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  1. Just watched the Peter Nygard episode. What a disgusting creep. Any idea why this story hasn't gotten as much attention as Jeffrey Epstein? Is it because he wasn't hobnobbing with Trump and Prince Andrew and other more powerful figures? I had never even heard of this guy or his fashion brand although I gather this story is probably a bigger deal in Canada. The whole Beverly Peele thing was also very strange. I did some googling after watching this and I vaguely remember hearing her name in the 90s as a model. She apparently was going around saying that she was about to be homeless becaus
  2. I've seen several this year that I really liked. My husband watches them with me and he really liked A Kiss Before Christmas. (I think he sees a little of himself in the James Denton character!) We also really liked One December Night, My Christmas Family Tree and When a Bell Rings. I'm really loving all of the increased diversity. It is starting to feel less token-ish and more like they are actually exploring and writing stories and characters of all different backgrounds. I will probably check out Christmas House 2 now that so many people have raved about it. I remember watching it last yea
  3. I thought this was a good episode. I was so sure that someone - Sarah, Byron, Tali, the retired cop - was not going to make it out alive and I'm happy I was wrong. I think it's realistic for Tali to both be antagonistic to Sarah and also love her, as I'm sure she has conflicting emotions about her dad dating and possibly replacing her mother but also be happy to have someone like Sarah in her life. After all, Tali was the one who pushed her dad to call and pursue Sarah. Teenage girls can be a bundle of contradictions. I do not like the idea of Ortiz moving in with Hana as her roommate. D
  4. Me neither. I wasn't impressed. I thought there were lots of interesting ideas for prints and some of them turned out really well, but then the finished product not so much. I didn't think Darren's was the worst on the runway (or the worst he's ever put out) but he's in the bottom every single week so it was time for him to go, thank God! Katie has to be next as she is on the bottom more often that she is safe. Her outfit's top looked like a clown top with the scalloped leather collar. The skirt was a massive improvement on the pants she was going to make but that top was AWFUL. Sabrina
  5. I wonder if Angelo's plan was just to see how far the grandfather would go to save his own sorry skin, including raping his own granddaughter, and Angelo was planning on stopping it as soon as he saw that the grandfather was willing to go there. Still would be indefensible and traumatizing to the girl, but it's hard to imagine that anyone would actually go through with it.
  6. I'm sorry but the whole Murdaugh family looks inbred. They are completely emblematic of rich but mediocre people who stay ahead strictly due to family history and legacy rather than due to intelligence, talents and work ethic. I feel bad for the housekeeper's family but not sure why they have kept quiet for so long. Rich people like the Murdaughs count on people like the housekeeper's family to enable their bad behavior. Did they ever say what is wrong with the 2 sons? I felt bad for Kristen Smart's family. The campus police completely bungled that case by not treating it seriously and b
  7. I agree. While Aidan Quinn's character's behavior was problematic, he wasn't necessarily a predator. Why couldn't he just come to the realization that this type of behavior is no longer acceptable and learn from it? And yes, back when Olivia was 16, I don't think it was that unusual for a 16 year old to be dating a 21 year old.
  8. I generally feel that way too but I think in this case, it could have been funny. I mean, what could have been a bigger distraction from the alien baby laboratory than fighting each other over Covid? LOL And it would have given a nod to those who believe in Covid conspiracy theories.
  9. This year's contestants just seem so unlikable so far. There's a lot of drama queens and people whose confidence and arrogance don't seem to match their abilities. After all these years, the contestants know that you must be able to think, sketch, shop and sew quickly so there really is no excuse for anybody not finishing on time. I still can't get over the fact that someone was allowed to stay last week despite not putting out a garment just because he was lucky enough to be on the winning team. He better be the next to go. And does anyone feel like this season there are a lot of internationa
  10. I agree they should have played with the idea of the aliens creating all kinds of distractions for the Americans so they wouldn't notice the alien baby laboratory. They could have shown how each year, each generation they kept having to up the ante and the distractions, culminating with the Trump presidency and the ultimate distraction of the Covid lockdowns. It was a letdown of an ending, but I was mostly entertained.
  11. When the dad fell asleep mid-sentence from taking the heroin and his daughter freaked out over not getting the full instructions, I couldn't help but wonder why they wouldn't have talked over the instructions multiple times before he actually took the heroin just in case this happened.
  12. Wasn't Hodges engaged or married to a hot Italian woman in the last season of CSI? I don't remember what happened to that relationship though. I know Hodges was insecure and I remember them having a discussion about it but I can't remember if they broke up. And he and Morgan became best buds so why isn't she here to provide support? I get that they have limitations based on actor availability but still some more throwaway lines explaining these would be a treat to long-time viewers. Also, when Grissom was remarking to Sara that they don't actually know much about Hodges, including if he
  13. I would have loved to see more of any of the original lab workers still there. It would have been great to see that David was now the medical examiner as he was Robbin's protege. I liked the new guy on the show but it would have been better if it had been David. I wonder if the actor just didn't want to come back. Also, I would have loved to see Henry or Archie or Mandy or any of the other lab techs still there, or even promoted. And why couldn't it have been Greg as the new lab director or supervisor, unless the actor didn't want to come back. A throwaway line about how Greg quit to sta
  14. GiandujaPie


    I felt sorry for Lydia up to a point. Once they told her they were investigating her friends' deaths, she should have given up. However, you could see that her mental health issues impacted her judgment and it was made even more clear when they brought her to the body of the killer and she didn't believe them and thought they were playing her to just get her to give it up. It did make me wonder why the FBI didn't try staging something like that to get her to give up.
  15. I would love to see a Trial by Jury reboot. It never got a fair shake, IMO. Maybe Bebe Neuwirth could come back as a DA .I would also like to see Eames back as the lieutenant since Van Buren probably retired. The senior roles, like the elected DA or first chair, or the lieutenant or captain, should be a returning familiar face and then everyone else can be new.
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