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  1. Heh. I was happy when S1 premiered and they had dropped the gendered uniforms, but now they doing to regress? For... fanservice? The current-day USN and USAF don't even have gendered uniforms.
  2. In addition to your good points, I think the show is doing a good job portraying Eve and her cohorts as analysts or investigators, not cops or even spies. If they were supposed to be actual field agents, they would look incompetent. They don't display the necessary skills or instincts.
  3. Smith is a ridiculous character, and it makes me mad. She's more like a trickster god than an actual human being. It's dumb.
  4. Ray wore coveralls similar to the kind that Björn Ulvaeus wore when performing with ABBA.
  5. Yes, the story was definitely a mash-up. The spelling confusion/Mandela effect and the children's book about a bear were references to Berenstain, but "Dr.", the writing style of the bear story, and the political cartoon were Seuss/Geisel. Theodor Geisel penned a lot of anti-isolationist/anti-nationalist and anti-fascist political cartoons in the early 1940s. Link to several anti "America First" posters. Fun Fact: Geisel was the Berenstain's editor at Random House! He gave them their big break into children's books.
  6. I'm still trying to figure out how they prompted the guinea pig to remember. Did they just stand there and watch random images until something relevant appeared? Meh.
  7. Yes. My laughter after the proposal was hearty and mocking. I simply haven't cared for the various iterations of tortured, dark, or action-hero! Fitz; and I prefer Jemma's stories as an individual and her dynamics with every other character. The Kree Vicar was played by Isaac Singleton.
  8. The casting of oldest Sara was a big failing of this ep. I thought she was supposed to be 18. Even though I understood Mother's panic when she called all over creation and couldn't find Sara, knowing the kid was 15 would have made the situation feel even more dire. And then porno-sex and narcotics? That's not la-di-da 15-year-olds will be fifteen stuff. The main issue for me, as others have stated, was the lack of communication. It wasn't the tech, per se. Marie's controlling nature was secondary to and arguably symptomatic of failure to engage in open and honest communication. When she visited the doctor and realised how damaging the software was to her daughter's development, she immediately stowed the thing away. It wasn't until several years later under extreme stress that she pulled it out again. Don't real-world parents use GPS apps for their minor children's phones? Where Marie failed was not following up with Sara, and then she made matters worse by going behind Sara's back.
  9. My list: USS Callister Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ, HANG THE DJ Metalhead Arkangel Crocodile Black Museum USS Callister was head and shoulders above the rest. For all the stories, it seems what was most important was how well I connected with the characters. For example, I typically don't care for romance stories, but somehow Frank & Amy were compelling to me. By contrast, I actually shouted "You suck, Mia!" the moment she helped the boyfriend dump the cyclist's body, so she was operating from a deficit very early. Black Museum doesn't hold up under scrutiny.
  10. Oh, right, right! Wakefield revealed his offscreen overwrite during 17 Minutes.
  11. I enjoyed this season very much and more than the first season. The season seemed to hit its stride by 2x04. The key factor in my enjoyment were the character adjustments: Carly/Grant went completely away; David was less goofy and more selfless rather than dependent; Carly's tendency toward unprovoked belligerence and confrontation was toned down; Phillip's addiction was used smartly rather than melodramatically; and the late-season reveal/retcon of Marcy's host's history made up for a lot of earlier drag. In general, I'd say they were all less cliched and more sympathetic while still being complex. 2x01 was a great start both for its "old home week" casting (each successive guest star entrance provoked a bigger shout than the last) and for its satiation of my craving for a genre story that showed and respected the perspectives of "outsider" professionals; in this case, the psychologist and the FBI. 2x09 (Update) was both very moving and very frustrating for its incompleteness. Grant, Marcy, and Trevor all effected change to the past, but the consequences of those actions were explored only for Grant. In fact, the effects caused by Marcy (David --> his clients) and Trevor (both Kyle and Coach) were treated as either unconditionally positive or superfluous -- which strikes at the very notion of the importance of strict adherence to the protocols. The ep would have been improved simply by having Marcy and Trevor acknowledge their roles. 2x07 (17 Minutes) was my favourite. I saw it less as "Groundhog Day" and more as a cross between a video game and a mystery. There were only a few moments that I thought were too repetitive, but they didn't detract much from my overall enjoyment. I loved how all the clues to the solution were shown in the first reset. The story also revealed much about the larger world of the traveler program and how difficult it is to get wins. Carrie was fantastic! 2x12 dovetailed nicely with 2x01. However, I wish it had spent more time showing discussion among the family & friends, and David's reaction to the truth rang false. I said earlier that I liked that David was less goofy, but in 2x12 he seemed to return to his S1 level of cluelessness. Of all them, he should have been the most willing to accept that something far out of the range of normal was going on. It's one thing for he himself to be guileless, but it beggars belief that he could be that successful a caseworker while holding tight to such a simplistic and naive worldview. Overall, I just love how this show is realistically grim but not grimdark simply for the heck of it. And I love how smart it is about exploring the complications -- big and small -- of being a time traveler. Couple of questions: 1) When did Wakefield go from being Faction to an ally? 2) At what point did Vincent overwrite Dr Perrow?
  12. I think Alex's power is some kind of computer-hackery-mind-melding. I watched Tina type in her password, and it wasn't anything close to "password." In fact, it ended with a number. The question for me is does he realise what he's doing? I also think Nico's DNA matching might be related to her power. Molly annoys me. Stan Lee!!
  13. Is it my imagination, or is Andy growing like a weed? Nice twist with his rejection of the wonder twin takedown in the Trask building. Jace. Here's the thing. In theory, a protagonist is only as good as the antagonist. In another show, Jace would be the top-notch agent who always gets his perp. Here he just bugs me. Dinah Madani he is not. I don't know what it is about him, but I want him to go away. Forever. What is John's power, exactly? Everything?? Reed Strucker went on busts? What is this, France? Prosecutors don't go on busts. A few episodes ago, I defended Caitlin/Kate's POV and actions, but she lost me in that final sequence. She's been through this before and she's a nurse. I know this is a good example of why medical professionals are not supposed to be too involved with their own family's care, but her gobsmacked, panicked reactions felt regressive and lacking in creativity on the writers' part. The one failing of the premise of this show is that is has dozens of mutants but only the actors with regular speaking roles can ever go on missions. Truly, if they coordinated well, Sentinel Services wouldn't stand a chance, but lalala everyone else is afraid, handwave, handwave. I am looking forward to seeing the mutants prevail over Trask.
  14. About 2 seconds after she looked for her gun, she saw the discarded gun of one of the downed Anvil agents and picked it up. This ep had a few strange character beats. First, had no one talked to Curtis? If they had, it would have been clear why Castle was at the hotel -- i.e., to chase Lewis. Second, why did Madani go straight to Russo about the Anvil agents instead of looking into them first? It beggars belief that someone who's gotten that high up the chain as an elite investigator might not consider that Russo, himself, is dirty. Why tip him off when you know he has the resources to disappear? Third, why did Russo, who had been cool as a cucumber for 9+ episodes, suddenly show his hand in that stairwell? And then how/why did he stick around to talk to the NYPD later? Really odd stuff.
  15. Agreed. I'm sure a missed some key points because I couldn't follow which girl was which. I realised to late I should key on "pigtails vs. ponytails," but I couldn't be arsed to rewind.
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