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  1. I don't find Victoria entertaining in the least, and that applies to Matt, too. I came very close to giving up on this show mid way through last night. I give it one more week. Was the only incentive to cast Matt that he was friends with Tyler and Hannah B? Did he ever display any compelling personality? He may have a great body, but I can't see much else. As for Victoria, she's just an unnecessary irritant that is way beyond believability. So far, this season is just annoying and a snooze fest.
  2. Agree. I hope he can dig down into that gorgeous body and pull out a bit of personality.
  3. Of course she did. Because that was Rachel's story to tell, right?
  4. I was Team Brendan, but I don't dislike Ben. I'm just concerned about his wellbeing. I'm a little concerned for Zac, too. I think Ivan will be OK, but what a good looking couple he and Tayshia would make! They are stunning together!
  5. Haha! He's from Massachusetts, so make sure you have some Sam Adams on ice so you can offer him a nice cold one! I bet that would charm him more than that awful Neil Lane date.
  6. I was hoping it would be sweet Brendan! And Ben wasn't the only returning fly in the ointment tonight. Ugh!
  7. This is a new viewpoint and I think it could be right on. Rachel did change as the show went on. I've often asked myself how I could have so liked her at the start and so despised her by the end. I do think Peter really loved her, though. His hesitation over a proposal could well have been his uncertainty over who Rachel truly was as the season progressed. He never led her on and was always truthful with her about where he stood, but her ego couldn't accept that. I, too, think she's still pissed off, and it's pretty remarkable after all this time. It must have occurred to her at some point after the show that, if Peter really was the jerk she keeps describing, he would have easily played along and then just broken off the engagement. And if it truly was, as she says, "always Bryan," what's still to be so bitter about?
  8. Rachel made it to the final 3 on Nick Viall's season. She was well aware of what to expect as the Bachelorette.
  9. I totally agree with all of the above. I don't see any strong similarities between Ben and Peter, either. That is being manufactured to suit Rachel's narrative. And Peter was offered the bachelor lead, but turned it down. I saw Peter as a mature and honest man and I'll believe his explanation over Fleiss's any day. As for the editing excuse, I don't think there was much to work with in Bryan's case. He's a man of very few words and it seemed his MO was to grab Rachel, pin her against a wall, and make out. With Peter, they had lots of actual discussion and heartbreak. There was no manipulating that breakup with all the tears and snotting all over each other in misery. We saw Rachel's love story, all right; just not as she had planned.
  10. Well, Catrice2, here you go: 35 seconds in, "He reminds me of Peter Kraus." It's not everyone else who keeps bringing up Peter, it's Rachel herself. People aren't always "going after" Rachel. People are just tired of her always "going after" someone else. She's just using a fragile person to continue a personal vendetta. That's irresponsible and dangerous, especially in these times. But heck, this is a woman who publicly went after her good friend and ruined a relationship that wasn't hers to negotiate.
  11. There's plenty wrong with this franchise, but the way Rachel goes after people is so destructive. I hope they sever all ties with her.
  12. Ben may have dodged one bullet, but his mental health is about to face a far more dangerous one: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/12/10233114/rachel-lindsay-ben-smith-peter-kraus-for-bachelor
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