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  1. Finally... The Daily Beast: https://www.thedailybeast.com/golden-state-killer-arrested-according-to-co-author-of-ill-be-gone-in-the-dark
  2. I am soooooooo excited! I cannot believe this isn't getting more media attention. Patton Oswalt is tweeting that he's on his way to the presser (I told you I was excited!) and he said he wants to meet the guy so he can ask the questions that Michelle wanted to ask him. I'm living in the Netherlands now but thanks to the miracle of rapid transatlantic travel I'll be watching that presser live, once I figure out what channel it's on. Squeeee....
  3. Came here to see if anyone else spotted in one of the extreme closeups of the re-enactment actor smoking the pipe, that he had no fingertips/fingernails?? (i'm fairly sure it was the actor and not Peterson himself). Also, can there be a law in the US that men named Peterson are not allowed to get married? Kthxbye.
  4. panthergirl13

    S02.E04: House By The Lake

    I guess it's just me, but I hated this episode. I thought Fern's acting was atrocious starting with the first scene. I honestly thought he was rehearsing what he was going to say to someone on the phone (as you do on TV) but no...it was the real conversation. Same with the cop. Horrid acting and terrible writing and procedural work in those scenes. What a mess. I think Darren Criss is doing an amazing job so I'll stick it out (I also haven't read the VF article so I don't know everything that's going to happen), but this week I was checking the time constantly and couldn't believe the episode wasn't 3 1/2 hours once it finally ended. Very sad for the real people involved of course, but wow... this was a trainwreck for me.
  5. panthergirl13

    S02.E01: The Man Who Would Be Vogue

    It's hard to know if some of Andrew's little screwups are intentional or just bad writing. If his mother's family was from Palermo then they're from Sicily...not from the "south of Italy". I don't know any Sicilians that would describe it that way, and it's likely an Italian such as Versace would have corrected him as well.
  6. Thanks be to GAWD that you mentioned Enrico Colantoni. I cast him in an off-off Broadway play I co-produced years ago (pertinent only that I've seen the guy a LOT and up close), and I was 100% sure it was him.
  7. Sarah! "Hammock week"?? C'mon... I horrify my kids by calling in Taint Week!
  8. panthergirl13

    Peaky Blinders

    So happy this show is back, and the episode was amazing, but Tommy's hair... call Wig Cop, STAT.
  9. panthergirl13

    S02.E10: Graduation

    I just love this show so much. The two older daughters are positively insufferable, but that's more real than what we normally see on TV. The scene where the dad bails just killed me. Have so been there, picking up those pieces. It's horrible and the way her friends circled the wagons left me blubbering because I did not have that proximity of people to support me when my ex was being a dick. Also the way Max deifies him is spot-on as well. I had to bite my tongue so many times that my status of non-red-meat-eater was nearly blown. When my daughter was in her 20s and started yapping about what a better parent her dad was to her that I finally said, "OK, you're an adult now. Let's review what was really going on." Anyway, I digress. Loved it.
  10. panthergirl13

    S01.E05: Part V

    I'm with you on the Munchausen by Proxy. Have suspected that from the beginning. Thinking ultimately the mother killed the sister to punish Cora and made Cora bury the body. What that has to do with the sex club etc. is beyond me but I'm desperately hoping that I didn't waste 8 hours of my life for a stupid ending. (well, 5 so far but I'm committed now).
  11. panthergirl13

    S01.E05: Part V

    Oh didn't you notice? He was wearing a hat! (apparently a magical get-you-through-security hat). I'm sticking this one out for the last three episodes but man, it has been painful. I cannot stand Bill Pullman as an actor, and paired with this terrible character and awful writing he is all but impossible to watch. The basic idea that a detective would be acting as an investigator for a defendant (one that has CONFESSED, no less) is beyond absurd. Also, what jails allow direct phone calls and prisoners to chat for hours? The only things missing from that nighttime chat session between Cora and Harry were fuzzy slippers and a princess phone. (old person reference, sorry). And if I never have to see Pullman in another sex scene it will be too soon. And what a nuanced (NOT) performance by the lead state cop! I don't remember her name, but given all the subtly of the rest of this thing it's probably Cruella Von Dontbelieveyou. There are really only a couple of options re the man behind the mask, right? Are they gonna go with the most boring and cheap revelation that t it's Frankie Belmont (a name right out of a 60s boy band)?
  12. Ah, I thought Sarah (like me) had watched the original trial literally gavel-to-gavel in which case I don't think she would have thought the boys were full of shit. At the time I recorded the trial every day and watched the whole thing each night, and a/ could not believe how many prosecution witnesses blatantly lied on the stand (not just Jamie P, plenty of others including a NYC cop and the guy who drove Lyle to the airport...Leslie and exposed them all in real time; b/ the news recaps of the trail bore no resemblance to what actually took place ("fake news"! but it really was; c/ Dominick Dunne's Vanity Fair article was also bullshit. So, long-winded way of saying that I always believed them and although this show is cheesy and has major flaws, I'm glad to see the story told from that perspective. I don't know as much about the subsequent trial (other than how it turned out) but I lived and breathed this one. Kept Leslie's closing argument on a VHS tape for years...absolutely brilliant, regardless of the outcome.
  13. panthergirl13

