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  1. I've been trying to figure out who Genevieve reminds me of and I finally realized it was Nick Viall's finalist, Vanessa. Guess Genevieve has a few twins!
  2. This is exactly why I prefer the Bachelorette to the Bachelor. Too many of these guys have not able to see through the competitive, catty BS. And personally, I've experienced too many times that an MBA does not impart emotional intelligence!
  3. Interesting symbolism you picked up on there, but what is with the popularity of snakes everywhere? I almost had to turn the show off! Not amused.
  4. YES!!! Meredith and Michelle are on a level all their own! Lovely, intelligent, classy women.
  5. This was a good season (finally!) and a fun ATFR. How sweet are Michelle's and Nayte's families? My brain kept popping out memories of Peter and Batshit Barb in comparison. I've had a hard time seeing what Michelle saw in Nayte and their final date solidified that for me. Nayte seemed to be barely able to hold a conversation and I didn't see how Michelle could think that he finally gave her what she was looking for. He seemed like a totally different person last night! Either Michelle taught him some communication skills or he was really intimidated by the cameras. They are a beauti
  6. It's those dresses that were twisted! How on earth did anyone think that looked good? In addition to the silly clomping out for only one "announcement" this week, the duo looked like they'd been dipped in latex. As for Nayte, I've been blah about him. I don't dislike him, but I haven't seen what Michelle is so fascinated with, beyond his kisses. However, his smug sauntering after he received his rose really turned me off. I'm afraid at this point that Michelle is going to walk away alone or end up with a broken heart. 😭
  7. I noticed that, too. I wonder if some of the cast sounds like that when they're trying to speak softly during one-on-one conversations. When trying to speak really quietly for an extended period of time, I've noticed that my throat starts to tense and my voice changes a bit. Does anyone else experience that?
  8. I actually found this MTA interesting. For the most part, this was a great group of guys but, unfortunately, Jaime, Chris S., Peter and Martin tainted the whole bunch. I believe it was Chris G. who really explained Jaime and his gaslighting perfectly and said Jaime was dangerous. I agree and hope Jaime is not allowed on BIP. He's really scary and really smooth, too. A dangerous combination for sure! But despite all the drama, Rodney makes the whole mess delightful! Both Tayshia and Kaitlyn handled the show reasonably well, I thought, and they both looked lovely. I like both of them
  9. I just read that the franchise is getting a lot of flack for picking Clayton for the next Bachelor and stealing Rodney's "underdog" line to promote next season. I guess everyone's picking up on how such a traditional pick like Clayton could be in any way considered an "underdog": cisgender, white male, former athlete. They're also getting criticism for picking Clayton, who so resembles Colton, and for ignoring the four finalists of color this season.
  10. You are absolutely correct, Back Atcha, it's "Bobbsey Twins"! 😆
  11. Totally agree! I really like Michelle and I've enjoyed her season, the first in a long time I've watched all the way through (and I've watched since Trista). I was so hoping for her sake that she'd break the pattern and choose a real man like Rodney; but no, again it's the pretty, flashy boys standing at the end. Boring Joe--really? No wonder all these matches tend to end in heartbreak. And if Michelle picks Nayte or Joe, I fear that will be her outcome, too. This show really dropped the ball with Clayton. The previews of his season look like the melodrama from hell. If there are a
  12. I can't remember where I read recently (Google news?) in an article about the Blake/Katie breakup that supposedly many franchise fans are hoping Blake would be a future Bachelor. NO!!! Please, please, no more Blake! He's starting to smell like very old fish. I do fear that we are not done with media hound Blake, though, and it makes me wish the Canada/US border would close again!
  13. Agreed. I'd be more excited to see a Rodney Bachelor season than any other season ever. I'd take him in a heartbeat, and the lucky woman who wins him in the future will have a life filled with fun, laughter and that blinding smile!
  14. Umm . . . You're going to have to take that up with Shakespeare. "So many people" are simply quoting his work verbatim.
  15. Michelle's fear of not being seen is totally understandable, unfortunately. I just hope the producers don't endlessly bring it to the forefront and make Michelle seem like a whiner, because I don't think she is. Clare's "show up for me" fits were so immature for her age and Katie's "sex positive" foolishness was a cheap gimmick. As for Romeo, I think he'll be just fine! There are many just on this forum that would take him in a heartbeat! Romeo, wherefore art thou . . . You only need to let us know . . . 😍
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