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  1. We've got a local talk show and even though the female hosts are doing the whole remote thing, there is one, in particular (Melissa) who still spackles it on. I call it the full-on RuPaul drag queen look so I guess not everybody is happy with the new "relaxed" standards! Dear Mags....your look was being criticized long before the pandemic, as was your dreadful manners and personality. Remember some of the monstrosities that the wardrobe people put her in?!!!
  2. He is so good to her and deserves better. And did she really have to go off on Issa that way THERE?!!! It couldn't wait for a better time and place?!!! I couldn't care less if Tiffany is not adjusting to motherhood. She's one of those characters who I really believe that IRL, she would die first rather than have a kid. First off, she would barely survive pregnancy, labor would kill her and as far as having a screaming, demanding little bundle that barely sleeps, eats round the clock and needs frequent diaper changes, plus takes attention away from her goes, she really strikes me as a woma
  3. My thoughts exactly. I LOVED the first two seasons. This one? Not so much. It has felt weird, awkward and disjointed from the first episode and this one, to me, was the worst of the lot. I was bored as hell and ended up fast forwarding (thankfully, I PVR everything these days due to the staggering amount of commercials) pretty much the entire show. I don't know if it's the fault of the writers, producers or who but someone has really messed up this show. It used to be so much more interesting, riveting and unique. It feels to me that just when something good gets started, it just sort of
  4. Um..did I miss something? Possibly in my current mental state which is, a cooped up, quarantine-addled brain, I was positive that when Wags went to the peeler bar, did he not see his own daughter working the pole?!!! And he mentioned it to Axe the next day....AND THAT WAS THE END OF THAT?! Correct me if I'm wrong but did they not explore/expand upon that any further? It was just never spoken about again?!!! Did I hallucinate the whole thing? And if it did happen, then was it not highly unusual for a father to just leave it at that? Please don't judge too harshly. This confinemen
  5. Is that what she is because I always thought she was just some glorified "team builder" or some other workplace nonsense. That is sad. She used to be my favorite character. Now? I really don't know what exactly her role is anymore.
  6. The fact that Mags likes this show should come as no surprise. It figures that she would watch a show that does nothing but showcase women behaving horribly. These women are so stereotypical of rude, arrogant spoiled, rich bitches and I'm sure that they are encouraged to fully embrace the absolute worst parts of human behavior possible and ratchet up the nastiness. I can just see Mags - sitting there with her tub of Cheetos - taking it all in and maybe even writing down a few pointers that she can try out on the show. She's an insufferable bitch and will only get more so as her pregnancy
  7. I'm not slagging off anybody for watching it - and it's definitely NOT my cup of tea either - it's just that she always tries to come across as so highbrow. That she is miles above the sort of rabble that average people would watch. She presents as a snob and I for one can't wait for her mat leave and hopefully, her NOT returning to work. Please put your contacts back in. You look bloody ridiculous.
  8. Whoopi: "What did you do for Mother's Day?" Mags: "I watched the Real Housewives reunion on Bravo and it was amazing." Ever the intellect. And weren't we just overflowing with righteous indignation today?!!! She also whined about how people are complaining that now the on-air personalities are looking a little "unpolished" and how they're always coming after them for something. Did you once stop and think that maybe that they come after you because you are a spoiled, rude, arrogant woman? No....I didn't think so.
  9. Was Mags in an echo chamber? I'm sure that being a nubile bleached-out blonde who shills for the GOP was the deciding factor in Mizz McNinny getting that job. And I'm confused.....was Mags the body beautiful before? I don't seem to recall and if that wasn't PC either...sorry? I guess......
  10. Maybe it's the ginormous glasses, which are very distracting. During that segment when they gave the teacher his own computer and they were all in their Brady Bunch formation, Mags looked like she was standing in line at the DMV. Could you possibly look any more miserable, angry and foul-tempered?!!! I hate to think that a knocked up Mags is even going to be MORE insufferable as the months go on! I can hardly wait.
  11. Don't apologize! I feel exactly the same way and if I get "hater" thrown at me, well...I've definitely had worse! Hmmmmm.........I should have realized that the female robots are strictly there for the male guests to use and abuse in any manner they see fit. Sorry but I find rape repulsive and distasteful in any circumstance and it matters not that the "victim" is made for that purpose.
  12. Female friendships....they're like minefields. One unintentional wrong step and......BOOM!!! Tiffany annoys me. She strikes me as one of those vapid designer bag chicks who had a kid because all the celebrities were. She's shallow, self-centered and clueless.
  13. It's downright painful to watch and it's true - other shows are doing it much better. Mags? Please don't hurry back on my account. It's so wonderful NOT having you there with your slicked back hair, giant scary glasses and laughable attempts to sprinkle your conversations with new big words. Joy was right on the money about Obama vetting Biden. Knowing that the knives were out for him, I'm sure that they were extra extra careful. Those Republicans would have had a field day if there was even a whiff of impropriety even remotely associated with him! I'm sure that "fine tooth comb" doe
  14. Allen? You are one "contract job" away from ending up on the street and as a human being...especially as a MAN, you have failed miserably on all accounts. You are pathetic and if that were my Father, letting my useless leech POS of an ex live in his house, under those circumstances, not only would I disown him but I would sit down with a lawyer and find a way to get that asshole out of there for good! Couple that with the typical deadbeat Dad shit like missing support payments etc and I'm sure there isn't some sort of legal recourse. At least take his lazy ass to court about the support money
  15. Won't she be screaming her head off, in agony, by then?
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