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  1. 5 hours ago, Cherpumple said:

    Am I correct in thinking that the first book is divided four parts, which were originally released as separate ebooks? I very excited to start reading them.

    Not sure that's correct, but the sequence for the three titles is Home Fires (in four parts), A Woman’s War, and A Woman’s Courage.

    On 7/20/2021 at 1:52 PM, treeofdreams said:

    Did the third book sound like it was the last one?

    It wrapped things up nicely, but of course the stories could be continued. Following various characters as their lives in the village and beyond developed would make for good reading, IMHO.

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  2. I watched the first episode last night. The actor portraying Prof. T seemed familiar, and now I know why. I am intrigued by his character and the story. 
    I haven’t seen the Belgian version, but I quite liked this one.

  3. I forgot where I’d put this thread! I posted the following in the Home Fires thread:
    I just finished the third book, A Woman’s Courage. I enjoyed all three books. The happy endings were somewhat predictable, but different enough that I appreciated them, and not everyone got the best outcome. I want to visit this village, fictional though it may be!

  4. On 7/14/2021 at 9:52 PM, possibilities said:

    The truck in the background tipped me off about the commercial, but it was a good fake out otherwise.

    I saw that old truck and the more modern bales and thought what the heck?!!! It wasn’t until I saw the phone that I got that it was a commercial.

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  5. 12 hours ago, Browncoat said:

    Instaget FJ for me tonight, but then I had to re-read the clue to make sure I chose the correct character.  I did.  And I get an asterisk for it!

    Yes! Love when we get an asterisk!

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  6. 13 hours ago, Mindthinkr said:

    I got howl, Mrs Minerva (watched it on TCM a short while back), and Jackie Coogan. My mind went blank on FJ and should have come up with it. Glad you are back safely @Bliss 

    It’s Miniver. I’d blame auto-correct.

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  7. Anybody else get taken in by the first commercial, finding the iPhone in the hay bale?

    This show is funny, irreverent, and I can find nothing to criticize!

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  8. 4 hours ago, BuckeyeLou said:

    So glad to hear you were able to visit Family... I, too, live thousands of miles away from kids & grand-kids & siblings...its hard but they are happy where they are.  Anyway, I thought George did a good job as Host, and I said clothes-pin :)

    My DD and her family (husband, daughter) live in England. I last saw them in person in mid-August 2019. They will be here in a month, and I am beyond excited!

    DH said typewriter, and I couldn’t think of anything else. When I heard the correct answer, it was a forehead slap, duh! moment.

    For tonight’s FJ, it was an instaget-get.

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  9. I just finished the third book, A Woman’s Courage. I enjoyed all three books. The happy endings were somewhat predictable, but different enough that I appreciated them, and not everyone got the best outcome. I want to visit this village, fictional though it maybe!

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  10. I’m reading the book. I hope it’s OK to comment on the book here.

    Anyway, in the book, Cat is from Auckland, New Zealand. 

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  11. Really felt bad for Cassie. She is dealing with a lot, and the situation with her dad is so difficult.

    We have the beginnings of who may be involved, interesting to watch how it will all play out.


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  12. 3 hours ago, proserpina65 said:

    I'll confess, if I had $13,000 to throw away on a dress I'd never wear, I'd have bought that Delphos gown. 

    I was raised near Delphos, Kansas, and I've also been to Delphos, Ohio. The founders of the Kansas Delphos were from the Ohio Delphos. Anyway, I learned about the Delphos dress when searching on ebay for something else Delphos! 

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  13. For FJ, I thought Stanford because their sports team are know as The Cardinal, forgetting they aren’t a public university. When I saw the answer, I remembered “The” Ohio State University story in the news.

    Courtney is doing very well. Exciting to see a streak greater than 5 again.

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  14. A dragonfly movie star, an angry beetle.

    I am enjoying this show so much! Gorgeous landscapes, amazing animals, cheesy narration by Dame Helen Mirren, tongue firmly in cheek. For a summer fill-in, it suits me just fine!

  15. Brief trip report - arrived on Chincoteague Monday, June 28. We had no idea how busy it would be. It mainly made it difficult to find a restaurant open that could accommodate us. Maria's (Italian/seafood) could, and we enjoyed dinner there.

    Tuesday morning I took a guided walk with Cindy from A Step Through Time. It was a downtown history walk starting at the LOVE chairs in the Robert Reed Waterfront Park. Cindy was a good guide, telling about the history of some of the buildings, fires, and floods that affected the island. We even got to sit in a rocker at Miss Molly's Inn, where Marguerite Henry began researching Misty, very charming!

    In the afternoon, we had lunch at the Chincoteague Diner, and then walked over to the Chincoteague Museum.  It's a nice little museum, and now has the taxidermied remains of Misty and Stormy, with a little history of how Misty's story spread far and wide, and also some pony penning history.

    Having learned from our experience the night before, we'd made reservations for Bill's and Don's for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Both had very good food and service, and were good choices for us.

    On my birthday Wednesday, I drove over to Assateague to the beach areas.  I sat at a picnic table facing Chincoteague Bay, listened to my birthday playlist, and gazed over the water. A horseshoe crab got close enough to shore for some families to see up close. Kids were pretty amazed! Tom's Cove center was open, but the Bateman Center was still closed. Later in the afternoon, when the wildlife loop was open to vehicles, Mr. Zoey and I drove back to Assateague and drove the loop. Saw some waterfowl, but no wild ponies this time. 

    We left early, well for us, we're not early risers, around 10 a.m., and drove up to Snow Hill and visited Furnace Town Historic Site, the 19th century village of the Nassawango Iron Furnace. It used to have demonstrations on a regular basis of the various crafts, etc., but demonstrations are on a very limited basis due to Covid. We had time for just a short visit because we needed to return to Williamsburg to pick up our Japanese Chin from the kennel.  Traffic was bad on I-64 beginning with the approach to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, and moved steadily but slowly nearly to Williamsburg. Our Chin were very happy to see us, and we were happy to see them too.

    OK, maybe not so brief! Thanks for reading!

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  16. My first problem was reducing file size. I'd taken the pictures on my iPhone. I found a free app that let me reduce the file size enough, but then the rotation became the issue. I'll try later to post some more pics on my pc. Maybe that will work better.

    Anyway, thanks for the likes, comments, and assistance for getting Misty on her feet!

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