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  1. Meghan...please STOP. looking off camera, it is so distracting. It gives the impression that you are looking for help with remarks. If you can’t keep up, please go!
  2. I have a friend in Halifax, who tells me that it has been 102 days since her first vaccine, still waiting for her second. They are still wearing masks, and churches there are still closed. I am in PA, we just returned to normal, this week, and I have had a hard time adjusting to NOT having to wear a mask, and walked into Walmart yesterday, maskless, and was surprised how many people had masks on, so I put mine back on. I had my shots in January and February, so me and my family, all vaccinated, felt secure enough to travel to SC in April for our annual trip to the beach. We were pleasant
  3. What a fun and breezy show, today. They looked like they were having fun. Thank God,Me-again was not there to be the perennial wet blanket during the sex topic. This is the show I remember! Snappy talk and laughing.
  4. Am I the only one who finds Meghan, constant" side-eyeing" to who ever is to her left, annoying. Doing that, makes it appear she is not paying attention to the subject being discussed. Not that it would matter, because, she has a way of deflecting and not complying to the conversation. Now that I am honed in on her doing that, it appears as though she does it the whole show.
  5. Is it just me, or is Sara becoming the voice of reason, and intellectual on The View. She has outdone herself with her responses, lately. I never took her seriously, but, she is doing a great, thoughtful job. IMHO.
  6. Oh, spare us the outrage, Meghan. I have never seen someone talk out of both sides of her mouth, as she does. Take a breath, and chill. And, please...you are comparing yourself to Liz Cheney, other than they both had famous, political fathers, the comparison ends there. It is always me, me, me, and it is getting damn tiresome. Who made her the Greatest Woman Republican Conservative Political Analyst, Daughter of John McCain, in the Universe?
  7. Did anyone notice how she was able to slip in about Hunter Biden, even though the topic was about the presser, and why he didn’t answer about the pandemic and Hate toward Asians? He didn’t answer, Sherlock, because HE WASN’t ASKED! Although, he did talk about the pandemic, at first. I guess Ben gave her today’s talking points, and she just rams them through, no matter what the topic.
  8. Ouch!! They hit the mail on the head👍
  9. OMG...is that a Marie Antoinette on the View, today? I have come to the conclusion that, MM wears these “dos” and makes her outrageous statements to elicit remarks, hence, keeping her “in the news”. I think she knows which side of the bread is buttered! Am I right, ABC?
  10. Oh Meghan...is Dr. Fauci letting you down? Is it because, HE doesn’t have all the answers to a novel virus? Is it because you can’t go out “and have a shot” with your friends! I have a suggestion, move to Israel, seriously, we won’t miss you.
  11. Oh boy...MM resorts to “whataboutism”, again! Was she afraid she would run out of time, before she got all her conservative points in?
  12. WTH? How is MM supposed to be taken seriously, with those ridiculous “mega-donuts” on her head? Her problem...she is a Conservative Republican woman, she has all the answers, and she cannot fathom why everyone in the US just won’t listen to her and believe. I am so ever her and her “woe is me” schtick.
  13. ME-again.. apologize.. mentioned 5 times, I lost count of the times she mentioned Republican and Conservatives. Does she think we forget that she is a Conservative Republican?
  14. When she came back from maternity leave, she stated that the women of The View, should help change maternity leave. Today, she wants the women of The View to help make changes in Russia. WTH??
  15. who thinks we won’t be seeing MM, tomorrow? She will need a day to recover from Rude Joy. I think she teared up, after the blow up. But, she needs to learn boundaries.
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