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  1. I agree .. to me Kelcey and Amanda always stood out strongest rookies ... I thought all along it would be between those 2 and possibly Taylor. So YAY!!!
  2. Why doesn't someone ask the certain rookie then ... some here obviously follow her on twitter and instagram πŸ™„ ..not sure why
  3. Did any of the finalist from last year try out and on to the second round??? The one Charm liked I think her name was Katie. Also interested if any of the cut TCC's tried out again πŸ™‚
  4. Was going to point something out but ...never mind .....
  5. I think the Grandma Moses comment was not necessary but Miranda's hairstyle always seemed dated to me ... like 60's or 70's Tammy Wynette always comes to mind when I see her. The other girls with longer hair have a little layered look and curl ... it seems they give her an updated look and she reverts to what she has known the one she came into training camp with. My sister will do the same thing .. I will get her to go to my stylist she will update the look and then a few weeks later looks like she is purposely trying to style her hair back the way she started .... oh well I am a big Brianna fan πŸ˜ƒ I am from Nashville so I was happy a former Titans Cheerleader made it to DCC !!
  6. Thanks I was wondering about that πŸ™‚
  7. The triangle is usually girls of same height I believe ... I don't see how a tall girl could be point ... the diamond would be ruined and we all know Judi is very particular about the triangle how could you put a shorter girl right behind the tip ... it wont work. Was there not a recent season that had the tall blonde (6 ft) from WV and Kelli was wondering if she was too tall for their kick line. I thought most of the taller girls were the outer edge due to height ???? That video was pretty bad ...you would think she would have had someone to help her set that up better 😲
  8. Is the reason for various seasons taking more or less 36 is it depending on the physical health of the veterans? In years past season 5 in particular had less than 36 and yet 3 veterans went down with injuries before a game ... just trying to figure out why some seasons more and some 36 or less ???? Season 11 had 37 because they want Kelsey and Yuko and yet season 12 could not make space for Taryn ???
  9. I seriously doubt that is going to happen regarding Victoria in the triangle or diamond πŸ™„ Tess would most likely be the top of the diamond .. Judy has pointed Tess out as being too delicate a few times ... she may be a good leader but that doesn't always translate in a seniority placement in the triangle or Janelle would have been point or flanked right or left even diamond in the triangle (did that happen her last year??). Good gracious they put Janelle way up in the photo where she should have been more front and Lexie jumped over Gina in triangle position.. such conspiracies 🀣🀣🀣
  10. Also Gina came off and she was already on the team and directing the other TCC in her group as if she was a leader talk about self absorbed and she was actually WRONG what she was telling them according to her group leader
  11. I never saw that ... when she was called into the office she was always worried that she was disappointing K&J because they expected so much from her...not privilege
  12. From what I have seen Victoria has never given off the vibe she is better than others ... Gina on the other hand her rookie year sure needed some humble pie ... her telling J&K that growing up other girls were always jealous of her ... that in my mind is self absorbed...not the mention Madeline being the mean girl in the locker room and having the nerve to move her locker without checking with K&J first .... its a little far reaching to think Victoria has that much power that she can tell J&K who to put on the team and who to cut πŸ™„
  13. With all that is going on I was thinking about Amy and her husband's dance studio .😳 With all the pro teams in Texas ...... I am guess all the studios and instructors must have taken a hard hit. Here in Tennessee some gyms (not the same as dance) opened with limits and others will not open till phase 2 and again no group exercise classes ... that will most likely be indefinite until we get to where larger groups can be together. ...just curious and thinking out loud .☺️
  14. I am begging CMT do not torture us with the out of order announcements!!! Its a big pet peeve of mine to watch the last 5 girls supposedly getting called and you can clearly see a veteran behind her that you know has made it 😑
  15. Yeah the waddle made me cringe a little but agree that could have been corrected ... they thought she was fake but she came across and sweet and approachable. She was there to be a cheerleader unlike the sisters in season 4 got in and the bailed ... that was 2 spots for someone else to have a shot at training camp .
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