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  1. Tova’s hair always remind of a checkerboard. The worst part is she thinks she looks fabulous.
  2. I swear every week I think the same thing about logo slapping every piece she can on top of each other, it’s like she’s boarding a plane and didn’t want to pay for her luggage so she wore all of it.
  3. She needs to ditch the extensions, they’re to long, to thick and the color is to dark on her. She’s said her mom is a beautician you would think she would have told her, uh….not a good look.
  4. I guess Renee jiggle butt didn’t have a mirror when she slapped that wig on, did no one have the balls to say toss that thing on your head, it looks like a dead possum.
  5. Well, it could be worse, Caro could add the half tuck to her outfit. I swear every time I see a half tuck I think they didn’t look in a mirror before they exited the ladies room.
  6. Ohhhhh, Caro just insulted Gary again, it’s on item A307532 at around the 5 minute mark, he says you could wear this if you wanted to sleep in it since some motels might be a little iffy, she replies oh Gary, you frequent motels by the hour. The shock on poor Gary’s face tells how he feels.
  7. This is what’s posted on the Q board Courtney Khodabi Options ‎01-11-2021 03:17 PM Is not at the Q anymore. My sister inquired and got this: Thank you for your patience. I'm sorry, she won't be on again. Courtney has left QVC. She recently shared the news on air and on her social media pages. We’re grateful for the time we’ve worked together and wish her all the best. We encourage you to post a message to Courtney on her Facebook or Instagram page, where many QVC customers and vendors are sharing their thoughts of good fortune. the Q anymore.
  8. Wow, just read on the Q’s board that Courtney Khondabi left, wonder what happened?
  9. I would just love to know what some of the younger hosts ands models think when they have to put on 32 layers of Logo crap, I bet they say to themselves somebody cut the power so nobody see’s me In this stuff please.
  10. Anybody else noticing the new price markups? Anybody joggers regular prices were around $28.00, now they are over $30.00, A barefoot dreams cardi that was $80.00 is now $130.00, is the Q trying to shoot itself in the foot? I’m seeing a lot of stuff having prices raised.
  11. I just don’t get that she’s so proud she doesn’t shower....... ugh, what a pig! I apologize to all swine, they are miles above her.
  12. My husband walks past the TV when she’s on and says, oh, higher than a kite and greasy is on again.
  13. I don’t get how his conditioner cleanser is still being sold after the class action suit, lots and lots of people were losing their hair after using it.
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