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  1. I keep remembering what the narrator said about how Michael loved Jane until is last breath (or something like that), but then I think that they wouldn't kill him again, right? That would be too much.
  2. I soooo thought that the father of the aborted baby was going to be the sister's husband, but I guess the point of the story was the abortion itself and not the sisters' relationship. My problem with Sister Monica Joan's plot was that I felt that the burning of the bags was so forced, because they just wanted to use them as a metaphor or whatever. But I kept thinking that they were perfectly okay and burning them made no sense. If they had upgraded, just donate them to the needy or repurpose them for something else, jeez.
  3. Adding: I think they've painted themselves into a corner because I can't think of a single way that they can come up with a satisfactory ending. Jane ending up with Michael would mean an unsatisfactory ending for Rafael, whose true love all through the show has always been Jane and his whole story has been about him growing up enough to deserve her. Jane ending up with Rafael would mean and unsatisfactory ending for Michael, who was in love with Jane from day one and even if they stick him with some other LI it will feel cheap and badly done. Michael not getting his memory back would be unsatisfactory because they would have brought him back, but not really, so it's almost giving a middle finger to the character, same if it turns out that it's not really really Michael but some guy Rose gave amnesia to and a Michael face (since Rose can do everything she could have faked the DNA test). Anything, anything that I think of just sucks.
  4. I imagine that Petra will end up with JR. The only time we saw Petra giddy, vulnerable and in love in a healthy way was with her imo, and I doubt they will throw that away in the end. Maybe Petra and "Jason" can have a fling, tho.
  5. Well, mostly for two reasons: *Amnesia is a telenovela/soap opera staple, and they ALWAYS get their memories back. Sort of how any time someone is in a wheelchair they will always walk again if they're the good guys, or they're always faking it if they're the bad guys. *There is no point in bringing Michael back if he doesn't truly conflict Jane in a meaningful way. Jane choosing Rafael over some monotone stranger from Montana means nothing. Jane choosing between Rafael and the real Michael, that's where the real conflict is. It would make no sense to bring Michael back and make him Jason forever. I imagine that bringing him back with amnesia is a way to introduce that telenovela trope they hadn't used before PLUS draw the conflict out through the season. Having said that I'm still as convinced as always that Jane and Rafael are the "endgame".
  6. I am a 10000000% sure that we will.
  7. I'm not sure that's how it works. Church annulments, as far as I know, are supposed to be awarded only in cases when the marriage was invalid from the very beginning. For example, if Rafael and Jane married and THEN Michael came back, Rafael and Jane would be automatically annulled because the marriage wasn't allowed to begin with. The church wouldn't care that Michael was gone for four years or that his personality changed or anything, because marriage is supposed to be until your death, including during the hard times (this would be the hard times). So, if Jane and Rafael married now it could only be a civil marriage (after Jane divorced him) and they would be "living in sin" because Jane being with Rafael is adultery. Now, I imagine that the civil marriage is something else, though I don't really get how that one would be annulled either. But Jane was talking to lawyers, so I imagine this was the one she was trying to get annulled? I don't know, I think they mixed things up in a way that doesn't make sense. I also think that Abuela's reaction to Jane wanting to divorce was also all off, because for a devout catholic divorcing and moving on to another relationship is living in grave sin. This is another reason why I disliked the episode, I felt that so many things were just off.
  8. As I was watching today I became increasingly pissed off. And it's not necessarily about shipping one couple more than the other or anything along those lines, but about seeing a story that had been so well resolved (imo) being ripped open again just to RUIN IT and ruin everybody involved. I don't want Jane to "get over" Michael and choose Rafael, I preferred Jane the Widow who fell in love again, but whose two loves were just as valid and important. This infernal love triangle also makes all the characters involved terrible and makes the show super tedious. It always has. I remember how utterly sick of it I was by season two. So seeing it brought up again just pisses me off. I suppose that for Michael fans him being alive will always be better than him being dead, but even though I liked him too I always thought that killing him was the right choice because the alternative was to ruin him and/or his love with Jane in order to keep going on about the same bullshit love triangle. They got married, but Rafael was never going to go away, so what could come next? Breaking Jane and Michael up, making Michael do terrible things to justify their break up, etc. So after dodging THAT bullet, here we're back at the very same place, the characters and the loves involved being ruined just bring us this terrible story. Jane and Rafael are being consistently selfish, the show is really going out of their way to make "Jason" insufferable (it's almost as if they WANT us to root against him and Jane, and want to ease us into them breaking up forever in the end), and the best case scenario on the horizon is that Michael does come back so we can continue with the triangle some more, all leading up to Jane choosing Rafael in the end, which I assume is what this whole disaster is about, making Jane "truly" choose Rafael. And when they do that, what decent ending could they possibly give Michael? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! And to keep adding to the list of things ruined by all of this, there's Rose. I think she was never all that, but I do agree that they're taking her too far and making her into an unbelievable, unfunny parody. Luisa and Rose are also getting more ruined by the second (not that they were all that either, but it still bothers me). Just STOP, show. STOP.
