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  1. My husband and I lost our only child unexpectedly two years ago to a bizarrely severe case of pancreatitis. We can say from experience that the pandemic is doing us no favors in terms of helping the healing process and trying to figure out what our life can possibly be without her. Too much time alone with your thoughts; no opportunity to be with friends or get away and be distracted. I feel a kinship with Captain Lee and his family, and when I see him on tv and his social media, I look at how they are doing their best to carry on, which is a reminder to us that it is what we must do, what our
  2. Madhattter

    Your Honor

    Like many, I am annoyed by the poor writing and the plot holes. But by far the thing that has me almost irrationally annoyed is the fact that the actress playing Fia looks about 30! She's supposed to be in high school, about to make her confirmation? That puts her at 16 maximum. They couldn't do better casting for the desired age of the character? In the scene where she greets her older brother who is newly out of prison, she looked like the older sibling by far. The Catholic school girl outfits they put her in are just making her look more absurd to me.
  3. Maybe there is something I am missing, but given that Elizabeth is performing so poorly and Ashling seems to be great, why does Francesca not promote Ashling to second stew and have Elizabeth in the third position and not count on her so much. She admitted she promoted Elizabeth way too early, on almost no knowledge of her work, so why not own up to the mistake and make that fix. It seems like such a glaringly obvious solution. Unless production is messing with the editing and Ashling is not the very competent, agreeable, proactive hard worker they have shown her to be. This seems a poor refl
  4. I’m really getting frustrated and annoyed by the many inconsistencies between the things we’ve seen on Below Deck regarding medication, the handling of food by someone other than the chef, etc., and the same things on Below Deck Med. It’s bad enough that Sandy constantly contradicts herself (Malia, get out of the kitchen now/Malia is so great in the kitchen with Tom; Kiko, you should not be so emotional/Tom’s tantrums are part of being a good chef, etc.....), but why is there such a stark difference between how things are handled between both shows—and why does Andy not seem to recognize or ac
  5. All of the disgust with Sandy, Malia, production manipulation is so on point. And as someone who has taken anti-anxiety meds for over a decade, I am infuriated and dismayed that they dismiss a panic attack as a "freak out" and call a person taking prescription meds "on drugs." So much for progress in understanding mental health issues and making people who have them feel less stigmatized. Maybe that stigma is why Hannah kept her valium prescription to herself! Once I could see through the fog of my rage at the obvious set ups and Malia's spoiled brat behavior and lack of compassion and
  6. Count me among those who think this is such obvious producer manipulation. How convenient that Malia's yacht chef boyfriend is visiting and will arrive at exactly the time this charter ends. By Kiko, hello boyfriend chef. I would hope the boyfriend would have more sense than to join that mess. Sandy is just so over-the-top with the micromanaging. And the constant hovering, be it around Malia's meeting with the deck team or around the guests when they are eating. She is essentially inviting them to criticize the food!
  7. I agree that in feeling that I missed the reveal. I'm also confused. At the end of the final episode, she was radioing in, announcing herself as DCI Marcella Backland, calling for backup and an ambulance to the Maguire estate. So is she done pretending she's dead? And if so, why was she still startled at someone tracking her down at the airport. And at the very end, the baby looked a couple of months older, so where had she and the baby been hiding out? Will her family find out that she's been alive this whole time. Frustrating, but then again, this show always has been.
  8. So so true. Talk about a proper comeuppance. I can't stand Dorit or Rinna, but Kyle should have known she was the next one targeted by that duo of vipers. And she should have known because she's a viper, too. How many times did she "innocently" stir shit over her tenure on the show? Now she's getting it back and is whining like a baby. And also swearing like a sailor. The past few weeks, all her reactions are laced with profanity. Not that I have a problem with profanity at all, but it's odd that this is not something I remember her doing before. Desperate much. Tantrum much....
  9. I think Kyle is starting to regret pushing LVP out. Not only was LVP the big target that shielded her, she was also a pretty staunch defender of Kyle's whenever anyone would go after her. As someone above mentioned, I think Kyle was under the impression that without LVP, she was going to be the new "queen" of the show, but it seems that Renna and Dorit played a masterful long game: Use Kyle to get rid of LVP, then shift all their manipulations to Kyle. Kyle has definitely made her own bed in this situation, and never had problems stirring things up before, but now that she's on the receiving
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