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  1. Oh dear she has a new TikTok out… cuz she’s mad cool ya know… her and a child dancing in the Bahamas and she’s covered in the provocative sand…🤣😱🧐
  2. I’d give a lot of money to fill in for an oap on her show…. Bahahahaha!
  3. Oh fml small has a tick took channel and the pubic and Alberti will do new dances every week. You see the pubic bone WAS a professional dancer. Question is what kind of professional dancer…?
  4. Oh dear she had to mention marrying a Brit. Her and the pubic bone should really join together ….
  5. At least she was honest as opposed to the xxs one
  6. Any guesses what the skunk will be wearing tonight?
  7. Maybe she’s got some wacky weed in those smokes….
  8. Sidebar…LOL… just had to say that….. if chocolate brown upsets her perhaps it should be called broccoli poop brown….
  9. She is in dire need of serious, not just internet certified, help. Like inpatient therapy. I’m no psychologist here but, having experienced life in many not so great ways, having a professional help you through difficult times is a life saver. She surely seems on the brink of a total breakdown, or worse. And really, you are a public figure, why oh why the social media opposing personas? Begging for attention when you exclaim every.single.Saturday how this or that product makes you so happy? And then two minutes later a sm post breaking down because you can’t grow nails or whatever. I ca
  10. Oh I’m so giddy about her upcoming journal and bible cuz her expertise will make them so much better than others before her… snark snark
  11. She was absent the first part of her show with Jane as she apparently ate something and it went down the wrong tube. She sounded extremely nervous initially and then snap she was gone. Wish she would have stayed gone, choked and died, etc…. Ugh I cannot stand this bismal piece of crap
  12. ANNNND here she is back in bed looking like she just rolled out of it. Tons of hair in the face. I cannot stand the sloth. Too funny she and blabby are “ besties” yet skunk just asked her why she’s never had her over. Hmmmmmm,mmmmmmm
  13. Coco is awful! She cannot speak, the work she’s had done is soooo obvious…
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