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  1. Although, this was one of the better episodes, this year...dear God, stop with so many flashbacks. They have her strutting around like some sexy babe, that no man can resist, it is bad. All these flashbacks, for me, have dragged down, what should have been the ultimate season, before the final one. Honestly, I am at the point that I fast forward her scenes. Give us more Cody boys action!
  2. Had a DDS appointment, so I am watching late today. First off, Ana, yeah!! Second, what a truly enjoyable show, today. some of the stuff was “laugh out loud funny”. I think we have our panel, here. You can tell that even the audience was excited to have Ana, her rapport with the others, is off the charts. This is the easy, breezy, View that I remember.
  3. OMG, what an amazing, topical discussion, by 4 intelligent, informed ladies. There are laughs, there are serious subjects being discussed, and no childish, churlish behavior, by any of them. We are back, baby!
  4. I have felt the same way, all of this season, but, I feel that the end of last night's show, may be new beginning. Pope is back, and he is trying to get Cody boys, together. We shall see, I hope I am correct, or this season is totally lost.
  5. Why am I wasting my time watching this show? ENOUGH with Janine, we know she is a bad ass, please stop showing her every 5 minutes. Where is the action? What a letdown, after waiting all of this time.
  6. Well...that was a big "nothing burger". I loved the "Bye, Meghan" at the end by Whoopi! Like Gerald Ford said, our long, national mightmare is over! I hope that MeAgain appreciates the Founding Fathers send-off.
  7. They went from interviewing a true hero…to…a housewife??🤦🏻‍♀️
  8. Has anyone noticed how MM shoulders are out of sync? Didn’t someone post that she had suffered a broken arm or wrist? Or is it just me, seeing something out of whack?
  9. Oh my, Twitter will be all a- buzz with that news. May even be the end of Twitter, as we know it! Boo/f——ing-hoo! She cannot leave fast enough!
  10. I believe that the writers referred to are with the Washington Post, and are very, respected journalists.
  11. Hang on ladies, 10 MORE DAYS!!
  12. NO NO NO to SE Cupps, I noticed that also, she injected her into the conversation, and i thought, OH-OH!! NO-NO. Cuppa is as bad as MM as to monopolizing the conversation, although I feel she is a "softer" conservative. Has anyone ever seen her on Bill Maher, no one else has a chance to talk. She is a firm NO!!
  13. What is her problem with “The Squad”? She brings them up a lot, maybe they have taken up residence in Me-Again’s brain. I think that Bernie handled her “filleting”well. Hard to get ahead of him!
  14. Hey, I am only a senior, country bumpkin, but, even I knew Russia is not part of the G7. And , SNAP, to Joy for pointing that out and replying that she is happy to correct MM. But, did you catch her sniveling reply, “I’m sick”, then what the hell are you doing there? Ana is soooooo much better!
  15. Why is the Princess of Arizona calling out CNN with the "F" word? The incident did not happen at CNN, it was a zoom call between staff to the New Yorker, and staff from a radio station.Now, of course, I do not condone the situation, And I know that she detests CNN, on general principles, but, if that is the standard, I ask why ABC continues to stand by the surly, whiny, humorless, valley girl sing song that is MM. Because, I constantly ask myself after one of her stunning tirades and cruelness to Joy, Sara, and anyone that does not agree with her, how long would I have a job if I behaved lik
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