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  1. The boys I imagine. I learned over here that they don't even allow frontal hugs between siblings. I find these people creepier and creepier, frankly. ETA: Just to clarify that I don't think anyone would be defrauded, I just meant that I guess that's what they think.
  2. These people either have sex everyday or are really aware of menstrual cycles so they know when to have sex, IMO. I don't buy that all the "blessings" are such "surprises" that they welcome with open arms because God willed it. Masturbating is not the kind of thing one asks permission for, lol. But like someone said above, where would they have the privacy? Also, would they even know women can masturbate or how?
  3. Thanks for the link. Yikes! That was borderline creepy to watch. To me Jim Bob was the only one who looked somewhat sincere and like a real person.
  4. Good God. No parent-child frontal hugs either? What about kissing each other on the cheek or something?
  5. I am really disturbed by the Duggar's dating rituals, specially the way they make everything into a sexual thing. Wanna stay virgins until marriage? Okay, nothing wrong with that. Wanna have chaperones to make sure they stay virgins? Okay. But what the fuck is the no kissing thing? There is nothing wrong with a kiss, it's not like it will lead to more, given that they're always surrounded by people. And what the fuck are those side hugs? Is it because with front hugs the girls breasts will brush up on the boys and the boys' junk can brush up to them? OMG who thinks about that? I have hugged men and women all my life, like normal people do, and I swear this is the first time I have even thought about something like that. Does the same rule apply to members of the family? Can they not hug each other properly? Do they even kiss each other on the cheek? What the fuck? They want to come across as prudes, but really, they're the big pervs, giving sexual connotations to even the most innocent things, as if we're animals that can't help ourselves when it comes to sex. Ewww.
  6. I watched Juana La Virgen years ago, and when I stumbled upon a trailer for this on youtube I thought "nooooo, no way, this is not a remake of that." Yet, yes it is. And it looks like a bad remake, too, by the way. I give it a season at the most. The premise isn't even that sustainable, it can't be streched out too long. Juana la virgen is on hulu, though, if anyone cares, lol. But I don't think it has subs. It's nice to see shows revolving around latina familes, though. So, yay for that. My problem with the mix up is that Jane is just too old for that. How old is she supposed to be? She looks over 23. How can she not know what happens in a gyno visit? How can she not ask questions and shit? In the original, the excuse was that Juana was only 17, had never been to the gynocologist and no one could go with her that day, so she was alone. I can imagine a kid not asking too many questions and thinking what happened was it, but a grown woman?
  7. I thought it was because of the pressure she was under.
  8. She didn't need a sad story to explain why she was evil, imo, she needed more dimensions to show she was human, something else to make her interesting. And if the idea was that she was supposed to be evil through and through I wish they had at least made her fun or just given her SOMETHING. Hell, make her a psychopath who was really into knitting and was super good at it too, or something random that at least made her a cool character. She was just a drag, at least to me.
  9. In Gloria's flashback and a couple of other times in the prison we saw that she was into Santería ( think it was). Her sister, too. I think the joke was supposed to be that she and Norma put a curse on Vee and that's why she was run over by Rosa. lol.
  10. I didn't mind that we never got to see the reasons for her being a bad person, I just wish there was more to her than just being a bad person. I like villains and grey characters, but in order for me to like them there has to be some humanity in them, something else to make them interesting. Maybe she could've honestly loved Tastee as a daughter, for example, and have that shown. She was just so one note to me.
  11. No, not everyone knew. But the ones that did were all "cool, we got a way to get contraband in!" instead of considering escaping, even if they immediately shot down the idea for whatever reason. It was just weird to me that it wasn't brought up at all.
  12. That bothered me so much. Like, couldn't she just sit there with Rosa? Another thing that bothered me was the fact that no one even brought up the possibility of escaping even though there was a hole in the shed that lead to the outside. Oh, well. At least Vee used it.
  13. Yeah, she totally has reasons to want revenge. Hell, if that was the reason they showed as the main one I would find it less messed up and more understandable, but I didn't see it. Leading up to her call to Larry I didn't see any concern for Alex's safety either. In fact, Alex was doing exactly what Piper told her she should do: move away. What I saw was the show highlighting Piper's loneliness (in the scene with Alex, with Larry and Polly telling her they were dating, in her scene with Soso, when she pulls out the Alex letters) and her wanting Alex back so she could have company. And I thought that was reallyyy messed up. I thought about all of this too. The hole in the shed is still open, maybe they can just escape together or something. lol.
  14. I thought she was supposed to be a darker version of Red. Both like power, both play mother figures and both use contraband to gain that power. But Red actually cares about her girls, she even just introduces harmless stuff into the prison. Vee was just evil and she was one note to me because you never got to really see the human underneath, imo. For example, I really liked what they did with Morello because usually in stalker stories we are only shown the stalked person and the stalker is vilified. But with Morello we see her side of the story too, and even though we realize that she may be batshit crazy and even dangerous, there is a person underneath that can be quite sweet and decent. She is fucked up and possibly in need of psychiatric help, not a demon, even though it is understandable that Chris would think of her like that. With Vee she was just an evil bully and once I get her number, reaaaally early on, there was nothing else there for me. I didn't find it brilliant because that is one trope I haaateeee: putting someone in the middle who pits people against the other. I always end up siding with the one character who sees the truth, and not being able to deal with the others' blindness. in this case Tastee (sp?) and Cindy were pretty ruined for me. The other one I did feel bad for (the runner... gosh, I suck at names).
  15. I think it was option A. Alex isn't safe standing still at Litchflied, the baddie can just send an assassin there (and I expect that to happen next season). Her best bet was to disappear. Alex is sneaky, she can survive fine in the street. She would've been fine. I didn't see any need for revenge either. What they show is Piper losing Larry and Polly. Then there's that talk she has with Soso about the loneliness of prison. Also, Alex tells her she has to disappear now and Piper begs her to not leave her. To top it off, towards the end Piper goes to her corner to read Alex's letters (BTW, why was that letter a photocopy?!!). What I understood was that she felt abandoned completely, and desperately brought Alex back so she could have someone. I thought it was really shitty and worse than the shit Alex has pulled, frankly. She has 8 months left on her sentence, while Alex has years. I was very disappointed by the amount of Piper this season, frankly. She's not a fantastic person, but I thought she was good as the central character. I don't like ensemble shows where it feels like there is no central character, they feel too messy for my taste, and that's how I felt this season (I kept thinking about Glee *shudders*). I also don't like it when they change things halfway through: if I liked the show how it was, with the focus on the characters they gave focus originally, I don't like it when they change it later because then it is going to be a hit and miss for me. In this season there was so much I couldn't care less about, while I was frustrated waiting for the stuff I signed up for to be touched upon again. I really hated the Vee plot, specially. I thought it just took over and Vee was such a one note character. There was no depth to her and she just ruined all the characters she touched. By the end of the season I wanted pretty much all of the ones in her gang/storyline, with the exception of Possey (sp??) to fuck off. The actress was great, though. I did like the Morello twist very much, though. And Rosa. And Gloria. And some background stories. Caputo in a band was fun. But overall there wasn't any plot I really became interested in, sadly.
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