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  1. 100% agree. I want a like plus option since 1 like isn't enough.
  2. I'll shout with you, to say it's frustrating would be a tremendous understatement! ITA 100%.
  3. So that's probably what happens since they love a good repeat, lol That's the speculation I'd *prefer to see since as I posted above they love to be repetitious and it would compliment SS in that it's all about the Impala saving the day MMV. *By that, I mean it's preferable to me to have Dean regain control and save himself as opposed to him being passively saved via dubious means by others; which he'll undoubtedly flog himself for ad nauseam, backed up by his "family" who will be the ones wielding the dubious means and be blameless and/or shameless in their continuous blam
  4. WTactualF! There's too much wrong with that statement to even try to pick apart.
  5. Maybe....... but not not more than the rest of us. Boom..new head cannon..... Charlie traveled back in time via a portal in Oz and created her own hunter app. I'm actually surprised that's not cannon now that I've thought about it, lol.
  6. Wow, I agree 100% with this post. I wish I could like it more than once.
  7. For me Willow and Tara were worse, so much worse, the outfits alone. I frequently thought the wardrobe dept skinned muppets and/or hired depressed toddlers to create their clothing.
  8. ITA, I think the reason the show keeps mining that tired well is lack of motivation or desire to deviate from that norm by TPTB is because they believe it works. For me, the key to his character is someone whose natural desires are to love and protect family that morphed into protecting his family as well as the the societal norms of a domestic lifestyle. I think he perceived that as unattainable and undesirable for himself because the veil had been lifted from his eyes so to speak. I think it suggests he's able to make connections with people but is pragmatic en
  9. But how many more times was the counter argument given often by the same characters?
  10. Why don't you write for the show? I know, it's cause I can't have nice things, lol! I shudder to think.
  11. I'm going to call it now, Dean will be left "a drooling mess" for reasons one of which fit nicely with this:
  12. You should watch the SDCC panel near the end, it was hilarious. I'm paraphrasing but the question was something like, what do you think keeps SPN engaging and fresh after so many seasons, Brad seemed to think the characters have evolved and keep doing so and they've added to the family and that there's depth and layers, Eugenie blathered something about redemption, loyalty and betrayal, Dabb basically ass kissed about how great the actors were they could make anything great, Singer talked about how they're able to drag plots out because of character familiarity and development or words to that
  13. The angels and specifically Michael would still be here even if Dean hadn't said yes, unless of course Lucifer had killed him (no way they were actually killing Dean, Sam and Jack). Either way we'd still have an archangel running around and I for one am sick to death of Lucifer. Talk about repetitious, Lucifer's been here, there and everywhere more times/often than I care to remember. I'm cautiously invested for the first time in quite a while in what will happen next since... a) Dean in the past has typically been a monkey wrench in the works according to many that changed the out
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