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  1. What’s up with Dr Viviana’s look? Is that boho or Indian or girls’ slumber party?
  2. Wow, Myrla is a total control freak. Not only does she insist on doing everything her way but she’s gonna tell everyone else what to do, too. They are going to crash and burn.
  3. I may have spoken too soon. I’m gonna be sad if it turns out that she’s not into him 😢 Especially since he’s so smitten with her.
  4. Awwwww, Jose and Rachel like each other!!!! Yay!!
  5. I’m surprised by Ryan. The way he looked/looks at her does not match the words he’s speaking. I truly truly hope that he really is into her and attracted to her. He has the best poker face.
  6. One of the best thing I’ve ever read here! You’re awesome, Jocelyncavanaugh!! ♥️
  7. I just get a bad feeling about Ryan. It seems like he’s going to be shallow and I don’t think he’s going to be into Brett.
  8. That Tea Ceremony was so beautiful in every way ♥️
  9. Was watching the upcoming scenes and am horrified and a little grossed out by a couple of the upcoming brides in their dresses. Two have huge boobs (one gal’s obviously fake) and they’re wearing a wedding dress that’s cut down to ‘there’ with the netting to show off the cleavage like they’re walking a red carpet. It’s your wedding day, for heaven’s sake; show a little class. The other, poor girl, seems to have a saggy problem. Why is she showing that off?
  10. The “experts” are really pissing me off doing everything they can to avoid their responsibility in this season’s shitshow. Addition: But they sure fall all over each other taking credit for the “wins” and patting themselves on the back 🙄
  11. Chris is a psychopath. And he has no respect for God when he disrespects one of God’s servants so severely. A God-fearing man would never cuss out and threaten a pastor with violence. He probably doesn’t even believe in God cause he sure never acts like it; it’s just part of his schtick. Chris is all a front. One big lie. A conman. Our only hope is that this teaches a lesson to whomever selects these couples (cause we know it sure ain’t experts or anyone who tried to match good partners). Their desire to create drama such as the shitstorm that is Chris, will one day get someone
  12. Hahahaha! The look on Chris’ face when they said Pastor Dwight is coming out! 🤣🤣🤣 If I didn’t know this show better, I might have believed it was a sincere look of WTF!! 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Maybe Ryan and Clara got a bonus check for acting like they’re saying I♥️Y for the first time on the reunion show.
  14. Yes! I forgot about that but I remember thinking the same thing at the time. Dan was all into Tam right up until his Mom said that. Too bad Dan can’t think for himself and lets his mommy make his life decisions. After that, he was ripe-pickings for Jess. I think he will regret that in the end because Tam is leaps and bounds above Jess in every way: looks, personality, ethics, genuineness, likeability, the list goes on. I can’t wait for the inevitable day somewhere down the line when Dan’s eyes are opened and he sees Jess for what she is, a manipulative, selfish, lying, cruel, heartless, immor
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