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  1. Finally... The Daily Beast: https://www.thedailybeast.com/golden-state-killer-arrested-according-to-co-author-of-ill-be-gone-in-the-dark
  2. I am soooooooo excited! I cannot believe this isn't getting more media attention. Patton Oswalt is tweeting that he's on his way to the presser (I told you I was excited!) and he said he wants to meet the guy so he can ask the questions that Michelle wanted to ask him. I'm living in the Netherlands now but thanks to the miracle of rapid transatlantic travel I'll be watching that presser live, once I figure out what channel it's on. Squeeee....
  3. Came here to see if anyone else spotted in one of the extreme closeups of the re-enactment actor smoking the pipe, that he had no fingertips/fingernails?? (i'm fairly sure it was the actor and not Peterson himself). Also, can there be a law in the US that men named Peterson are not allowed to get married? Kthxbye.
  4. I guess it's just me, but I hated this episode. I thought Fern's acting was atrocious starting with the first scene. I honestly thought he was rehearsing what he was going to say to someone on the phone (as you do on TV) but no...it was the real conversation. Same with the cop. Horrid acting and terrible writing and procedural work in those scenes. What a mess. I think Darren Criss is doing an amazing job so I'll stick it out (I also haven't read the VF article so I don't know everything that's going to happen), but this week I was checking the time constantly and couldn't believe the ep
  5. It's hard to know if some of Andrew's little screwups are intentional or just bad writing. If his mother's family was from Palermo then they're from Sicily...not from the "south of Italy". I don't know any Sicilians that would describe it that way, and it's likely an Italian such as Versace would have corrected him as well.
  6. Thanks be to GAWD that you mentioned Enrico Colantoni. I cast him in an off-off Broadway play I co-produced years ago (pertinent only that I've seen the guy a LOT and up close), and I was 100% sure it was him.
  7. Sarah! "Hammock week"?? C'mon... I horrify my kids by calling in Taint Week!
  8. So happy this show is back, and the episode was amazing, but Tommy's hair... call Wig Cop, STAT.
  9. I just love this show so much. The two older daughters are positively insufferable, but that's more real than what we normally see on TV. The scene where the dad bails just killed me. Have so been there, picking up those pieces. It's horrible and the way her friends circled the wagons left me blubbering because I did not have that proximity of people to support me when my ex was being a dick. Also the way Max deifies him is spot-on as well. I had to bite my tongue so many times that my status of non-red-meat-eater was nearly blown. When my daughter was in her 20s and started yapping abou
  10. I'm with you on the Munchausen by Proxy. Have suspected that from the beginning. Thinking ultimately the mother killed the sister to punish Cora and made Cora bury the body. What that has to do with the sex club etc. is beyond me but I'm desperately hoping that I didn't waste 8 hours of my life for a stupid ending. (well, 5 so far but I'm committed now).
  11. Oh didn't you notice? He was wearing a hat! (apparently a magical get-you-through-security hat). I'm sticking this one out for the last three episodes but man, it has been painful. I cannot stand Bill Pullman as an actor, and paired with this terrible character and awful writing he is all but impossible to watch. The basic idea that a detective would be acting as an investigator for a defendant (one that has CONFESSED, no less) is beyond absurd. Also, what jails allow direct phone calls and prisoners to chat for hours? The only things missing from that nighttime chat session between Cora
  12. Ah, I thought Sarah (like me) had watched the original trial literally gavel-to-gavel in which case I don't think she would have thought the boys were full of shit. At the time I recorded the trial every day and watched the whole thing each night, and a/ could not believe how many prosecution witnesses blatantly lied on the stand (not just Jamie P, plenty of others including a NYC cop and the guy who drove Lyle to the airport...Leslie and exposed them all in real time; b/ the news recaps of the trail bore no resemblance to what actually took place ("fake news"! but it really was; c/ Dominick D
  13. Have been trying to figure out if the show has been renewed for S6. No info out there that I can see. They'd have an awful lot to wrap up in 2 episodes if not.
  14. Brilliant concept, flawlessly executed. I also died at "allegedly"... but overall the acting was just stellar. Loved it!
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