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  1. I am the furthest thing from a germaphobe, and I grew up playing in creeks, as did my kids....however, that is not clean creek water - that is disgusting. This gave me anxiety (especially as they went though the culvert) and I want to scrub every one of them with strong antibacterial soap. I can't even imagine how uncomfortable that drive home in cold, wet, dirty clothes was. One of the NotNuries was still wearing a denim vest, Timbits had a leather belt, and one of the little girls was in tights? WTF is wrong with this woman??
  2. How much do you think his siblings hate Josh? I mean, full on hate him? Not only because what he did (both now and in the past) are so far beyond the bounds. civilized society , but both of their show cancellations are 100% completely due to him and his actions. They may preach forgiveness and publicly proclaim it, but there has to be genuine loathing behind the scenes.
  3. WTF Jill? You couldn't pop over to the CVS and get a $1 piece of posterboard?
  4. Well, Jill is like the Amish in that she only schools her kids to the 8th grade.
  5. Nooooo...that gorgeous antique needed nothing more than a good wipedown with dark Old English, Her "refurbishing" looks like a child fingerpainted it. That is some of the worst garden dirt I have ever seen. It really needed to be tilled and topsoil/fertilizer added. Literally one afternoon of work would have made a huge difference. Those plants are beyond stressed and will not produce anything. She really does half-ass everything doesn't she?
  6. Uuumm, Eastern Orthodoxy and the Roman Catholic Church split in 1054, so the Roman Catholic Church was not the only game in town after that point However, even among the Protestant faiths, these evangelicals and Baptists are fairly new. Back to the topic at hand - I don't understand what the end game is for these people to have so many unemployable adults. There is no pride in watching their children become independent and successful
  7. She talks to Janessa like she is a puppy. Why on earth is that child wearing a confirmation dress. Why can't these children ever have appropriate and well-fitting clothing? They look always look so unkempt. That "garden" is the most ridiculous and ugly thing I have ever seen. She does not have an eye for...well, anything. She half-asses everything - she can't even be bothered to trench the border in correctly. Notice everything is "my" and "mine" - my fish tank, my garden. Never our. Also, one of my sons is a plumber. Since they put those extra bathrooms in withou
  8. I may be in the minority, but I like Austin and don't think he is cruel and controlling. I think he has no use for most of the Duggars and their laziness and just does not like being on TV, but sees it as way to make money. He has a dry sarcasm that I find funny and probably goes over most of his in-law's heads. He and Joy seem like they genuinely like one another. He also seems to be a loving, affectionate, and involved dad. He is like so many of the simple, hardworking blue-collar men I know. I think they will be okay if the show ends - they have his construction business and the family camp
  9. It's in her lap. Not only is she most likely vaccinated, but she probably only took it off for the photo ETA: Is that Jackson with him? The younger Duggar boys are a blur to me
  10. Unfortunately, not only was he a minor, but he was never even arrested, let alone tried and convicted, for what he did in his teens. Ditto the Ashley Madison thing - it's skeevy but it was not illegal. If anything good comes of this, maybe the Feds were able to trace where these images came from and maybe take down a whole ring of these scumbags.
  11. I will say this for the Bates - they put long, personal notes on the birthday posts for each of their kids and grandkids. They actually seem to see them as individual people. As for Jillybean...good gravy, I know that we have said it before, but what the actual F is wrong with that woman? Why do the little girls always ALWAYS ALWAYS look like rag pickers and the older girls look like 70s pageant queens? I can't get over how bad she is at EVERYTHING
  12. Poor girl can't even get an ultrasound without her mother insisting it being livestreamed to her. Her lack of social media tells us that she and Nathan want a quiet, private life, but Jill still feels the need to share every moment. I always ask my kids (as a courtesy) before posting photos of my grandkids on social media
  13. That pool looks really tiny for swimming laps...and if they are paying for a gym membership, I can't believe they weren't admonished for wearing street clothes in the pool. I know that our gym has very strict rules about bathing caps, makeup, and clothing
  14. So much to love about this episode, but I was distracted by Mart Steenburgen's horrible haircut. It seems even worse than last season. She is a beautiful woman, who looks great with soft, fluffy hair. The haircut they have her in does not look good on anyone over the age of 5.
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