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  1. Tim McD

    Season 3 Discussion

    Great show and phenomenal actors but I roll my eyes at how omnipotent the villians are in this series. They can do anything they want, and it's never explained how they did it. For instance they: Acquired hydrogen chloride gas. Knew how to pump the gas into the truck. Knew how to pump the gas into the truck at a rate where it wouldn't kill everyone right away. Knew how to build a collar bomb. Knew how to set up a dedicated web cam which could only be seen on a specific laptop. Broke into the flat to set up the web cam without getting caught. Despite Anton being of slight build they managed to overpower and kidnap 11 people and force them into the truck. Snuck into a house during the night while the adults slept, deposited several kids there, then drugged and removed the kids that lived there without waking anyone. And that's just season 3! Note: I see that krankydoodle addressed some of these points in the post above mine, apologies.
  2. Tim McD

    S02.E10: Mystery Man

    Did Macmillan actually attend a performance of Beyond the Fringe, and did the cast really mock him from the stage? I've been unable to find anything definite on that.
  3. Tim McD

    S27.E07: Full Speed Ahead, Captain!

    Hagoo? Really?
  4. Tim McD

    S01.E19: Spartan Figures

    Accents were all over the place. The German chancellor sounded vaguely French/German/generic-European and the Greek minister sounded Russian. POTUS' son is a junkie and he looks like that? Where can I score some horse? I like how the show is evolving and how the SoS staff has become a part-time comedy troupe; maybe not realistic but entertaining. Speaking of which what happened to John Pankow? I thought he was romancing Bebe. I love that guy!
  5. Tim McD

    S01.E08: Ritchie

    I'm in the minority I guess. I loved this show and hated to see it end. There is one thing we can all agree on though; Richie's art show photographs were terrible.
  6. It's weird to see the opening credits of the later episodes and the first credit says "Starring Jon Walmsley." To paraphrase MST3K, can anything really be starring Jon Walmsley?
  7. Tim McD

    Mr. Selfridge

    Downton Abbey left off in 1924 and Mr. Selfridge is currently set in 1918 which was where DA was in their second season. It would be more accurate (and highly weird) if not-dead-yet Sybil strolled into the store.
  8. Tim McD

    All Episodes Talk: Goodnight Everyone

    That Corabeth could be one hot tamale. Remember when she wanted to get all sexed up with Reverend Donny Osmond? Ugh, season 6 is awful.
  9. Tim McD

    S01.E05: Connie

    Why was Hector texting a picture of a duck in a hard hat to Connie? Must be code for something.
  10. Tim McD

    S03.E02: Chapter 28

    Frank has got to be the world's most virile stud. Here he is, utterly defeated, in a state of complete emotional collapse, weeping on the floor, and Claire walks in and in the space of no more than 20 seconds he manages to get horny, achieve an erection and have intercourse. Either that or he was blubbering on the floor with a raging hard-on all ready to go.
  11. Tim McD

    S01.E01: Hector

    I liked it. There I said it. A great cast and while the characters' behavior is awful at first, there seems to be a promise of redemption (I haven't seen the Aussie original). I think the idea of a singular action setting off a chain-reaction of events is interesting. I really like Thomas Sadoski, I hope his story gets a lot of attention. I'm also intrigued by the kid with the camera. Did he snap an image of Hector and the babysitter making goo-goo eyes at each other under the stairs? And was he flirting with Hector when he told him he had a nice smile?
  12. Tim McD

    All Episodes Talk: Goodnight Everyone

    They reside inside the walls in the 4th dimension, along with Olivia's family and Chuck Cunningham.
  13. Tim McD

    All Episodes Talk: Goodnight Everyone

    I kind of like the idea of The Waltons evolving into a recipe-soaked Depression era version of Absolutely Fabulous, only with John and Ike replacing Eddie and Patsy. If the show was rebooted for today, the Baldwin sisters would be oblivious purveyors of weed, thinking it was some kind of herbal tobacco hybrid.
  14. Tim McD

    All Episodes Talk: Goodnight Everyone

    Doesn't John admit to a past drinking problem in that one or am I confusing it with a Little House episode? Kind of weird when you remember that he spent an evening sloshing champagne with his loser World War I buddy AND he came home tipsy that one time when he went to the Dew Drop Inn with Merle Haggard.
  15. Tim McD

    S01.E13: Chains of Command

    I love that the SoS is often seen snoozing in her office, which totally makes sense due to all the jet lag. Nice detail! The Ira Buchman/Lilith Sternen-Crane romance can't happen fast enough.