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  1. She's a hot mess. It's sounded like a given that she would get another season. After this, I would think she's persona non grata everywhere and that we've, at last, suffered the last of her!
  2. Unhealthy? I'd say being honest about not being ready for an engagement at the end of any of these shows is quite healthy. And I respect those who are mature enough to leave and not put the lead through a FR ceremony if they're not on the same page. If Peter was there just to build a brand, get on DWTS, establish a career, etc., he could have stuck around for the fame. But he didn't, because it was obvious he truly cared about Rachel. And though it wasn't what Rachel wanted to hear, he was honest with her right along. It was real and very painful to watch.
  3. The editing with this franchise is suspect for sure, but you can't change what we actually see. What I saw of Bryan made me think he just wanted to win, and that felt shady to me. Acting like some lothario from the get-go, always pulling Rachel into some secluded space for passionate kissing. It made me feel that he wasn't interested in conversation and really getting to know her and he certainly didn't seem to be an intellectual match. I think what bothered many of us was that Rachel didn't really have a choice in the end because Bryan was the only one left and she was so intent on an engagement. I personally don't care who she would have picked but, after seeing the slower, more believable (IMHO) passion that built with her No. 2, it's hard not to wonder if she settled. I guess time will tell, but I don't believe the constant editing excuses whenever someone has an opinion about this couple. That's too easy, especially when they have a constant platform. But hey, in the end, all these contestants choose to be TV personalities and this is a site to discuss everything Bachelor franchise. We're all entitled to an opinion!
  4. They were judges on Bachelor Listen to Your Heart and though Rachel had more to say than even the professional musicians, Brian did not utter one word. Not one. JoJo and Jordan, Arie and Lauren, and Kaitlyn and Jason all appeared as judges and all deferred to each other for comments. The franchise is Bryan's domain, too, and though this tells you he is not threatened by Rachel, it could also tell another story. It seemed disrespectful to me that Rachel did not turn to him to hear his opinion.
  5. Where did this information come from? I'm not saying it's not true, but I never recall, from the very beginning of the series, it being mentioned that the leads see the finale before the ATFR; they all seem very emotional when it's shown. Peter may have trashed his own chances at the Bachelor lead, but Rachel bitterly dissed him every chance she got well before then. As to picking apart the leads, I respectfully disagree with the fact that Rachel got it any worse than most of them. Many of us did not care at all for Hannah B, many of us have seen enough of Clare, I recall Ashley Hebert getting tons of awful comments about her being "ugly," not to mention all the hatred Vienna got, though she wasn't a lead. And then there's Kaitlyn. On the other hand, there has also been an outpouring of support for Katie Morton. It's great that Rachel is a favorite of many, but you can't assume that those of us who don't care for her personality feel that way because of her skin color.
  6. There's no doubt in my mind that Rudi and Matt would have won this if they'd stayed, but I'm happy it went to Bri and Chris. After the way the show seemed to pimp Jamie in all the promos, I was really worried through most of the finale that she and Trevor would win. Jamie is cute, but I always felt that she had one of the weakest voices of all the contestants. There's no doubt in my mind that Rudi and Matt would have won this if they'd stayed, but I'm happy it went to Bri and Chris. After the way the show seemed to pimp Jamie in all the promos, I was really worried through most of the finale that she and Trevor would win. Jamie is cute, but I always felt that she had one of the weakest voices of all the contestants.
  7. LEGALBEAGLE421, I apologize to you and to anyone else I may have offended by my comments about Rachel. In this instance, it is clear to me now that this is an appropriate time for her to use her platform and speak up about Hannah B. Let me explain my feelings about Rachel. My positive feelings for her changed at her ATFR. For someone always promoting honesty and transparency, I feel she was cruel to Peter Kraus simply because he was honest and transparent with her. She used her platform at that time to try and make sure he was not the next bachelor, which makes me believe she was not being honest and transparent about her true feelings towards him. I also didn't like her assassination of Raven's character by making their falling out public but refusing to explain why. I also feel that she allows the franchise to use her. Having her appear and lecture us all after the last Bachelor was irritating, to say the least. This show deliberately encourages nasty and outrageous behavior among the female contestants and then pretends outrage when the women get nasty comments. Rather than jumping at another appearance on the show, I wish Rachel would raise her voice about the direction the franchise is going, particularly in its manipulation of women. In short, my opinion of Rachel has nothing to do with the color of her skin. In fact, if I had the power to pick the next Bachelorette, it would be Natasha from the last Bachelor. She is beautiful, funny, smart, and outspoken in a positive way. I thoroughly enjoyed all her screen time. I think she would make a great lead.
  8. Can we just put Hannah B and Rachel in a closet and throw away the key? I'm so sick of these two! Should anyone be surprised that Hannah used the "N" word? No. Should anyone be surprised that Rachel "needs to speak out because others won't" and is mired in another controversy? No. Hannah, your 15 min. of fame is over; go do something useful. Rachel, people are capable of speaking for themselves if they care enough. Stop using that as an excuse to try and stay relevant. Go back to the law and spend some time teaching poor Brian how to speak and have a mind of his own in your presence.
  9. Yes, it's so pathetic how the franchise tries to keep these people relevant when they have no relevance at all. And how about know-it-all Rachel who had more to say than the music experts and her silent puppy Brian?
  10. Ugh, she is so awkward. All that face touching is so weird! At some point, Trevor might move quickly and her hand may end up in his mouth while he's trying to sing.
  11. I've been wondering about this. Julia was such a convincing actress that it's made me question if this CF story is true. From my limited knowledge of this disease, I understand it involves much suffering and that anyone fighting that brave fight would not be so immature and would not have the energy for such pettiness.
  12. It's awesome when the divas go after each other! The ending of this episode has to be one of the most satisfying of any Bachelor show, ever! Bye, Julia!
  13. Yes, a time filler and a snooze fest, if the featured seasons I read about are accurate: Ben Higgins, Sean Lowe? Enough, no more! Why do they keep harking back to the most boring and annoying contestants ever? I can't take one more second of Sean Lowe. I'd rather see footage of the early shows, when they were actually interesting, like Meredith and Ian, Ashley and J.P., Jason and Molly/Melissa, Jillian and Reid, Andy and Tessa, etc. But we'll probably be grinding our teeth by the time the show is over because all the most cringe-worthy villians like Corinne will get 99.9% of the air time.
  14. Clare always struck me as being very combative; she always seemed to be lecturing and calling someone out. I'm sure things have not gotten better as she's become an older diva. And we all need to remember that she did NOT call Juan Pablo out until he rejected HER. I keep reading how Clare is "famous" for telling him off when, in reality, she was more than ready to accept his proposal, despite the gross behavior she accused him of. I don't see how this is going to be entertaining. I think it will be like reliving our adolescence and being scolded by our mothers.
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