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  1. I like how she's supportive of the other women, but it's coming off in a weird way. She seems like their mom, and suddenly too old to be there.
  2. I think Brendan and Pieper should be made to leave. I remember one Bachelor contestant made to leave because she allegedly got involved with a producer. This is much worse, IMO.
  3. I think Natasha would be a heck of a lot more interesting as Bachelorette than Becca ever was.
  4. I've loved Natasha since she was on Peter's season. She's not only beautiful, she's spunky and funny and wasn't shy about calling out Peter's juvenile behavior. I also think she's smart. She picked up on Brendan's weird behavior right away, but he was just convincing enough to appease her. And if she saw him with Tayshia, he came across as a slow mover, so there's that too. Brendan was cruelly insulting to her and, if some of those guys have a brain, one of them will scoop her up over the classless ditzes and drama queens.
  5. Yes, a collective gathering of cracked china pots and just plain crackpots!
  6. Good to know! Tia's accent is so thick, I couldn't even make out what was she calling those privates of hers, so I couldn't look it up!
  7. Thanks for explaining this--I couldn't understand or figure out what the heck she was talking about! 😂
  8. FYI: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/tv/a37452343/do-producers-buy-bachelor-in-paradise-gifts/ Blake Horstmann explains where all the BIP "gifts" come from!
  9. Didn't Tia have black hair when she was on the Bachelor, too? Someone refresh my memory! They are twins in my mind!
  10. I think the Tia/Raven confusion is so funny! I've always thought those two were interchangeable. And aren't they friends or from the same area or something?
  11. Maybe it was what she was wearing last night but, at one point, Demi's body reminded me of a prepubescent boy. Add her voice, which is like fingernails on a blackboard, and it adds up to a really annoying middle school package!
  12. Totally agree. But Maurissa did tell Riley before he made his final date selection that she had never been taken on a real one. Maurissa, you deserve much more. Heck, Riley didn't even incur the cost of mini golf! Any other moms out there think this would be a perfect lesson about self worth if you happened to watch this episode with your daughter(s)?
  13. The show is edited, but the uninterrupted segments we saw on both Katie's and Rachel's ATFRs clearly showed two very angry and bitter women who had not recovered from being dumped by their obvious frontrunners.
  14. This show is such a snooze fest now. The group dates are dreadfully boring or uncomfortably aggressive or there's some creepy new gimmick in the works. I can't sit through it anymore and rely on all of you to know what's going on, so thanks!
  15. Yes!!! My thoughts exactly. Go home, Blake, you've worn out your welcome! (Maybe Canada doesn't want him, either, and won't let him back in.)
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