isn't too convoluted and nonsensical.
  19. So, I was underwhelmed by the finale. I'm glad that everyone ended up happy, but I don't think the episode itself gave me the experience I would have preferred. But I'm not in the mood to go into all the details explaining why, so I'll just talk about random stuff. I thought Rachel's ending was somewhat sad, but fitting. A part of me wanted her to be at least somewhat accepted into the group, but I get why she wasn't. I saw an interview once with a writer who said that the right ending for a character is the one he or she "earned", and I think the ending she got is what she earned thanks to her actions, both finally being free as well as not being accepted by the others. Though she said she didn't want to keep seeing her face everywhere, I think a part of her did care about "the family" because otherwise she wouldn't have asked about them and the babies. So she got a mixed ending in a way, sort of happy, but sort of sad at the same time, which is fitting for who she was... a victim who was used and whose life was shitty (so she gets her freedom), and a villain who tried to hurt the others (so she isn't accepted). I thought her storyline was the best this season. I wish they had done this when there was more time left so she could have gotten a longer arc like Helena, and she could have ended up working directly with the others and developing a relationship with them. It would have been emotionally messy, but that's what would have made it compelling to watch. Oh, well. Camilla was hot, and she did feel different, like a whole new person. Tatiana is so good. I don't understand why none of the Ledas took in Charlotte, that was random and kind of sad. Although maybe they didn't want to raise someone who was gonna look like them in the future, or something? Either way, it needed more explaining. The idea of Delphine and Cosima going on a road trip to cure all of the clones looks fun. Maybe they can also work to do something with Kyra and the twin's mutation, I mean, they can help a lot of sick people, in general. Anyway, good bye, OB. Tatiana, you were the best thing about it.
  20. Yeah, they just don't trust Rachel and they know S was dealing with her the night she died. I was a bit exasperated when Felix arrived because Rachel could have just told him that she called S to warn her. I kind of want PT telling Sarah about all the creepy ways in which he spied Rachel and about the letters she wrote to her birth mother to soften Sarah a bit towards Rachel. I really want a scene between them that has some closure. Though given everything that has happened they won't be BFFs they've had a personal history going all the way back to season 2 and I'd like some closure. But I won't hold my breath for it, I imagine the finale will be quite packed with lots of things.
  21. Sarah knew they would know, she was supposed to stall while the others came. I fear for Art more than for Rachel, frankly. It's the finale and I think another one from the "good" team will die, for the shock of it. Rachel's journey starting from episode 7 doesn't scream "die" to me. But Art is important enough, but at the same time disposable enough, I think. And I thought him telling Sarah that it was his personal fight too, as well as him killing that Neo were red flags for me.
  22. There you go: http://www.tv-eh.com/2017/08/05/orphan-black-509-alex-levine-breaks-down-the-series-penultimate-episode/
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