  9. Yep. Also, wouldn't the walkers just be frozen solid in the snow?
  10. Aaaaaaandddd nooooope! Not even that. 😂 At least according to this: https://www.newsweek.com/walking-dead-season-9-finale-spoilers-radio-voice-episode-16-1380845 So, they're not even going to manage to make people excited thinking that it's Rick. 🤣 There doesn't seem to be any reveal about Sidiq and what happened when the others died either, which might have been some good shock to leave us with. These people, I swear.🤣 Note: That link mentions some spoilers from the comic books, because they're assuming that the person on the radio is a certain someone from the next comic storyline. So, beware.
  11. I don't understand why they don't join together into one community, with the exception of maybe Oceanside. At least Oceanside has the ocean, and it makes sense that they'd rather not leave it. When it comes to the others, it seems so impractical to be so scattered. Get into only one group, find a new place if needed and settle there. More manpower to defend and work the land and everything.
  12. I image that the idea is that we should hope that it's Rick... though it may or may not turn out to be him when the new season starts because they make really weird choices that tend to be meh instead of wow.
  13. I agree with many things here, and that's why I said that they just ruined both Jane/Michael and Jane/Rafael in one swoop. Jane/Michael for the reasons you stated. But Jane/Rafael, too because you just KNOW that at some point she's going to feel attracted to Michael again and be torn between them and whatever, and what does that say about her love for Rafael? Her love for Michael is ruined because instead of jumping into his arms right away and being willing to fight for him tooth and nail because he's back, she's lukewarm about him and basically chooses Rafael right away after he comes back. She almost seems his return as an inconvenience because he didn't come back how she would have wanted him. And her love for Rafael will be ruined when she's starts to want Michael again, because if she fully loved him now there should be no doubt. I suppose that it's all very "real" and "human", but I would've preferred the romance of Jane loving Michael until his end, and then loving Rafael once she healed from that pain. Both valid, real loves instead of creating a huge mess where only one love can "win".... and I'm sure it won't be Jane/Michael. When you think about it, his ties to Jane just ruined this guy's life and in the end he will have nothing to show for it. Maybe Jane will get pregnant with Michael's kid so Rafael ends in the same position that Michael would've been. I'm joking... though not really.
  14. Lol, so basically they let the momentum they built with the be-headings die. Since I liked Tara and I'm sad that she died I hoped that we'd at least get SOMEONE caring that she died, but with that time jump it's unlikely. So, pass.
  15. I thought the same thing, specially since Michael died of a heart attack. There was no reason for a closed casket. Saw the ep and I found all of this kind of meh. While I was watching I thought that while they probably did all of this in part so that Jane could choose Rafael as her first choice they just... ruined both Jane/Rafael and Jane/Michael in one swoop.
  16. What I got from the promo was that the kingdom has fallen, they can't sustain themselves anymore and they're moving to some other community, but a storm catches them off guard on the road there.
  17. I agree. Also, even if the Whisperers do behave, the idea that they can control that huge ass herd forever is ludicrous. No way would I be interested in living close to THAT.
  18. That would really piss me off. I keep reading people expecting Carol to be the one who takes her down, but I have the gut feeling that Carol's reaction will be defeat instead of fire. If Negal kills Alpha as part of some bullshit redemption arc I will rage.
  19. Tara was a lesbian, too. I guess her plot armor expired when new lesbians arrived.
  20. Like maybe Alpha forced him to behead the others in exchange for him living or something. Now that I think about it, did we even see anyone actually die? I think we just saw them fight back.
  21. I thought so too. Whenever something important happens off screen and then we get some fast recap like this I expect some reveal later, but maybe we're wrong.
  22. Will she though? I thought it looked like there was a time jump in the promo since they're now in winter, it doesn't seem like they're planning to do anything with the Whisperers and Carol just looks defeated... which I guess would be a different reaction than we'd expect, so they might go that way (and make this even lamer). But maybe I'm reading too much into that short promo.
  23. Yeah, like Indiana Jones just shooting that guy with the swords! Problem solved, for once!
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