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  1. This has always made me think that Shawnie Sue has the goods on someone at QVC. Her behavior is much too blatant to think otherwise.
  2. Thanks @lovemesomejoolery! I found it. Looks like we're in good company. I'm surprised the thread is still there and hasn't been poofed by Beth Unkind to Host Moderator.
  3. Ha - I certainly would have appreciated those Lindt truffles. I love those chocolates! I think I discovered them for the first time in Macy's in NYC in the late 80s when I used to live there. To this day, I put one in my mug of hot chocolate.
  4. Wow, how dreary. Not a drop of orange in sight. The Luminara candles on the tree are so unnecessary.
  5. I looked over there and couldn't find the thread that @JohnnyStar5 was referring to.
  6. As I only tuned in for the first five minutes, she said it several times within her first minute on the air!
  7. I love Halloween, but couldn't take 5 minutes of poor, pathetic Jane, who was trying so hard to be relevant (something she never was and will never be).
  8. Dear Diva, winning the lottery is exciting, NOT a set of hands-free lights that one wears around their neck.
  9. I can't stand the Kansas City Steak OAP, but I believe I already covered my issues with him in a much earlier post. After watching the Ninja ice cream thig-a-mah-jig yesterday, I can see how MBR had issues with it. IMO, it looked very cumbersome. Plus when you wanted to add something to the base, you had to dig a hole in the center of the ice cream, etc. I'll have to read the reviews on it.
  10. I used to like the Temptations presentations. I ordered a rectangular baker with a lid-it and insulated carrying bag 5 years ago. It was in the fallfetti pattern, which I kind of liked. Truth be told, I only used it once. Then there was the time I fell for the pumpkin soup tureen, bowls and platter set. Ugly as sin!! I don't know what came over me. I didn't even bother returning it. I learned my lesson, no more Temptations for me!
  11. I looked for a video of MBR in action, but I don't seem to see one of her ice cream maker presentation.
  12. I was waiting for Tammy to open the window and throw the cupcake out. Though stuffing her face with it was pretty funny.
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