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  1. Years ago I saw an office Christmas party where a woman dressed as Tomb Raider, she looked better than Jolie. I thought of that with your comment. I was disappointed they had to kill her off as I quite liked her (the character in 5-0 not Tomb Raider). And what was the point of any of it when Danny just continued on more or less as normal anyway? I expected him to have some kind of wild man phase where he lives in the wilderness a while.
  2. It is very forced but then Ellen's humour is forced so it matches. What I find ironic is that the same snowflakes attacking her are the same ones she plays to in the first place.
  3. I understand you are very personally invested in the topic but I think you are wrong. Not all autistic people look "normal". Some look very different to the rest of us. They did need a sympathetic looking actor to play the role, someone who would compensate for what is a very odd and cold character. A bit like giving Dr House a limp and an addiction to pain meds to make up for his grumpiness. I do agree that Shawn is written very inconsistently. The way he is written I get the impression he was given a lot of free passes through his life and college because it seems he has little understanding of anything and isn't used to being challenged.
  4. I think they needed someone who looked sympathetic, dare I say it "normal" to play Shaun. Someone who would appeal to female audiences perhaps? There is a lot about the character that needs to be offset with other things. Leah also looks much older than Shaun come to think of it. Although she is only two years older as far as the actors go. Maybe Shaun just looks far too young? The way he comes across. Before he can demonstrate any skill he has to convince the person he has that skill/is competent. This is where TV fantasy lands fails because in real life most people would not take someone with the bobble head, robot voice and thousand mile stare seriously. In fact they would be quite off putting. It would be like your surgeon walking in and perhaps he/she is the world's best surgeon but you feel they are drunk/depressed/high or get any kind of weird vibe about them I doubt you will let them cut you open. Then on a personal level he just doesn't understand social interaction at all. On any level.
  5. I just doubt Shawn's credibility. If he told me we are on planet Earth I would want a second opinion.
  6. It had that feel to it, like everything was tied up and the story has nowhere else to go. Possibly. That is a risk for the show though as people's tastes change and a break that long will have people forget and lose interest in the show. Not to mention if they do give it a go in 2022 a lot of people who aren't already at that stage might watch it and think "wow, this is really bad, I can't believe I used to watch this crap". The writing is terrible and far too convenient. What happened? I think in part they ran out of things to do with Shawn. A lot of shows have this problem, in reality Shawn (or in general a character) needs to progress even if they don't realize it. But with TV the whole point is that they are challenged in some way, so they can't progress like someone would in reality. So there will always be inconsistencies. The Carly/Shawn thing was terrible from the start. They lacked chemistry and given that Carly looks a lot older than Shawn it had a mother/son feel to it at times which increased the discomfort level. I just looked up their ages and Jasika is 11 years older than Freddie. Carly then continuing to be very insecure about Leah was weird and seemed out of step for her character as well. It was like she just wanted out and so did the writers. Of course it was all designed to lead to Leah and Shawn being together. Overall way too easy. In terms of Autism, I still wouldn't Shawn anywhere near me if I was ill. That thousand yard stare of his is just weird.
  7. Terrible episode even for this show. Everything was way too easy all so they could get Shawn and Leah together. I felt the most for the woman who lost her leg. Was amputation really necessary, couldn't he have found some kind of breathing tube for her? Also it seems not long after he was done they were rescued which means they must have had some idea where they were and Leah was on the radio. Surely something could have been done to prevent amputation. I didn't care about anything else that happened. I think this will be the beginning of the end for the show. Like so many other shows where the two main characters get together after a long period of "will they, won't they" once they do get together there is little intrigue left.
  8. He's not behaving that way now though and given these shows lack consistency him taking care of himself is probably long forgotten. I think he is on the rebound from Carly and just expects Leah to come running to him. Carly certainly didn't help by getting jealous over the chemistry she sensed between Leah and Shaun. I have noticed that Shaun is the type of guy that if you told him to go jump off a bridge he would start researching which bridge he was meant to do that from. Shaun is way too immature and I think he should be kept well away from patients. I'm amused by the own goals the writers are kicking. If this show is meant to present Autistic people as being capable socially than it is failing.
  9. Kevin putting Randall in his place was great, I thought he was going to tell him that he isn't even related but came close enough. Toby doesn't seem very happy that little Jack could be brought up fat before he has a chance, the whole birthday cake thing. Seems even Randall's wife doesn't agree with him.
