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  1. Theresa's speech growing more labored and slurry after she'd started to warm up terrified me the most. I'm sure she was shivering too hard to speak clearly, but losing that much control over your body is scary as hell. I too was afraid she'd black out and topple right into her fire. I've said every season that I would be the one crying and pleading with one leg still hooked over the side of the boat, trying to hang on like some kind of wrestling move. These remaining five folks are absolute badasses/completely out of their minds, in some combination.
  2. Well, Matt(ed) and Biko share the surprising distinction of showing up to Alone already filthy...or at least looking it? I'm concerned that Matt has some gnarly teeth going on as well. Tim, with all his braggadocio and then his cardiovascular melodrama reminded me of my dad, honestly. Dad would absolutely have blabbed away and/or exaggerated 35% heart function/"if I hadn't gone to the doctor THAT DAY I woulda lost three toes"/"pus means it's fighting the infection!" and then gone right on to do the next stupid thing involving a ladder or a motorcycle. The thing is...my dad DID eventually d
  3. I want to love this show! It ticks all my boxes: the current iteration of the government's Department of Weird Shit; hot, diametrically opposed DoWS agents; all Vancouver all the time; gorgeous, eerie special effects, getting better and better; time loops and parallel universes and clones, oh my! I haven't paid a lot of attention to chatter about it, so when John Noble showed up in the finale I shrieked a little. (And extra kudos to him: Walter Bishop was always sympathetic and tragic, even when he did awful things...but this Otto fellow, doing and saying lit
  4. In these forums, "Edited to add". 🙂
  5. I find it a little jarring and sad, too. Younger JJ, with her expert makeup and hairdo (and her diffusion filter on the lens!) is a far cry from doing-her-own-look, gives-no-f*cks 2020 JJ. It's clear that she thrives in front of an audience, too, and that she's disappointed there's no one to laugh at her punchlines, and no one to shush for laughing. Seeing her former self batting around Mr. I Don't Know How My Uninsured Car Got On That Brick Wall for sport was a delight. She doesn't have the patience for it any more, and for her own sake and health in this crappy year, I am glad she's almost d
  6. Yeah. Nike, etc. are all "keep my name out your mouth." I don't post often in this thread, but I hope everybody is healthy and safe during all the pandemic mayhem!
  7. Belated thanks for providing me with my new rap name, Li'l Bitchface!
  8. Yeah, like the threat of a beatdown.
  9. Good LORD, Nikki, you are a menace! I too have to confess that I laughed like a loon well into the commercial break. In the teaser, I just assumed it was Nikki bleeding all over the place again, but figured she'd cut herself. Something about that karmic chomp was brutally funny. Meanwhile, Jordan might still be out there RIGHT NOW. Like, he's cashed the check but chose to stay. It's his to lose, at this point. Though I think Woniya also has a genuine shot--either one of them, barring an unlucky accident, clearly has the skills to thrive. The isolation is tilting Michelle into kookoop
  10. Oh, there's no doubt in my mind that that ding-dong 1. didn't know the difference and/or 2. started the 1/8" wall with the 1/4" floor spacers, or some jumbled combo of both, and then just kept going higgledy-piggledy. Hence the smashing when they came up too high. As Bugs Bunny would say, what a MAROON!
  11. Yes! I had a seagull snatch a whole bagel out of my hand, on the wing; considering how Ray relied on a gull for fishin' hole tips, I was VERY on edge. 😄
  12. Holding in those nine brain cells, maybe. Maybe I'm nuts, but I thought that brassy old broad was hilarious, little sawed-off overconfident beef jerky strip that she was. I would probably be much less enthused if she was clambering around on MY roof, but the defendants were total pills and begging to be messed with. I also can't help thinking that, if JJ's humble dentist dad hadn't put her through all 67 years of law school or whatever--if she wasn't glowering down at us from atop her cash pile--she would ABSOLUTELY be the petite, overtanned, busybody biddy neighbor to someone some
  13. Donny's Diarrhea Drama amused me, juxtaposed with Nikki's literally calming herself down from cut panic. I was shocked, too, when she reached for the radio and the first-aid kit in the same instant...but she gathered her wits in real time. Meanwhile, there's no bigger drama queen than a rugged survivalist Brawny paper towel man, sobbing and shitting his brains out in the Canadian Arctic. It all made me think, again, that if men were subject to menstrual periods, society would break down completely. TBH, I didn't care for the way Donny seemed to be breathing with effort, before he ever had
  14. I texted my sister a screenshot of that defendant, labeled "Ichabod Culkin," so great minds think alike, etc. 😄
  15. Put me on this bandwagon too. I was goofily thrilled when she jumped on the radio and started using her surveillance panopticon for good...and then as panicked and crushed as all the characters when it didn't work. It's a sitcom, how could it NOT WORK? I worked retail for years--in a mall, if not a big box store--and this series is a truly underrated gem.
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