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  1. Yep - pilot is excellent. Makes you wonder how different the series would have been had Landon not forced out Ed Friendly, the other executive producer, after the pilot. Friendly wanted to stay faithful to the tone of the books.
  2. Kyle

    I Love Lucy

    Agreed - it’s a shame that CBS has stopped doing it. The last time it aired was two years ago. And the ratings were still good. I wish they used a slightly less garish palette for the colorizations. Lucy’s hair looked like a clown’s in those specials. At that point in her career, she wasn’t yet wearing a wig, and her hair was more strawberry blonde. And Ethel’s hair looked yellow. The apartment looked good though.
  3. Kyle


    Sydney’s dual life was a huge part of the appeal of this series, at least for me. Over the course of season 2, they gradually unraveled that part of the story. The unraveling was fun (Will finding out; evil Francie; etc) but once that was done, the show really lost something.
  4. I’m a big fan of the series, but I hated “Very Brady Christmas” - way too corny. Of course, it was written by Sherwood Schwartz himself, and he only wrote two episodes of the actual series (one of them, the pilot, is similarly corny). I also hated all the dramatics - major life problems that were solved in just a few scenes. And Florence Henderson had become a full-out ham at this point in her career. I also didn’t need to see those two loser husbands from “The Brady Brides” show up, though I admire the continuity.
  5. Kyle

    The Waltons

    One of the crew members posted to TV Line and said that they had a very limited budget, so that’s likely the reason for no Ben. I also liked Mary Ellen. In the credits, the actors playing John Boy and Mary Ellen were billed first and second, separately from the rest of the cast. My guess is that if they move forward with a series, those two will be the focal point. I imagine that Grandma and Grandpa would only be recurring guest stars in a potential series (this is the CW after all; the focus is on youth), and the movie sets it up with them living elsewhere.
  6. Kyle

    The Waltons

    Everything and everyone looked too pretty and shiny and picture perfect. John Boy is an underwear model now? Way too much CGI. It’s as if The Waltons was remade for the Hallmark Channel.
  7. I’m a little surprised they’re reviving it. I thought it was a modest hit at best in its original run, and I can’t remember the last time I saw it rerun
  8. Landon was a hard worker and a talented man, but clearly was a flawed leader. When you are alienating some of your best team members (Grassle and MacGregor) and letting them walk away, you’re doing something wrong as a leader. Grassle, a really lovely onscreen presence, was criminally underused. Imagine how many more episodes they could have gotten out of the series had they used her a bit more. I also don’t think Landon was great at long term vision and was so locked into the old school mentality of absolute self-contained episodes even as the industry was changing. Nellie and Percival a
  9. I watched the interview Katherine MacGregor did about 10-15 years ago on Youtube. My guess is that she didn’t let her experience with Landon prevent her from doing any other jobs she wanted to do. She had done a number of TV guest roles in the 60s and early 70s, and then she did her nine year stint as a series regular - and did it brilliantly. And then she wanted to go off and do other things. She seemed like a person who really knew what she wanted to do, and wasn’t afraid to forge a new path.
  10. Thanks debraran for the answer about Katherine MacGregor and the final two-hour episodes. I never bought the whole “pilgrimage to India” reason. Even if she only appeared in the finale, it would have only taken her about 2-3 weeks to shoot, so you’d think she could have worked her trip around the shooting. I had read that she’d had previous tension with Landon; at one point he wanted to let her go but he knew that she was too important to the series. So Karen’s reason for Katherine’s absence in the final episodes make sense.
  11. Maybe she was having an affair with Michael Landon!
  12. Kyle


    Here’s what is most likely happening: Columbo, which is still a good draw for the retro channels, is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns COZI-TV. For a number of years, MeTV showed the original 70s package. About 5 years ago, MeTV got the 1990s revival and the 70s episodes moved to COZI. Then after a couple of years, they swapped. I’m guessing that COZI will have the entire run starting in the new year.
  13. Why wasn’t Harriet there at the end? Those last three movies without her are so dreary.
  14. I think they just want promotable names, ages be damned. From the casting, it sounds like they are going The Rerun Show route. I have a feeling that the Facts of Life actresses won’t be the right age either.
  15. Facts of Life and Diff’rent Strokes: Live in Front of a Studio Audience FOL and DS are getting the same treatment that All in the Family and The Jeffersons has gotten in the past. For some odd reason, a 42-year-old is playing Gary Coleman’s role.
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