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  1. Yep. Lots of shows are like that. I remember back when Big Bang Theory was still in first run and people would come to the forums here to bitch about each episode. Every single week. Which is fine - except they'd also be saying "when will they cancel this mess". Well not when the ratings are high that's for sure!
  2. I was mad at the guy because, well jerk. But I was madder at the cashier. She knew that guy had no right to cut in front of a line of customers and instead of telling him to go wait his turn she gives him priority over the rest of us? I always wondered if anyone else walked out as well but, hey we're Canadian so I'm betting not.
  3. Ugh I'm having a flashback to Christmas. All us nice polite ladies have formed a line waiting for our turn at the cash, finally I'm next and some man comes up out of nowhere and goes to the counter. And the cashier - who knew damn well where the line was started to process his order. I stepped forward and said "I believe I was next" and the man gets all exaggeratedly polite and says "well by all means go ahead" as if he's doing me a huge favour. And the cashier is looking apologetic AT HIM. I dropped my stuff on the counter and walked out. I still get mad when I think about this.
  4. This would be an interesting topic for them to pursue on The View. But they won't because it all ends in screaming and them talking over each other instead of making valid points. Maybe I'm looking back through rose coloured glasses but I feel they used to discuss issues and make points without things deteriorating into mayhem.
  5. Agreed and I don't see it as bashing to make this point. If they were tied neck and neck I'd feel differently about this but not the way things are now. They're being realistic about his chances.
  6. I'm not positive but I think she was referencing that the Trump administration cut the pandemic response team. Claim: The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.
  7. Does anyone know whose voice is doing the WealthSimple commercials? Upperclass British woman. Sounds so familiar to me but I can't tell if it's because I recognize the specific voice or if she just sounds like someone I feel I should know.
  8. There's a commercial on for McDonalds right now with a song with a '50s vibe playing in the background - can't remember it offhand (despite having heard it roughly a million times in the last week or so - ok maybe slight exageration). Anyway I don't mind it too much but it's driving my husband crazy. It comes on and we have to mute the TV or I get treated to his trademark speech on obnoxious music in commercials (also heard roughly a million times)!
  9. Maybe. Or else like most experienced Moms - well aware of when to jump in and when to back off.
  10. What's really sad is even if they did do that quarantine and things got better for ever after we'd be hearing "see it was a huge over reaction" we would not be hearing "they did the right thing and stopped it in its tracks".
  11. Not sure if this is a pet peeve or not but it's annoying the hell out of me. Our local oldies radio channel spent the morning of International Women's Day playing songs by female singers. Big whoop, right? Not for some. Guys (and some women too sadly) complained that they never have time set aside just to play songs by guys so major double standard. Sweet jesus. Seriously?
  12. But, but they were wood! Honestly we just bought recently and we bought despite, not because, the previous owners painted perfectly nice oak cabinets a shiny green. Sigh. I get it if the cabinets are stained or damaged in some way and you can't afford to replace them. But when there was nothing wrong with the cabinets why can't people just leave them alone?
  13. Rewatched and I don't know how I missed this line: "Did you make this taste bad so Dad would lose weight?" Seriously laughed out loud. Upon rewatching I stand by my opinion that Sheldon was right in the sense that his contribution deserved more than a thank you in a foot note however, and that's a big however he also did not deserve co-authorship credit. I liked that the Ed Begley Jr character made that clear to Sheldon because it really wasn't enough for it to come from Dr Sturgis who obviously could have been biased. Have to add that Iain Armitage is an awesome little actor. His face at the end when Dr Sturgis told him he didn't want him in his class anymore - wow. You could see the hurt and confusion and realization that he blew it all there in that moment,
  14. So Ottawa just got it's first confirmed case of COVID 19 and I actually do need to buy toilet paper. Dammit. Assuming there's any on the shelves I'm going to look like a stockpiler. Ugh.
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