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  1. This kinda confirms Darian to me, and suggests maybe Bri and Chandi are her boot buddies?
  2. It isn’t supposed to be about seniority, but it is. Otherwise Alexis and Miranda would never have been chosen as 2GLs last year. Sav and Rachel A are going to be 4th years; Kelli and Judy aren’t going to leave that on the table. All 3 4th years last year were group leaders, I don’t see them bucking that trend especially when they’re going to have to rely so much on experience to get them through this year with a truncated TC that could potentially be more virtual than they anticipate.
  3. Maddie, Tess, Gina, Lexie Savannah, Rachel A, Caroline, Ashlee in that order in those pairings. I may or may not have spent wayyyyy too much time the other night writing out groups, triangle, and boot buddy lists 😂
  4. Alora Rose just posted on her story that she’s heading to NYC, which is home for her (I think?). Maybe breaking her Florida quarantine to head home and start packing up her life??
  5. I’m really surprised to hear that! It seems like the Ice Angels all love her, but I guess you can’t really tell from social media.
  6. Has anyone heard about Kennedy Jo? She’s been super hush hush on Insta
  7. Where did this rumor of a rookie retiring late in the game come from?? You are a saint for making this! I love it 😍
  8. I just combed social media for any mentions of an announcement and nothing 😞 anyone else find anything yet?
  9. As an Elon grad, I have to say that I’m stoked for Madison either way! But her plan for law school could be her backup if she doesn’t make DCC, or if DCC ends up not happening this year bc of COVID. A girl has to plan ahead!
  10. I’m upset 🥺🥺 that girl deserves GL, point, PBC, and everything else she could be given - she is stunning! Sad to see her go
  11. On the podcast? Or somewhere else?
  12. Kelcey ROTY and Bridget VOTY! There is a god! 😍 Didn’t see any more confirmed retirements though after banquet last night. Maybe on the next podcast episode?
  13. Dani DelNegro has a similarly cryptic Insta story up so I kinda think she didn’t make it either.
  14. Yeah I'm seriously shook about Megan and possibly Ali. Ali especially, honestly. She was one of my favorites to potentially make the team. Excited for Danielle, though! I hope we get full confirmation of her soon.
  15. I have updates! Per Insta: From Ali Floyd’s Insta story - Kennedy Jo has made semis... but Ali tried out too, so it kinda sounds like she didn’t make it. Megan Erickson (ohmymegann_) did not make it. Sarah Parton made semis, per a quoted Insta story from a friend. Anyone else find updates?
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