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  1. How many siblings does Sam and dante share? I can only think of kristina.
  2. How can the actors in the Nixon falls story say their lines with a straight face? One cop, no customers, handful of residents town. Why does Nina stay in that town? She has a life in Port Charles? Does Maurice Bernard really like this story? It never ends.
  3. The salad slingwas stupid. 20$ for a towel you spin around. Use a salad spinner or paper towels. They shut her down quick
  4. the writers could have just had sonny in a coma or in prison to send him out of port Charles for a while. I agree the scenes set in Nixon falls feel like they don't belong on the show. If sonny can take the time to investigate that guy why isn't he taking the time to find out who he is? How does Nina add to the story?
  5. This sonny dancing is beyond stupid. When has he ever danced? That bar is weird Noone ever comes in. The show can't get a couple of extras. Sonny shoukd get out of that town and find out who he is
  6. how do those guys with the water cooler pay their bills? They don't work. There is nothing wrong with ice chests. If you don't use ice use freezer packs in the chest
  7. what is going on with the sonny amnesia story? Why hasn't he remembered who he is? Why should we care about the bar owners? It feels like a different show when they are on.
  8. What nurse makes dinner for a hospital patient? A patient gets hospital food.
  9. sonny is now dealing toilet paper. hes selling it to people who cant find any during this virus
  10. i dont understand how these restaurants are not shut down by the health department. every episode he shows gross kitchens and gross food
  11. i hate the mayhem commercials with tina fey. i hate the prescription commercial with martin sheen. yelling about how expensive it is. he has plenty of money tom selleck and joe namath advertising Medicaid and reverse mortages. they have nothing to worry about. .
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