  10. Wow, where to start with this one! Another really simple and dumb episode. Naked Guy was funny although I couldn't help but note they had to have the cops be white and fat as well as lazy and dumb. Not sure how they couldn't see that indecent exposure is a crime and they needed to act. Not to mention despite the push for all women to have super powers in these shows that the two women would not have been able to subdue him. Helmet hair looked a little nicer this ep, I think it is growing out. She might actually be a threat to Kidd in the looks department. Although given Severide's rep for being a ladies man he can do better than both of them. I thought Casey was going to dig up the roots himself as well. I think the child protection story was over simplified. I doubt a woman in a wheel chair would be so easily condemned. The child care worker seemed tired and jaded. The city could save a fortune by firing all their staff and having Casey and Serveride investigate everything. They seem to do that a lot. Gallo could be their apprentice. And why would you take your mask off in a fire? Why wouldn't you just grab the kid who is also breathing in smoke and worry about his comfort and trauma later? The black gay guy seemed more "gay" this ep, was it just me or did he get a little more flamboyant at times? Bret seems to have a new romance in the works. I wonder what will go wrong with it this time lol. Ahhh... I know, new guy will be uber successful and wealthy but doesn't care about some "important" social issue.... I could not take Hermann seriously as a leader, especially in a field where lives are at stake. Girls on Fire was an eye rolling moment. I enjoyed seeing Kidd get stung for the bill and get shot down a few times. Really bad name too, it does bring up images of Girls Gone Wild or just women running around in flames.
  11. That's going to be disturbing for Rebecca, "Wait... you're my son? But...."
  12. It's not your memory, the show meanders so much, often without anything interesting happening. So it is only natural you zone out at times. 🙂 I don't think it falls on Randall. He makes it his mission to care for her. Remember Jack's long lost brother, the alcoholic? Remember how the Pearson's (Kevin in particular) kept getting in his business pushing him when he just wanted to be left alone? Being a busy body is a Pearson trait. St Jack must be accepted as holy if you want to deal with the Pearson's. Miguel would know that and so would never try and take Jack's place. He must also accept that Rebecca's kids will make all serious decisions in regards to her health. In the end any man who wants Rebecca will always have to accept that he comes second. Do they have a dog? Maybe third.. Yeah, why did he marry her? She was hot back in the day. My guess is he always liked her. Some guys just get hung up on a woman and no matter what they have to have her. He probably just feels lucky to have landed her and is happy to not cause waves. LMAO so true it is like he is married to his mother. Quite often when the "Man of the house"is no longer around the oldest male is made the "man of the house"regardless of his age. So perhaps Randall was given these roles (even if sub consciously) by Rebecca as well as Randall also just wanting to save the world and taking it on himself. He can't handle Kevin or even Rebecca take control. He is a control freak who certainly won't allow an outsider to take care of mom.
  13. DarkHorse

    SEAL Team

    Much better than the previous ep. The firefight was good although firing away madly at the tank was questionable. Clay has that "future of the Navy" type look and would be a good diplomat. Natalie should know by now that Jason is only about being a Seal. He doesn't really hide it and he is not going to be forthcoming with any feelings. I think his secret desire is to be killed in battle and solve all his problems. I thought firing at the tank was stupid. Pretty good shooting by the crew even if it was a little late in scoring a direct hit on the Seal position. I thought Clay getting promoted or potentially promoted was sudden too but then again, he fits the public relations image and he has a big mouth so by promoting him they get to control him. Sonny can't help himself. He had already challenged and humiliated the guy, nothing else had to be done. I think this show deals with things that SWAT a similar themed (but very different show) doesn't even try and deal with. It does it well too. I hated Bones and his character in it and almost didn't bother with Seal Team because he was in it but he is a good actor.
  14. I think Shawn needs to understand the difference between sex and love. He also needs to calm down a little and he might find a lot of women who would be happy to take advantage of his desire to please. Leah may have taken him on that as well. I think Morgan's honesty and bluntness would work well too with Shawn's bluntness. Shawn does need therapy but I wonder if that would be possible given he does not like hearing what he doesn't like. Maybe now with some experience under his belt he may be more open to criticism.
  15. Threatened or just protective about what kind of influence his son was being exposed to? He felt similar about Randall's teacher who he was idolizing. I think from a parents point of view those would be natural concerns. It's a huge topic and I do wonder if race/culture would have been an issue if Randall was say Romanian and adopted by a white American couple. I can see how he would have the understandable feelings about being dumped by his own kind (both genetically and racially his own kind) and taken care of by outsiders. That would be confusing in many ways. In life there are times you just have to stop and count your blessings and overall Randall's life has been rather good. In fact he has a better life than many other people. Whether this was all because of the Pearson's in particular or he would have achieved it anyway even if his birth father kept him is debatable but from what we have seen he was given the stability and support to achieve a great deal in his life.
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