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  1. Kyle

    Happy Days

    The return of Spike!
  2. Kyle

    Happy Days

    What’s funny is that Scott Baio actually left HD after his first season to star in Garry Marshall’s “Who’s Watching the Kids”. When that flopped, he returned to HD for the latter half of season 6. But a good chunk of season 6 is Chachi-free. If WWTK had taken off, what would HD have been like in its later years?
  3. The judge presiding over that case dismissed Richards as a defendant about a month before the plaintiff settled the suit with the remaining defendants.
  4. Kyle

    Happy Days

    Arnold’s burned down with 8 episodes to go in season 7. And then Richie and Ralph left in between seasons and as the poster above noted, season 8 starts with Fonzie as a teacher. So it’s close. There aren’t very many episodes with the new Arnolds and Richie and Ralph still around.
  5. Richards actually returned as Alicia only 10 episodes after “Someone, Please Love Me” in “The Return of Mr Edwards” (season six). It’s jarring to watch in reruns, to see her back as a different character, so quickly.
  6. Why do they need nice dishes when they live in that crapshack? Charles should have bought Caroline a nice ham. Much more practical.
  7. Dr Quinn would be much better if had more blind people. And orphans. And blind orphans. And fires. And mimes running around attacking people.
  8. Albert killed Alice and Mary’s baby. Charles knew that the schlong of healing wouldn’t work for Albert because his God is vengeful. But the worst thing that James did was wear a bowl haircut and break Albert’s razor (note whose razor it was), so his God was willing to go along in that case.
  9. I’ve heard Katherine MacGregor describe Harriet as “foolish” as well. What’s interesting is that in the early episodes, Harriet is not foolish at all, but instead a sharp, manipulative, often hateful character who is a threat. It’s only as time went on that they changed her into comic relief and she became foolish.
  10. I dislike the Bully Boys because Alden is such a naive, sanctimonious jackass, and everyone listens to him.
  11. Dynasty was a different show in its first year - not just about the Carringtons but also about the middle class Blaisdels and even the old wildcatter, Walter Lankershim. By season 2, it was all about glamour and glitz and anyone who didn’t fit into that world was gone. I like The Camp-Out a lot, though the Ingalls girls predictably let something awful happened to the Olesons and feel they are justified in their behavior.
  12. She was also a regular on Dynasty during its first season, playing the daughter of Claudia Blaisdel. I liked her as well. She has a Youtube channel and shares some of her memories in the comments.
  13. Katy Kurtzman also played Anna, the young girl with the stutter whom Nellie Oleson bullied.
  14. I never liked that actress, no matter what she showed up in. “Kith me, my wub.”
  15. Meredith would almost certainly be amazing on Jeopardy - smart, warm, and polished. But she’s already got a daily syndicated gameshow and is probably not contractually available. Also, she’s 67, and my guess is the producers will go younger.
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