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  1. Dillon is Tim Riggins. That's all I got
  2. Anyone else wonder if Noura was going to show up at Final Tribal Council and be completely calm and logical and explain that her strategy was to be the goat everyone wanted to bring to FTC? Then point to her physical prowess at challenges, her complete ZEN-LIKE win on that final challenge and her contributions to helping with the necessities of survival?
  3. I remember early on in the American Idol days there was a "Vote for the Worst" movement that resulted in some bizarre results. I'm wondering if such a thing is going on with this show for the past couple of seasons. Bobby Bones? Sean Spicer? Really???
  4. Every single time I heard the name Ronnie all I could think of was "Shy Ronnie". Anyone else? Just me? ok then.....
  5. I waited til the whole show aired and will now watch this season in it's entirety. Just watched episode one. Any chance this poster is from Oakville Ontario?? lol!
  6. I've seen John talk about how he would change a couple of Stefon's lines without telling Bill just to make him break on camera. I'm certain he did that again when Bill had to say the line about his Bachelor Squad in "What's My Name". Just an excellent episode all around!
  7. Anyone else see that end shot of the snuffed out torch and think of the silent clock? Honk if you know what I'm talking about.....
  8. Thank you for that link!!! That will be my 2019 inspiration video. INCREDIBLE!!!! And I do love Kennedy and think references to her bot-like personality are completely unfair. She's so young and such a talent, life experience hasn't begun to catch up with her. But it will. And she will be a star. Quite certain.
  9. I heard that too!! Didn't know whether to laugh or cry
  10. For me (for you) hehe.... Cade is an SNL sketch waiting to happen. There's a Matthew McConnaughey-esque quality to him. When Katy was done flailing around I was waiting for an "alright, alright, alright". I just can't get past that.
  11. I've concluded that Krystal would be a Donald Trump choice for an affair and the fact that she'd be a bunny boiler would only add to the intrigue for him. lol!
  12. I apologize for the specific reference error. Not cool. And I thank you for the clarification. I maintain my point that "diva" is an oft-used throw away reference for women who stand their ground. And it needs to stop. I'm quite sure there are a ton of men who display poor behaviour on set and pitch fits and don't get called divas. That's all.
  13. This attitude! My God! The whole point is for women to VALUE themselves and VALUE their work and NOT be disparaged with an easy insult "diva!". If you read the article you would see that she decided to make this about BUSINESS and wanted to share her experience openly so other women would know what the highest paid woman on a drama gets paid and exactly what she went for and why. Young women in the profession would benefit greatly by thinking about profit sharing and percentages as a goal in their career and not only the artistic expression. Make it a well paying and more all around satis
  14. This times 1000!!! The same holds true for Dr. Warren who also doesn't appear to breathe when he speaks. Hold your breath and try to speak. Congratulations. You now sound like Ben Warren. Why oh why do people think the guy who plays Owen is a good actor??? The super duper intense manpain look (which is identical to the "oh i'm so in love" look) is always accompanied by a tilt of the head to make it look MEANINGFUL! And he doesn't kiss people - he eats their faces! I loathe this guy!! And the actress who plays Amelia really really needs to check the vocal fry. It sends me i
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