    S05.E10: Bob the Builder

    My sentiments EXACTLY.
  14. panthergirl13

    S05.E10: Bob the Builder

    Have been trying to figure out if the show has been renewed for S6. No info out there that I can see. They'd have an awful lot to wrap up in 2 episodes if not.
  15. panthergirl13

    S01.E08: Clean Up

    Brilliant concept, flawlessly executed. I also died at "allegedly"... but overall the acting was just stellar. Loved it!
  16. panthergirl13

    S05.E13: Chapter 65

    agree with what so many have said above... the soapy quality of the last few episodes was really disappointing. There were a few good INTENTIONALLY funny parts in the season overall, but in the end it left me laughing unintentionally. The fact that I honestly don't care if there's an S6 or not says a lot.
  17. panthergirl13

    S05.E05: Cold Feet

    I don't hate Ariana, but I did find it amusing to hear her talk about how marriage is just "buying into some societal thing" (paraphrasing) while sporting a pair of breast implants. I'm just sayin'.
  18. panthergirl13

    S01.E09: The Trip

    Haven't gone through all four pages of comments yet but I don't know why people keep saying this. The whole "workout craze" started in the 80s with Jane Fonda et al. I was an absolute gym rat in 1988 (Gold's Gym!) as was my husband at the time who had an incredible body. If it were supposed to be the 60s I'd agree with you, but the 80s were all about working out. When I started to watch this week I thought, "I like this show, but it hasn't MOVED me since the first episode." SPOKE TOO SOON. The dojo scene just killed me dead. And the ending? "That must have been lonely." ? Hand that man an Emmy and call it a day.
  19. panthergirl13

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    My UO is that I don't like the Kate character because the actress is terrible. She takes me right out of the show, which I otherwise like just fine (wanted to love it, but we're not there). Also, it would be much more groundbreaking to hire a morbidly obese actor and have the storyline NOT be about weight. People would be waiting and waiting for the food thing to come up and it just never would. Sometimes "Pass the gravy" is just "Pass the gravy". (Also, any Steelers fan from Pittsburgh that I've ever known pronounces it "Stillers". Amirite?)
  20. panthergirl13

    S03.E06: Hated In The Nation

    WOW. I loved this one and thought it was a great ending to a fantastic season. Re head protection, I wondered why they didn't just cover their FACES if facial recognition was the key??
  21. panthergirl13

    S07.E01: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

    I've said it before but this episode sealed it for me: TWD is a bad show in a good-show costume. I continue to watch but it doesn't move me at all. Black Mirror is shaking me to the core this season (I'm only 4 in) but this show? Nothing. (I haven't read all the comments, but why was there an axe on the roof of the RV? I was really confused by that)
  22. panthergirl13

    S03.E08: Genetically Inferior Beta Males

    I've officially entered hatewatchland with this show, but even that might not last. I'm just bored.
  23. panthergirl13

    S03.E06: The Last Sunday Funday

    I honestly don't know what I think about this show anymore. I'm still compelled to watch it, but the cartoonish-turn it's take is also what turned me off Seinfeld in the later seasons. You can have a funny, wry and interesting show where people act badly but in a way that is believable. And I'm sure I'm in the "UO" category here but I think the actor that plays Edgar is just horrible. I can't stand watching him.
  24. panthergirl13

    S04.E13: Persona Non Grata

    I can't find the original post, but someone here commented that they should have defined est as "group therapy'. I never heard anyone associated with est call it that. I got roped into doing est 2.0 in the late 80s when they changed the name to The Forum and again... never ever did they think of it or refer to it as group therapy. It was supposed to be about self-realization, self-actualization, dropping your "sidewalk act", using a ton of jargon and annoying the shit out of your friends by trying to get them to "commit" to attend (proud to say I never did this). In truth, it was an ingenious multi-level marketing scheme and still exists today. That's not to say it didn't have some value for me and for others I knew (a good friend did it instead of AA to quit drinking and it worked for him). But it was absolutely not group therapy.
  25. panthergirl13

    S04.E13: Persona Non Grata

    And I found it really kind of disturbing... maybe in light of the Stanford rapist's dad's comments (not applicable here, I know) it felt like "Hey my son is gonna score!!" and I didn't think Phillip would share his enthusiasm regardless of the subtext. It grossed me out.