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  1. I've said it before, I'll say it again: BorDerLiNe PeRsOnALitY DiSorDer
  2. Nah, you were just verbal acrobating! You're mad cool, just like Shawnie Sue. Now just refrain from showering for the rest of the week and you'll be TWINS! 😱
  3. Hellooooo, she's a VERBAL ACROBAT, dontcha know? That's why she's so down with the cool kids!
  4. Estée Lauder asked her to the prom, but Jane turned her down! He's a life-size Ken doll. Creepy af.
  5. Shawn Killinger: Portrait of a Trainwreck Electronic media, 2021
  6. Seriously, is there a more thoughtful gift for a woman maintaining an amazing weight loss than a bucketful of (opened, touched) M&Ms? What a bitch.
  7. Yep. And now Skunko's stuck at a job she clearly hates while Jamie's a multi-millionaire who could buy and sell her many times over. So I'd wipe that glee off my face if I were her. Yeah, this is bullshit industry jargon.
  8. This photo! Why is her nose spreading all over her face??
  9. Have we ever reached a consensus on this? She hasn't always wiped her nose (on the back of her freakin' hand). Is she a cokehead? What the hell is the problem here?
  10. To be fair, nobody likes trying on swimsuits. But she doesn't like them at all? Is she strictly a skinny-dipper? So tonight alone we know she hates swimsuits, denim shirts, and white denim. And the list of hates is so long I can hardly remember a fraction of them: foundation, jeans, pants, showers, vegetables... Is anyone brave enough -- does anyone have time enough -- to compile a master list of all the things Skunko has declared her hate for on air? And, for bonus points, a list of things she has proclaimed her love for (a much shorter list, and I'll start you off: wine)? Just actu
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