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  1. I feel the writers often write them as being bad for each other and they should be apart, Sam interacting with others and Jason looks as engaged as a robot can be in scenes with Brita. The actors also act like they don't want to be around each other but someone higher up is a fan from back in the day and won't let Jasam die a peaceful death.
  2. Of course. I just don't think this can lead to anything meaningful long term. If they were changing his parentage to Mac or Robert or even AJ, maybe that would be something they could build on. But Finn has a flimsy connection to the rest of the town as is. His daughter barely interacts with her cousins and there is no adult in Finns life that Chase couldn't interact with now just with them being brothers.
  3. I don't want Chase to be Finns because it only offers a temporary story. Being Finns son won't open anymore onscreen relationships than being his brother does. He is too old for Anna to play mother and he has a living mother still around. Robin and any of Finns maternal relatives are all off screen so they are irrelevant. At his age being Violets brother is no different from being her Uncle. Best case scenario if Finn is the father, after Chase gets over his anger, they agree not to change the relationship status as Gregory has been his dad for 30+yrs.
  4. They have a lot of people going after Peter. Wonder how they are going to stall this now. How did Maxie not see Dr. O? lol Maxie and Liz both going into a baby doll voice when they defend their man. Jason is so useless in both the Peter and Renault story. I laughed when Robert said the Peter situation was more important than Sonny's business. Has he ever met Jason before? lol Michael, Willow planning to adopt William does not mean he doesn't look like Nelle. How is he going to eventually handle William wanting to know how he is related to Nina when she is not related to Millow? I have no
  5. I don't think the writers intend for Willow to come off as a gold digger but they have unintentionally (i hope) made her insensitive in order for this "triangle" to....work, so scenes like these don't do her any favors. This was supposed to be further proof that she is in love/falling for Michael but it was all material things, and William. "All I have to do is say I like something and the rich boy gets it for me". So basically, she knows whatever she points at, her genie blinks and its hers yet she is shocked that he would renovate the tree house. This is the guy that hired painters to paint
  6. The color was nice on her but that weird side train just threw it off. Lots of sparkles all around
  7. Molly looks older than Kristina now. The actress is aging slowly lol. I know the hospital isn't as romantic as a courthouse but TJ and Molly should have gotten married/committed at the chapel during a break instead of planning it for the absolute last hour. Glad TJ is moving past his anger with his mom. Of course Lucas thought Felix was coming to pickup the pieces. lol Thats his usual job. Seems he found some self respect. Brita and Brad were cute. Jason gave Brita a flirtatious smirk. Sam weeps. Curtis is looking more and more like a jerk that only wants to end his marriage so he ca
  8. Haven't watched yet but I read that Jason shoots Brando without warning. If Brando continues to work with him after this he is an idiot. Brando now has to suffer real consequences for stuff that doesn't really involve him. Survives a war just to be shot by a thug in a plot against another thug. And this is the family that is supposed to be the moral compass of the show. She really is Shebeast Jr They really turned Jax into nothing more than an appendage to Carly with no thoughts of his own beside "protect Carly."
  9. The shows love for the mob kingpin and his pet is so crazy considering they have absolutely no idea how to write for them. That is part of the reason the Renault story sucks now. There is really no reason for it to involve the Corinthos but the show will twist itself into a pretzel to force them in. Brita doesn't even need Jason's help on this but they can't resist a poorly written mob story as long as Sonny and Jason can be front and center. I didn't think she looked happy about them getting close. Almost like she thinks they could get in her way for revenge and she will try to keep t
  10. That was so weird. They are not children and could have left with anyone, or on their own since they are 18. If anyone should have stayed it should have been Michael. This somewhat affects him as the father to both of their grandchild. But he is too much of a baby to stick around.
  11. Barely. She was smug and remorseless the entire time. Didn't even acknowledge that she betrayed a woman she has pretended to be friends with on and off for years. Said some BS about keeping the truth because she knew Nina couldn't handle it. Not because she told the cops a completely different story that would end up making her look like a liar and possible murderer. She has plenty of motive. This is why I hate stories involving this family and only enjoy a scene here or there. None of the truths people say ever really have any affect on them. It is pretty much just the show acknowledging
  12. Mike on his dream and history "We have no way of knowing these things" YES YOU DO. A simple nationwide missing persons search would have solved this instantly. This is why Sonny should have been found by some mountain people that don't interact with 'city folk". That eliminates the technology issues. Sam looks like she went to the MAC counter and asked for the Vampire treatment. When She said she finally sees where she stands, I thought it was going to be about Jason not leaving with her but it was about her not staying....but.....You could have stayed if you wanted to 😄. Just Sam. Her wo
  13. I don't get why they didn't have some day players come in to represent the other mobs. The whole point of this stupid funeral is because other gangsters didn't respect the walking tree as the new head of Corinthos Inc, yet no one else showed up?
  14. Brando not going to the funeral is supposed to be a big deal, but him and Sonny have known each other for like a year and they aren't all that close. He doesn't even call Carly by her first name. I'm guessing Carly calling him family a million times was supposed to be her "godfathering" but it just sounded silly. As far as Kristina knows, he is working for the man that tried to kill several people in her family. she has no reason to see him as family. The show dragging out this Cyrus story has ruined the dynamic between Cyrus and Laura. Their scenes are just so tiring now. He comes off as
  15. Looks like they are playing Tuesdays episode. I don't think the getting dressed montage was supposed to be funny, but it was. Willow seems to be nothing more than an extension of Michael at this point. Don't know how they can even attempt a "triangle". M: "Do you like living in the treehouse, you still get to be around William" W: "It's perfect, what more can a girl hope for?". Does she ever think past the now? Does she want her own family one day? Maurice plays Sonny/Mike like a.....seasoned man, yet this show still wants us to see him as young and spry. He was just about out of br
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