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  1. Oh good grief, she's pawning herself off as some kind of expert on food, fitness, stress and relationships by taking questions on her QVC Facebook page!
  2. How is it that this nasty bitch has no problem rubbing her nose repeatedly throughout her presentations, but can't push her friggin' hair out of her eyes. Not cute, Shawnie Sue, not cute. I refuse to purchase anything from QVC until she's gone. Her meer presence insults my intelligence.
  3. I'm tired of the misinformation the OPA spouts for the Cuisinart ice cream maker. They emphasize you can have homemade ice cream in just 20 minutes, yet they never take into account how long it takes to make the base, be it ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, etc. It's like magic, the base appears out of thin air.
  4. Could the Q have been any more manipulative with their "big surprise" today? Did GZ really have a choice when it came to writing the foreward? That's not a flattering photo of Diva. His forehead is huge.
  5. Too bad Dawn (George Forman Grill OAP) doesn't have an understudy!
  6. Sorry to back track on the Caro modeling poses. It's one thing if she was doing this tongue-in-cheek, but what makes it so preposterous is that she's absolutely serious. Gurl, please!
  7. The constant hair falling in her face, is Shawnie Sue's lame attempt at being coquettish. Go away skank!
  8. I saw Kerstin's latest meltdown video in real time. Oversharing, especially on matters truly personal, is not a good look on anyone. @watcher, I agree with you, she needs help.
  9. Yes, same oven with some modifications according to Diva. Mary was clearly struggling while trying to turn the pizza, yet the cameraman kept focusing on her. It was such a joke. What's the point if you constantly have to turn it every 30 seconds. I would have loved to hear a fire extinguisher being used in the background when the focus returned to David. I wonder how Lori Grenier feels now that Charlatan Kevin O'Leary has numerous products on QVC instead of her.
  10. I appreciate your take on this. I like Katrina.
  11. One has to wonder with the addition of 3 new hosts if Katrina Szish's days are numbered. After all this time her exposure is still very limited. Has she had any shows on QVC2?
  12. I certainly hope that MBR hasn't been assigned to mentor the new hires. Her tutelage is like the kiss of death based on previous hosts that have been let go.
  13. Those tacky lawn ornaments are just another reason why I could never be a host at that Q. My attitude would be: I'm not presenting this crap! I always joked with a friend of mine that they should have a host who gave their honest opinion during presentations. That would certainly be a lot more entertaining.
  14. Could the new ITKWD Qrap be considered gifts of spite?
  15. This nasty bitch knows exactly what she's doing with regards to Elise. How I'd love for Elise to confront Shawn during one of her presentations. End it with a bitch slap. I watched Rick's Rec room interview with Kerstin and it seemed to me he was taking a dig at Shawnie Sue, when he said something along the lines of, "sooner or later a hosts true colors are going to show up on the air....."
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