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  1. I haven't watched the second episode yet. I wonder if Maura gave us a clue when she asked her kidnapper why her and not one of Jane's sisters. Did I hear that right? From his reaction, he didn't know that Jane had only brothers.
  2. Re: LL and his mother. I was born in the early 1950's and always knew from earliest childhood that I was adopted. I cannot imagine first hearing at the age I am now. Kudos to all who agreed to the testing and meeting when it turned out they were related. An amazing story there!
  3. Unless he enlisted first. My boyfriend at the time got a draft number of 6, and wasn't doing particularly well at college, except he was having a really good time. Anyway, rather than waiting to get drafted, he enlisted so he could choose his branch of service. I quite like most of the rest of the ensemble cast. Some are under-utilized, others I think we see too much of, but most have a purpose and serve it well.
  4. I learned about this movie just yesterday. IMDB had Julia Roberts and Caitriona Balfe listed first; today it's Clooney and Balfe. Thanks for the trailer link, Dejana. Looks good!
  5. Aargh! My DVR has been recording all the reruns, but it missed the Christmas special! I think the last day to stream it is today! Know what I'll be watching tonight...!
  6. I was pretty sure the English teacher didn't send the sext, but I thought maybe one of the boys she "tutored" did, and set him up for whatever happened. So having the wrestling coach as the perp is a bit cliche, but kind of a twist for me. Also didn't expect the "confession" to be as violently coerced, and the coach's victim become a killer.
  7. I love the Walgreens dog commercial too. Just don't think too hard about the details...
  8. Yes, and thanks for the analysis! I thought Nicole should go based on her not properly glazing the fruit on the tart plus some other mistakes that added up - missing antler because she made them the same, undercooked tart crust, etc. The finale should prove interesting.
  9. Justin saying, "I don't know if I'll ever get over this." (losing) Clearly he has a lot of growing up and living to do. If coming in second on TAR is the worst thing that ever happens to him, he's one lucky dude. Losing a life partner to cancer. Losing a child to SIDS or any other reason. Losing your best friend to a terrorist attack (as in San Bernandino, Paris, the Twin Towers, etc.). Being paralyzed due to a IED or a drunk driver plowing into you. Those are all things that would be extremely difficult to "get over." But losing TAR? Not even close. I thought Diana was better than h
  10. I haven't seen the UK version, and I have no idea where it's filmed. I watched the CBS version with Foxworthy, but that's the extent of what I've watched. And before hearing of this show, I had no idea who Mary Berry was, either. My DD and SIL are foodies, and they live in England, but they've never mentioned the UK version to me. I'll have to ask them about it. Enjoyed this episode. I know they are amateurs, and it's not like I could have done better, but some efforts did seem very amateur-ish. Still fun to watch, and I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes during this holiday seas
  11. I'm just seeing the ads for the Return of Galavant - 5 nights! Really ridiculously excited for the return!
  12. Agree, but I worried about Hotch cutting up jalapenos without gloves. Whatever you do, never touch your eyes after cutting up jalapenos!
  13. It got me interested enough to set it up on my DVR - I'm excited about it!
  14. They asked several people if this was Moonlight Garden, and were assured it was. Thank goodness someone finally did tell them it wasn't. When it was said (because I didn't notice a sign) that Tanner and Josh would both have to do the laundry task, I thought whoever said it was kidding just to freak them out. If they hadn't also been U-turned, and everything else had gone the way it did, Denise and James Earl would probably have been out. I liked Team Texas, and despise Justin, so I'm a little sad that TT are out. I hope J&D are set back a notch or two,and don't match or beat the pr
  15. Yes, Poland is a member of the European Union, but they do not use the Euro. They will eventually be required to change to the Euro, but there is no target date for that.
  16. This week, the cheerleader at the Klezmer Hois proved that being athletes (cheerleaders) doesn't mean they have any arm strength. I am sure the trays were heavy, but her whining about it, especially the first time through, was so annoying. Good thing they didn't attempt the salt mine task, they'd probably still be there! Justin, win, don't win, I don't really care. You cannot get off my screen fast enough! And Diana? Dump him, pronto!
  17. Turn returned to Colonial Williamsburg for filming this week. http://www.vagazette.com/news/vanews-turn-washington-s-spies-returns-to-colonial-williamsburg-for-filming-monday-20151106-story.html http://www.vagazette.com/news/vanews-turn-washington-s-spies-shoots-in-williamsburg-monday-20151109-story.html
  18. Why would you think that? Cheerleading for an NFL team is a real job. Part-time, perhaps, and not well paid, but still a job/profession.
  19. I'd say it was a risky move that worked out in their favor, but not a wrong move. Did you mean Justin? If so, I totally agree. Good come back, getting to first. If only he didn't act like such an arse!
  20. I was surprised that Erin was supposed to be turning 40. I would have pegged her as 45, considering her college, law school, marriage, childbirth timeline. 45 is closer to Moynahan's real age, also. The last couple of episodes have been really heavy-handed, with none of the family being very likable. Did like the men drooling over the Mustang. Also liked McBride's relationship with Erin. The surprise birthday, that Erin figured out at the last minute, was a nice touch, also.
  21. Bridget Moynahan was on the CBS morning news show this morning, talking about the cookbook, the show family dinners, and her recent marriage. I probably won't buy the cookbook - I don't need any more cookbooks! - but some of the recipes, etc. look good.
  22. What was the speed bump? I couldn't find it on that page. Could you explain the reference? I know who Brand is, but don't know why you wrote this.
  23. Yes, that's exactly what happened. How convenient for her mouth guard to be left where he could get the DNA sample without her knowing, though.
  24. MGG was spotted in Colonial Williamsburg this weekend! I haven't seen him, but loved all the pictures CW posted on their facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/ColonialWilliamsburg
  25. I just saw that Kelli and her husband have welcomed their new baby boy, Ludo, born yesterday. Congratulations! http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/congrats-svus-kelli-giddish-has-welcomed-her-first-child/ar-AAfaIqn?ocid=ansmsnent11
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