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  1. Yes because Nene wants some younger man. She treats him like ass and this is why he cheated on her. After he took her off the stripper pole and gave her a stable life, this is how that trash box treats him. KARMA biatch!
  2. Nene isn’t capable of taking any criticism. Yes, Greg cheated because you starved him of affection and probably sex. More than likely, Nene got couple envy looking at other couples with sexy partners like Kim Z. Reluctantly she got back with Greg but isn’t physically attracted to him anymore. I see a home where the two of them coexist and are friends not lovers. I can kinda see why Greg would entertain the help. He is lonely in his marriage. I see a man that would rekindle his relationship with his wife but she is ice cold. Just my interpretation of their relationship.
  3. I hope Kristin is more a regular on the Hills this season than a cameo🍷🙏🙏 Please, please, pretty please!
  4. Funny Dorit talking about others accent when she created her British accent - she is from the states. Kyle said she was joking w/ Dorit at first until Dorit said I have a life. Pissed her off. Not sure what’s going on with Denise but she placed a cease and desist on Brandi. Brandi must’ve been inappropriate about what’s coming up later this season. LV I miss her so much! I know Kyle does for sure.
  5. I really dislike when two friends have a disagreement then their other friends chime in. All of them do it and it’s annoying. I’ve always been the peacemaker of my friends and that isn’t an easy position to keep your mouth shut. Obviously you have opinions but you stay out of it as to not gang up on one person. Dorit forgets that Kyle did go to bat for her and lost her best friend. Dorit loved all the attention LV gave her and often rubbed Kyle’s nose in it. What Dorit did with that dog was kinda shady as she didn’t follow the adoption guidelines. As far as Lisa R goes, sorry not sorry, BLOOD is thicker than water. Nice try! Kyle should’ve left Dorit alone. It wasn’t her event and not her concern. Makes me wonder if Kyle was still pissed at Dorit for saying she saved Kyle’s fashion show. Denise chiming in made matters worse.
  6. Kristin and Jay’s sizzle is gone. Makes me wonder if they had stayed in Chicago would they be happier. Perhaps Jay working and spending less time at home was key to how the relationship worked. Kristin wanted work and family and I am all for that. Jay and Kristin are both great-looking and young enough to find other partners. Just feel bad for the kids who will always need both of them.
  7. It was irresponsible to put the others in the water that sent a player to the hospital. Ashley saying Fessy and Josh are dumb is laughable. Geez, didn’t realize we had a genius there in Ashley😂 I do like Ashley more than Dee and was pissed Dee got help but excited Ashley called out Wes for it. Bridge burned. All these decisions come back to haunt you later. Mattie should’ve went in against Ashley. That would’ve been more dramatic. Surprised she didn’t want it after their screaming match.
  8. Kat and Victoria both are very sweet and likable. I don’t agree with the special treatment Victoria received and that has left a bad taste in our mouths but I don’t get negative vibes from her at all. Frequently highlighting certain rookies from the squad like Kat, Amanda and Victoria makes me want to see more of Kelcey, Taylor, Kristin, Chandi and the others.
  9. It’s hard to find great girlfriends at their age and it seems Sonja and Dorinda want Ramona to focus on them not her other friends. LuAnn just comes across as rude this episode. But, all of them have a history of being this way. I know if LuAnn was there, Ramona’s house wouldn’t have got trashed. Who in the heck acts like a savage in someone else’s home? Get those bitches Ramona😂 Hate to say it but I definitely see why Hamptonites don’t want to entertain Sonja. Hitting on married men, screaming about her pussycat and overindulged with alcohol.
  10. What is wild about this season is that I keep forgetting some of the challengers are there. Barely see Jenna, Kyle, KC, Josh, Melissa and wouldn’t know Kailah was there if Bear wasn’t crushing on her. Both CT and Aneesa need to get in shape and take it more seriously. I know CT just came off a win but he was struggling breathing with exercise/exertion. Aneesa is just out of shape getting bigger and bigger. No way she gonna out hustle any of the others.
  11. Denise must have dissed Brandi like I would never sleep with Brandi. Didn’t know those two were friends or forgot. You don’t mess with Brandi she is so unpredictable and doesn’t care what the world thinks about her. Apparently she has proof and says she can’t talk about the affair. Is Denise attempting to silence her? Maybe it has to air first before she can speak out. Denise on Twitter claiming how much she loves Aaron so they’re in a good place. Repeat don’t mess with Brandi!! Update just read Denise filed a cease and desist on Brandi.
  12. Denise is a sexual person... happy endings, life w/ Sheen we get it just want to know the circumstances that outed her to the cast. Brandi is my guess. Sutton is kinda bitchy have to see if I like her. Didn’t like that pink, sheer outfit with shorts. Yes, Teddy’s romper was nicer😂The black dress she wore was beautiful and redeemed her style. Garcelle seems cool and taking everything in stride. Can tell she was takes time to get to know you. Woman sure likes to vibrate. Kyle needs to calm the f down. She will relax I hope. She spreads herself to thin. Miss LV and wish she was there. Miss Kyle and LV.
  13. Wonder if someone is going to address Jay & Morgan's past relationship? Not that it matters but a casual mention to address there is a connection w/ Johnny’s gf.
  14. Have to give it to Ashley - her assessment of Dee allowing Jenny to earn her red skull was naive. Is Dee sleeping? Can see why she is seething w/ jealousy Jenn is hot. Proud Dee didn’t allow Jordan to control her tribunal but girl needed to earn that skull herself. Johnny and Wes f ing with Jenn was fun but is she really that ditzy? 😂 she seemed too prissy to be a legit challenger. Might break a nail or lose an extension. Does anyone have that much beautiful hair?! She would’ve been better for like Big Brother. Fessy is a beast. I’ve been watching him and he is very athletic. Josh has definitely improved and looks stronger. Cory looks great too. Jordan is always great but we found a weakness tonight for sure.
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