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  1. This is what happens when they hire someone who isn't up to par. They transfer said person to David, so that his minions see that this person gets his seal of approval. They did the same thing with Julia Cearly after they got rid of Stacey.
  2. Maybe someone should post those on her IG page!
  3. Poor thing must be tough to be perpetually conflicted.
  4. Blabby in that outfit and pose reminds me of the children's song, I'm a Little Teapot.
  5. Everything about this wench's presentations are in your face. I'd pay good money to see her given the boot midway through one of her shows.
  6. Don't forget Dawn, the chicken lady with the annoying voice.
  7. She's an immediate channel changer for me.
  8. Use of the word fabrication is appropriate when looking at the photos of Jen and Kirsten.
  9. I hate when Diva resorts to that particular tactic. It's both sleazy and manipulative. I didn't watch last night, but I don't see any comments about Rosina as the social media hostess.
  10. That looks like a schmata that Alina would conjure up.
  11. I hope Elise's "love" story doesn't become a movie on Lifetime (as opposed to Hallmark).
  12. Does the "V" in QVC now stand for vile?! That's the impression I got when I saw the latest collage of Shawnie Sue.
  13. Poor pathetic Jane, holding on for dear life to the relevance she never had.
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