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  1. She might be a rookie, but she's an incredibly strong dancer and arguably the best looking girl on the team. I'm sure those combined with who her sister is and the strong connection she has to the program didn't hurt her chances.
  2. The girl in that spot has hair that's more similar to Lexie's. Her and Cianna have different shades of blonde hair. Lexie's is a whiter blonde (is that the correct terminology? is it icy blonde?), and Cianna has warmer tones with a darker blonde.
  3. When she ends up having to jump through her turns in second... yikes!
  4. Boston! Hoping to go see the DCC in TX at a game this season (unlikely but I can dream)
  5. This is pretty random, but does anyone know why we never "met" Lacey on the show? She never had one of those introductions that most girls have. They didn't give Amy one until her last or second to last year, but she at least had one. On the show they always talk about how great Lacey is and how she's the "standard", but we never really learned anything about her?
  6. I think that they do. I saw a video (of course I can't find it right now) of them doing it and Caroline was performing, so they've at least done it in the past year or two.
  7. They posted the "squad photo" and it's just a collage of the girls pictures, not the actual squad photo.
  8. This is makes me so upset because there's a video of her (pre-training camp) doing Thunderstruck and she's incredible.
  9. Taylor is good friends with Sam. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, but the year before she auditioned, she was allowed to sit in on auditions. You can see her in the background of some shots at finals in S12 E3.
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