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  1. lol she wasn’t out of breath, that move was part of the solo
  2. that picture is cute but fck covid i guess 🙄 ugh
  3. i'm confused, what does maddie sucking at kicks have to do with being woke/cancel culture lmao
  4. Chandi's headshot is the worst I think...it's so bad Armani's hair is ROUGH...it almost looks like a wig but I guess not? The part makes it look like a wig I feel like Elli's doesn't do her justice...same with McKenzie Daphne looks like she just woke up...even more so than usual I agree with what someone said above, Tess always has some under-eye concealer that is way too light. It's burned into my memory
  5. i think either j or k said that about her last year when she first tried out too tho
  6. $299 for a Kelli Cameo is so delusional lmao. Most football fans, the people actually seeing the cheerleaders in person, have no idea who runs the DCC. The superfans here and other places online seem to be annoyed by Kelli more than anything else. Even if they aren't I can't imagine someone so obsessed that they would pay that much for one. I cannotttttt omfg
  7. 1000x this. They make it so that unless you come from parents with money and you're on a break from college, it's nearly impossible to make it to and through TC. Kinda gross. They want you to be smart but they think knowing who the president is makes you smart lmao. Those panel interview questions, lordt. Interesting how they let her 'choose' curly hair for her makeover but she has long, straight hair in her cameo lol. Typical This squad is odd. I can't wait to see who quits after a year/who did this only because there was nothing else to do in 2020. Also can't wait to see which vets retire Does anyone know how old McKenzie is? Just curious. She has such a beautiful smile
  8. lol, this. the vets had much more to lose, under way more painful circumstances. you can't really compare the reactions of girls who have been trying + on the team for 1-5 years to that of someone who tried out and has been there like two weeks. i'm also shocked jessica made the team since she's been boring and meh the whole way through. they love their blondes lmaoooo at judy shutting up the girls cheering rachel w for getting 2nd point i'm super excited to see who retires and who the one-and-dones will be
  9. I definitely think she is going to retire. Her bf making that post on Kelli’s IG was the nail in the coffin for me. What post?
  10. lol but of course rachel has a tanning business what a tasteless post
  11. I love Kristi. She's so nice and gives solid, fair critique without being unnecessarily cruel a la Miss Kitty 🙄
  12. Omg, “meth face” was stuck in my head because I saw it in a comment here about her from when the show was airing. “Shannon from Pittsburgh has meth face and that can’t be fixed,” or something like that. I just found the comment to confirm lmao. So I don’t think they said that, but they kept saying she didn’t have the DCC look like she was ugly or something—maybe her makeup was muddy but that’s a beyond easy fix.
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