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  1. I think Brandi was really into Denise and was lashing out. Brandi’s limitless hamster wheel was turning and Brandi wanted to spin this her way before Denise opened her mouth. Denise was never going to hit it again or speak about it but Brandi couldn’t be certain. Of course, Brandi tested her story to gullible Kim then there was diarrhea of the mouth🤮
  2. I don’t think any of the cast are Mensa members but, I would disagree that Kyle is the dumbest. Lisa R. and Dorit take that prize for me😂
  3. Gigi got scolded by Andy😂 I ♥️ Him❤️❤️❤️. Destiny looked hot and is definitely the prettiest woman on Shahs followed by Mike’s girlfriend. MJ is prettier than Gigi but is obese. Gigi acts like she is so hot and Nema is so beneath her- after marrying one of the ugliest creatures I’ve seen 😭
  4. I am always happy when housewives can move past a troubled relationship and forgive - way to go Kyle and Camille. Sucks Lisa, Teddy and Dorit are stuck in the past. Fun to see all the past Housewives. I truly miss Kyle and LV though💔
  5. Seriously, saying the show is rigged by fans is one thing. Having cast members spread information on social media like paying off Wes to work with Johnny and everything else they said is reckless. Makes it seem the MTV Challenge is more a show interested in boosting ratings, not a reality-based competition. Wonder if this breaches contract guidelines. Would like to see Cara and Paulie be kicked off 🤞
  6. I hate sore losers! This hit back in April/May from no other than Cara & Paulie. Surprised if MTV has them back throwing them under the bus😀
  7. So, $500,000 split between three top guys and $500,000 split between the gals. I don’t like the winner takes all concept either. Assuming the prize will be a $1,000,000 coming off a very popular season, spread out the money a little.
  8. If it ever comes to winner takes all. then take gender competitions off the table. Make everyone compete each week and only the winner decides two people to go in to compete for elimination boy/boy, girl/boy or girl/girl. After all, to be the winner that takes all the prize, implies you are the best challenger in the house.
  9. I want to like Denise but can’t get there. Open your mouth and talk. She has a lot to say when she isn’t in front of a person. I don’t like how passive aggressive she is. If she would talk it out, things would improve. Instead she goes to events and wants everyone to forget there are issues. Furthermore, she is in Garcelle’s ear and has her hating on Kyle.
  10. Enjoying the season and I missed out on what Dee said. Was it awful? Jenny crushed that! Dee had no chance against that beast😀
  11. Betty was so focused on Linda and obsessed with what Dan was doing that it drove her crazy. What she did is in inexcusable. Actions have consequences and I believe she served her time and should be granted parole. Betty is not a threat to anyone else.
  12. Thank you. I was wondering in a she said scenario what Bravo execs would do.
  13. What is going on? No shows until July! So 😤
  14. Wondering if Brittany called Faith nappy-haired? Brittany is denying but I don’t recall seeing her say anything like that on the show. Maybe a text?!
  15. TJ was great this episode with that wicked laugh😂. Dee crying to be delivered to the ledge was funny. Josh still confused why no one going after him since he is the biggest threat🤣. Everyone saving you buddy to own their stripes. Cory rolling his eyes hard when TJ giving Johnny props cracked me up. TJ was laying it on thick. Kinda of annoying😆
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